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Thursday, 10 March 2016

MEPs too drunk to drive themselves?

Our MPs at Westminster may steal from the stationaery cupboard, over-egg their expenses claims and be always on the lookout for a well-paying non-exec directorship, but one has to admit they don't steal as blatently from the public purse as do their inferior imitations in Brussels. They also arrive at the parliamentary chamber by a variety of means; for those that drive themselves, there's an underground car park, otherwise a cab rank outside the palace, a tube station underneath and various bus stops within spitting distance. Other members will cycle or walk. 

What they don't do - and would never get away with, this nation being somewhat more democratic than the odious mafia racket in Brussels - is to spend millions of tax money on a fleet of chauffeur driven limos on permanent call to ferry them about.  The story is detailed in the Mail this morning. For this is exactly what MEPs are getting.

I can only assume, given the level of expenses for food and drink spent by MEPs, that they need carrying about everywhere because they're forever too drunk to drive themselves. 

Daesh / ISIS Human Resources Department
Leaks from Daesh / ISIS HR department include an official application form that asks "Do you want to be deployed as (a) a suicide bomber or (b) a member of the storm assault martyrs' brigades?".

So an interview that includes the question " ..and where do you see yourself in five years?" is not wholly relevant, then.

Breedlove blindness
The improbably named General Breedlove, NATO's current boss, whose failures to talk-up Russia as the new enemy are legend, is trying again by accusing Putin of 'weaponising' economic migration by allowing migrants across the Russian-Finnish border. 

Currently around 20 migrants a day cross from Russia into Finland. Compared to 1,500 a day from Turkey into Greece. But then Breedlove wouldn't dare accuse his NATO member Turkey of 'weaponising' migration, would he? Even though that is exactly what Turkey is doing, obvious to many in Europe. 

I think it's time Breedlove went back to a nice retirement posting in Texas.


Anonymous said...

This is not new Raedwald.

Farage got into very hot water earlier on in his career as an MEP when he told us ordinary mortals just how much he and his colleagues had cost the British taxpayer.

He was pilloried in the press, for telling the truth, but it was spun in such a manner that it was though he was proud of his virtual mugging of the ordinary citizen.

The establishment media and press (including the Mail) was the most guilty of this.

Anonymous said...

It's certainly easier to steal from a stationary cupboard, eh?

Anonymous said...

Anon - Fuck off pendant.

Anonymouser Still said...

Nothing wrong with pendants - they're great to hang out with...

TrT said...

Mouser that was fantastic

James Higham said...

It's all too bizarre.

Barnacle Bill said...

Once again we see our political elite showing their total disregard for us mere plebs. What they seem to forget is it is our money that allows them to gives us the finger. The sooner we have the power of recall over both our MPs & MEPs the better.

Well I suppose at least the daesh pension fund is one of the few in the world with-out a big deficit. I should imagine the price of celestial virgins is pretty stable.

As for a nice retirement in Texas - I bags that. It'll be better than here in the UK with all those weaponized migrants the Cameroon will accept later this year.

Anonymous said...

Now, now, ladies and gentlemen. Read the following and all will be revealed:

Creating European Citizens - Willem Maas


Maas’s book provides a clear description and thoughtful analysis of the history of European citizenship from the Treaties of Paris and Rome in the 1950s until the present phase of European integration marked by the debate on the EU constitution. An examination of the rise of European citizenship enables a better understanding of the political nature of the European project. Contrary to the majority of works on European integration, which focus on how it realizes the economic interests of states, Maas argues that European political development is a manifestation of the drive to create not only a free trade zone but also a community of people - Journal of Common Market Studies'

The other purpose of the Common Market was never mentioned in the lead-up to the referendum in 1975 - the reason couldn't be simpler. Thanks to Heath we were 'in' and that's where we were going to stay, forever. So, no mention of a 'country called Europe' or the churning masses that would everntually destroy the centuries-old bonds of nationhood and friendship within and between Europe's native peoples. The political elite wanted to destroy it all and as things stand they are halfway there already. You have to ask yourself if you want the EU then Europe as we've known it is finished. All our individual cultures will just blend away; discrete differences disloved into one mass. That which was once unique will be ordinary: nameless. You will be coded.

Time to wake up.


Gordon the Fence Post Tortoise said...

Cameron does a runner from Redwood at PMQ

To be added to the annals of you could not make it up h/t Dioclese

anon 2 said...

It's all vile beyond sickening.

And they're worried about the 'security' of "confidential documents" --- what, all their secret plans to get even more money from the almost depleted sources?
And are they all guarded by secret police as well as openly armed guards? ... all of whom will shoot any of us down if we so much as appear on the pavement? [Not that any real Brit could bear to stand near their horrible building with the surrounding rags -- especially the apocalyptic one.]

As for Farage, btw. There's just another bit of fakery from the same kiln as the other drunks. Anybody who pronounces his name like a frogule cannot possibly be on our side.