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Saturday, 26 March 2016

Incompetent Met officers over-reach themselves

This time the idiots that screwed up are the zealots of the so-called 'race hate' branch of the Met. Having exhausted their enquiries at a nursery school at which a 3-year old was charged with racial hatred offences, then uncharged when the presence of a JCB 3X in the adjoining field supported the mother's contention that the toddler had actually been saying 'digger', a Croydon man was uncharged for having made a tweet when it was suggested that the Met zealots had no power to bring such charges

I've long held that the police force is an area in which an individual's service preference field should always be used to bar them from work in their preferred area. Thus tough lads with difficulty doing joined-up writing who want to join the firearms unit should always be posted instead to the cycle safety unit, blokes wanting to serve in the vice or porn squads should be posted to the mounted police and kept away from computers, those wanting to be high-speed pursuit drivers should be sent to supervise the school crossing patrols and anyone but anyone who wants to work in the race hate branch should be posted to the art and antiques squad.

You may perhaps rightly think that the actions of Matthew Doyle were crass, and posting on Twitter an action of gross stupidity, but poor taste and dimness are not crimes. And the public can see nothing but injustice from the Met who leave the real fomenters of racial hatred, the snake-tongued men from CAGE and their like, the Salafist imams of evil and the treasonous Choudhary, free to spread poison and distorted hatred whilst to the sound of trumpets and wide publicity seeking to persecute some poor dork from Croydon.

The Met is rapidly losing the confidence of the public, and this latest incident does nothing but further the process.


Formertory said...

How can a child of 3 be charged with a race hate crime? Doesn't the age of criminal responsibility (10) apply? In which case why would the Police even waste their time shuffling off to "investigate"?

John Dub said...

Satire you pillock...

John Dub said...

Satire you pillock...

Anonymous said...

"I've long held that the police force is an area in which an individual's service preference field should always be used to bar them from work in their preferred area.

Good idea Raedwald...

But what do we do with the cultural marxists?

I suppose we could build a couple of new "slavers" and put them to work, plying their trade at sea....

Poisonedchalice said...

Stupid useless plod. Easy target plod. Why do you think that motoring convictions such as an SP30 are allowed onto the crime "clear-up" figures? "Oh look how many crimes we've cleared up this year".

Coney Island

Barnacle Bill said...

The Met is fast becoming the laughing stock of our police force, which in turn is affecting our own perception of police forces thru out the land.

If only we had a government or, even a Home Office minister, who had the cojones to take on the police and get them back to good old fashioned policing.

I was brought up being told go to a police man if you were in need of help. They were our "friends" out on the streets. Well I'm certainly not passing that advice onto my grand children. Which in some ways is a sad indictment of the way things have gone with the police.

Dave_G said...

Plods actions were less to do with the individual than as a deterrent to the masses who, no doubt, paused before contemplating adding their own tuppence worth.

As idiotic as the persons actions were the general public need to get behind the 'right to free speech (and stupidity)' without fear of prejudicial action against them.

But that would mean the public actually get their voices heard.... and that just can't be allowed...

Formertory said...

@ John Dub - thank you (twice). I forgive you the gratuitous microaggression. Perhaps it goes to the point of the story, if it is satire, that one would take it seriously.

mikebravo said...

"...posting on Twitter (is) an action of gross stupidity..."

Amen to that!

Anonymous said...

If we had a constitution of the sort where freedom of speech is a written right; that no law can infringe upon, then a person could simply remind plod of that right and bid him "good day, officer". Unfortunately we don't and so Blair's 'hate speech' legislation became law and the rest is history. Oh it was merely a coicidence that he wanted to 'rub' people's noses in 'diversity' at the same time, forever and ever.

And thus the police became Her Majesty's Enforcers of Social Engineering, whose job is to support the imported change agents who are here to aide our demise as both a nation and a people.

Vote leave.


Anonymous said...

I seem to have wandered into an editorial meeting of the Daily Mail.
SP30 figures are not included in crime clear up figures but keep repeating that nonsense.
I'm also hoping that the anecdote over the 3 year old is sarcasm but there are idiots out there who would believe it.
As for the arrest of the tweeter-utter stupidity- and if my Sergeant ordered me to do it I would politely point out that every police officer of every rank has a power of arrest so crack on Sarge........

Poisonedchalice said...

@ Anon 15:41

Silly boy! Google is your friend and you have just rendered the rest of your diatribe as useless lefty mush.

Coney Island

Anonymous said...

Dear Coney Island,calling me a lefty is very insulting.I am slightly to the right of Genghis Khan. Speeding is not a recordable offence in the sense it doesn't generate a crime report in the way for example a theft would. After all everyone speeds so the clear-up rate would be miniscule.

Poisonedchalice said...

Dear Anon. I am genuinely sorry for calling you a lefty when you have now taken the trouble to explain that your position is quite close to mine! Please accept my apologies and have a virtual pint on me!

Coney Island

Æ said...

We should stop addressing policeman as "Officer" and use the rank "Constable".


English Pensioner said...

When I read your head-line and started on the first line, I wondered what you were on about.
My son-in-law is a Met Officer at the Meteorological office and whilst they have often been accused of screwing things up, have never so far been accused of 'race hate', although no doubt the day will come now that they insist on giving names to storms!

John miller said...

I suppose there is always a first time -we disagree!

In my view, it is imperative that at some stage a senior politician asks the question that Doyle did.

Gordon the Fence Post Tortoise said...

English Pensioner said...

heh... we're at "K" in the silly storm naming game - only a step away from storm Moehammid....

DeeDee99 said...

The mistake is believing that the Police "Service" is there to serve the British people. Like everything to do with our governance (ie control), it isn't.

It's there to enforce the CONTROL the Government wants exerted. And "our Government" isn't working in OUR interests. It's progressing the aims of the Global Elite, who want a one-world Government.

In order to create a one-world Government, the Global Elite need to create multicultural societies where the (usually white, European) citizens have no more rights to their lands and societies than the (usually brown/black) immigrants they import.

In order to reinforce that they have no right to their lands and societies, the (usually white, European) settled population must be treated like second-class citizens - with law enforcement coming down like a ton of bricks on any small infringement of the "race-hate" laws, whilst the imported (usually, black - often ignorant and violent) population can act however they like, usually with little or no legal consequences.

I find the comment pages on the various newspapers very encouraging. Despite the propaganda; despite the race-hate laws; despite the continual claims that "Islam is a peaceful religion blah blah" there are plenty of people who are STILL prepared to defy Big Brother and speak the truth.

Anonymous said...

Anon: "Speeding is not a recordable offence in the sense it doesn't generate a crime report in the way for example a theft would."

My experience - two high value ( to me - > £2000 ) thefts in as many years and the plod, just came around and drank my tea, then gave me a crime reference. Three months later, I was harassed by same plod who kept calling me to tell me they were not going to investigate further because of insufficient evidence.

In the first case they didn't interview a single other individual despite the theft taking place in broad daylight on a bustling street with shopkeepers and regular customers in the throng.

Second case I gave them video of the theft with time stamps but they couldn't manage to trace the vehicles involved despite every road into and out of the area heaving with traffic camera's. Utterly utterly useless.

Anoneumouse said...

The "Met" , Metrological or Metropolitan both organisations make it up as they go along

Anoneumouse said...


"The police are the public and the public are the police; the police being only members of the public who are paid to give full time attention to duties which are incumbent on every citizen in the interests of community welfare and existence".

Sir Robert Peel

Anonymous said...

One of Sir Robert Peel's "Principles of Policing", first enunciated as he tried to establish a Constabulary in this country. The British public were aware of how the Police were used as an instrument of State enforcement in Napoleonic Law countries and wanted none of it until he made it plain that they were just ordinary "citizens paid to do full time what was already encumbent on every citizen".

Over the years of course that stance has changed. Now they refer contemptuously to "civilians" and clearly see themselves as our masters.

Anonymous said...

Please note that so far all that has happened is that he has been released (I guess on Police bail) as a result of the turf war between The Met and the CPS over who has authority to charge. There is no comment on the alleged offence at all. See BBC ( ). Note the sentence "The incident is still under investigation and Mr Doyle has been released while police consult the CPS." Mr Doyle was arrested, and so the police took the opportunity to trash his flat and render him homeless ( ) 'Last night LSE graduate Mr Doyle told The Mail on Sunday he planned to take legal action over his ordeal. "I cannot understand why I was detained, my flat trashed, my passport seized and two PCs, two tablets and my phone taken."'

So now Plod will be on a fishing expedition to see if there is anything at all they can "get" him for. To misquote a truism: "Hell hath no fury like a Plod scorned."

Whether or not he is charged and subsequently found guilty, or not, the effect on what remained of Freedom of Speech has already be noted by many commentators. Like every other freedom in this country, it is only a one way street. Get fluent at looking over your shoulder.

Anonymous said...

DeeDee27 March 2016 at 09:09

If I was going to post a comment on our disappeared Police Force aka its chimera replacement - a EUrope styled quasi militia and state protection service ie a Gendarmerie.....however, you wrote it, spelled it out, and at that, starkly accurate.

The thought police, now, do not give a flying fig about white Britons, insofar as the Metropolitan police are concerned - white Britons are, as the Marxists tell it - indoctrinate them to believe "the oppressors".

To wit:

" “We will never be reconciled to the way you drink alcohol, never. We will never accept the way your women dress either, and get drunk the way they do. We will never accept your way of life. We will never accept this as true Muslims.” [Original emphasis]

This was sometime in 2006-7, from an allegedly full time serving police officer. A member of Her Majesty’s constabulary who would have sworn an oath to “fairness, integrity, diligence and impartiality, upholding fundamental human rights and according equal respect to all people.” How in any way are the above attitudes compatible with impartial policing?

It gets better, though.

Jon shares his thoughts at the time:

The room was stunned into silence. No-one dared ask another question. I found it curious that he used the words ‘your’ women and ‘your’ way of life, when he’d already said he was born in the UK. I immediately pondered the thought: What hope was there for integration?

What hope, indeed. He decided to express his disquiet in an email to the training school. He wrote:

‘I am surprised to see Notts Police is still sending people on the above course. I myself have attended such a day and found it interesting as I realised how rigid, intractable and intolerant the Muslim faith is, and it went some way to reinforcing my own stereotypes of Islam. To that end it was an interesting day. However, now that the government has officially discredited ‘multiculturalism’ and deemed it to be a failure, I would have thought such a course would now cease?’"


Read it and weep for the country once ye knew and now do not recognize.
Culpable, Westminster with it the Internationalists, EU elite, the UK establishment with able, complicit all the way - help from the bankers and corporate world - know the enemy, know your fate is in their hands. Expect more bombings and Mooslime violence to escalate into something more like what you hear of, going off in the Levant.

cascadian said...

I would be interested to know if the race hate team at metplod investigated the Lee Rigby case.

Everything you need to know about metplod:

When muslim agitators were marching in London with hate placards the police attempted to intervene, when the muslim brothers responded forcefully metplod RAN AWAY.

During the Tottenham riots, metplod sought sanctuary in the plodhouse leaving citizens to the mercy of the rioters.

Metplod are completely useless, you are on your own.

Anonymous said...

It's an upside down world in the London Met these days, actually and metaphorically - they don't know which way is up.

I always understood George Orwells' classic '1984' to be a work of fiction. The Kak Kak squad of the London Met seem to be using said novel as, a template and instructional manual.

Since the time of, that miserable grey gimp and EU installed puppet....Johnnyboy Major, then accelerated from rushed along through to light speed ala the offices of Bliar (both). The London Met has shape shifted into an arm of the state, where the last thing on their minds: is serving the public. Absolutely, the Met only acts in the interests and as pursuivants of the state.

I mean, their friggin', endlessly, crassly, thick boss who shall remain nameless but is the most recent incarnation of the London Metropolitan high priests of HMG enabling/civil servant...... whatever is all apologies for extremist Banglas getting elected (can you guess where?), supportive of father's who radicalize their daughters and who did gaily jog off to the Levant.

Anonymous said...

What a fucking joke we must be, the other year it was girlie boy sailors who can't navigate in the Persian Gulf, crying about their Ipods being confiscated...............

and this, it really doesn't bear thinking about.

Send for the Army?!

Just this week, I watched the bbc's latest police recruitment poster, 'Line of duty'.

It is, first and foremost a portrayal of civil service equality and diversity ocifers. Where 'in todays police service'...... many of the senior positions in the tactical support/SWAT team are unfortunately held by the gung ho girlies - all talking and acting just like the lads (think ladies footie team) and all tooled up with Glock pistols and H&Ks...FFS.

And I thought that's really funny, all just dandy, candy? B..B.. but how would it go if! IF, they were up against real 'shooting at yer and back' Jihadis who are veterans and used to Syrian theatre warfare?