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Monday, 7 March 2016

Mandelson's wealth still stinks

The Septics, of course, have helped immeasurably in changing British attitudes to wealth amassed by 'self-made men'. By offering us hip, approachable tycoons in Walmart jeans, traditional British prejudice against those whose talent, ingenuity, creativity and drive have allowed them to get rich has declined dramatically. However, none of this applies to those 'spivs' such as Mandelson.

Mandelson has a record of lying, corruption and bent dealings, of distortion, obfuscation and misrepresentation, in regard to the sources of his money. Like Blair, he is a deeply amoral creature, and little money seems too filthy, too tainted or too corrupt for Mandelson's greed. All of this is detailed in the Mail today by Peter Oborne and Richard Heller.  

And Mandelson is a superb proxy for his 'mafia' family, the EU. The EU also has a record of lying, corruption and bent dealings, of distortion, obfuscation and misrepresentation in regard to its accounts. Auditors have for years refused to recognise the fiction  of public accounts that the EU produces; if the EU were a UK taxpayer, it would long ago have been sent to prison. 

In this instance Mandelson and the EU are perfectly matched; their fiduciary affairs stink, and neither can be trusted further than one can spit. 


Cuffleyburgers said...

That distant humming sound is Churchill spinning in his grave at being invoked by this obnoxious loathsome piece of sh!t as part of a campaign to stay in the EUroabortion.

Neither Mandelson nor Soames are fit to lick his boots.

Anonymous said...

Excellent example of a representative politician...

As ever, representing his own interests, and always at the expense of others.

The sooner we get a proper form of democracy, the better.

James Higham said...

He's one on the list of Them who will need to go. Around the ranking of Blair on the list.

Barnacle Bill said...

I always wondered what dirt the Great Shirtlifter had on T-BLair? As Mandy certainly led a charmed life in NuLabor.

However, like Mr Higham above, he's in my little book for a visit come the day.

Anonymous said...

As I've said before, I could sit down with Ed Balls and have a good conversation, at least he's a bloke you can have a laugh with, despite our political differences, pretty much I know that we'd get on and discussing the vicissitudes of life etc - even with Gordon Brown - yeah! even Gordon.

If I was in a room with Mandelson or his mate Bliar, there wouldn't be much time for conversation.....

The both of them, Bliar and Mandelson, are prime advertisements for, the Brussels Mafia. It tells you all you need to know about the EU and overt public sector fraudulent practise and peculation.

mikebravo said...

"I always wondered what dirt the Great Shirtlifter had on T-BLair? As Mandy certainly led a charmed life in NuLabor."

I believe that Campbell referred to fondlebum, blair and brown as the 3 poofs. I'm sure that all four had plenty of dirt on each other.

Anonymous said...

"I always wondered what dirt the Great Shirtlifter had on T-BLair? As Mandy certainly led a charmed life in NuLabor."

I heard a tale, about ah la, that went, he was nabbed a-cottaging, and scum party bigwigs made it all disparu. Who knows?

Anonymous said...

Postie (rather pretty lady) delivered a copy of Tom Bower's Broken Vows - Tony Blair The Tragedy of Power to me on Friday. Spent the weekend reading it and yes Mandelson was part of the inner, inner circle. What I got from it was although New Labour was the brand name the inner, inner circle were neo-cons and globalists. The party was just a vehicle - same as the Tory party is for Messrs Cameron and Osborne. I couldn't see how socialism even got a look-in during those 13 years of misrule.

If Mandelson (from your caption) still thinks "Britain cannot afford to say 'no' to the euro indefinately..", and I'm sure he does, then what of this:

It’s a revolution: German banks told to start hoarding cash


Cascadian said...

The truth is slowly breaking through;

Gimmegrant resentment is forming into political action, the incumbents are terrified.

Anonymous said...

From Cascadian's link - thank you.....................

Quote: "The success of the AfD was not the only result to send shock waves through the political establishment."


" Benno Hafeneger, a professor at the Philipp University of Marburg who specializes in right-wing extremism, told The Local that the AfD’s success was due to "a search for fast, easy answers". (/quote)


"People are frightened by something they don’t know a thing about and the traditional parties don’t represent the voters anymore," he argued.(/quote)

He's got that last bit spot on.

Lets think here, on, who are the real extremists?

Merkels edict, on the rapist gimmegrant horde trundling through the Balkans from the east and: "let 'em all in!"

The stitch-up of German politics CDU (Mutti's lot) and the Communists SPS and the Greens - aka the Trotskyite nutters - that's OK then - is it, the subtext in the socio-political media narrative..... is because they're mainstream how could they possibly be wrong???

Then think Sunni Turkey, the allies of Wahhabist Saudi/Isis. Those warmongers, perpetuating the strife in the Levant and bombing Kurdish positions - Berlin-London-Paris-Brussels are bowing to Turkish blackmail, its demands and visa entry for all Turks....and across of all the Turkumen empire, as was?

Europeans, Europe wide, in all nations in the EU need to understand how freedom to vote for change necessitates a total alteration to the political narrative and political landscape within the aegis of Brussels.
Forthwith does, the German nation, need to see how their very own government - is actually the problem and those Internationalist jerk offs since Adenauer, are killing the Fatherland, caught up, enslaved as are the German people, in the Berlin/Brussels Garrote.

AfD, why not?

Because if not.....................

"The biggest surprise of all is, in the places where the AfD did not compete, the voters chose the NPD instead - so it seems to be not about the party itself, it is more about setting a statement,” Hafeneger went on.

John M said...

I thought it was interesting that Mandelson failed to disclose during his press conference that continued payment of his lavish EU Commissioner's Pension is conditional on his continued public support for EU policy.

Of course, not that Voldemort requires any encouragement to support these awful bureaucrats, but it should at least be disclosed that his continued pay depends on his policy position