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Tuesday, 22 March 2016

Muslims slaughter many people in Brussels

Attacks in Brussels by militant Muslims have everything to do with their perverted religious beliefs and nothing to do with their nationality. The West is at war with Islamists - and innocent followers of Islam across Europe are still doing too little to identify and help eliminate the poisonous filth in their midst. 

Belgium is a spawning ground for Muslim terrorism. The Islamist killers are the shit-eating bottom-feeding fish, but they swim in a sea of 'innocent' Muslims who pretend to see nothing, hear nothing and know nothing. Every time the Islamists score a hit, their imams appear on TV evincing fake sorrow and contriteness but I really doubt that there's a single one that really regrets the atrocities. Just try showing a drawing of their idol Mohammed and the same imams will bawl for blood and head-chopping.  

These Islamist killers didn't do what they did in secret. People helped and assisted, and people knew. Until we start jailing the helpers and facilitators to severe and lengthy terms in prison, and start draining the water, we will contunue to be vulnerable to the Islamist threat. 

Molebeek is the foetid swamp in which these monsters breed. It's time the Belgians drained the swamp - level the area and sell the land to developers and disperse the Muslims in small groups of half a dozen to every hamlet and village in Belgium . 



Gordon the Fence Post Tortoise said...

Don't forget Malmö and other similar shining examples of integration out there.

It's largely "progressive" policies that have gotten us to this juncture and the Wolfie Smiths + fellow travelers are culpable and should not escape censure at the very least.

Me ... I'd prefer that the progressives had to deal directly and personally with the consequences of their actions...

Gordon the Fence Post Tortoise said...

The Guardian excels with one of it stars taking the moral high ground

Barnacle Bill said...

Any Muslim is a suspect fifth columnist to me. No ifs, no buts.

The deadening silence coming from their communities, both here and across the Channel, tells me they are complicit in the deeds of these Muslim murderers.

Yes they are at war with us, something that us proles understand, yet our political elites & MSM wet their pants in even bringing themselves to think it. Let alone actually grow come cojones, declare open season on them and eliminate the threat to our Western civilization.

As for small groups of half a dozen to each Belgian hamlet - NO, No, no - send them back from the whole of Europe to the mud bricked, shitholes they belong in.

Anonymous said...

A counter to Jenks......... in scathing ire, a brilliant polemic, Delingpole reflects and gives voice to my exact thoughts.

Here's a taste:

I’m afraid I disagree. The time to make political capital out of atrocities like this is precisely when the bodies are still warm and the limbs haven’t been swept up. That’s because – you see this again and again from the Boston bombings to the murder of Lee Rigby to the Charlie Hebdo – our decadent, supine, relativistic, Western liberal culture would dearly love to pretend that these are rare criminal events which we should learn to take in our stride and to which we should not ‘overreact’.

And I personally think the people who have been killed and maimed so cruelly and unfairly deserve better than that.

If their deaths and injuries are to mean anything, then surely the very least we owe the victims is to ask ourselves honestly why this happened and how we can reduce the likelihood of it happening again. Getting squeamish about speaking home truths on grounds of “taste” does not honour these victims. It insults them.

Here is why this morning’s bombings happened: political Islam is at war with the West.

It may suit our complacency to reassure ourselves that we’re not at war with Islam but that’s not going to make any difference to the sundry Jihadist cells now plotting even bigger atrocities all over the world.

They understand perfectly well what’s going on even if we refuse to.

For the basics, read John Ware’s superb profile of the Muslim Brotherhood in Standpoint.

Political Islam has absolutely no interest in finding any accommodations with what it considers to be our worthless Western culture. Its aim is total conquest. To deny this is a bit like reading Mein Kampf and going “Yeah but he doesn’t really mean it.”

Breitbart HERE.

The EU-UK political claque, let them off the hook and time and again, they shut down debate and accuse anything and everything but NEVER seek the truth....NEW YORK CITY 9/11, MADRID 191 victims the train bombings of 2004, LONDON 7/7, PARIS after Hebdo, PARIS again 13/10/15 Stl Denis, Bataclan and now BELGIUM 22/03.................what the fuck is it going to take before our fuckwit elite get the message:

Islam is the enemy: we are at war!!!

Anonymous said...

Have to agree with Barnacle Bill @ 14:45 Raedwald, when in reply to you:

'It's time the Belgians drained the swamp - level the area and sell the land to developers and disperse the Muslims in small groups of half a dozen to every hamlet and village in Belgium.'

Why should Flems, or Walloons for that matter, have their lives permanently altered by the arrival of the religion of peace? Soon 'half a dozen' becomes a gross if you factor in the birthrate plus extended families. Soon they take their wants to the local council, for a mosque or two, and get handed a 15th century church, like what happened in Devon a couple of years back.

Muhammadans are in our lands for one thing only. Conquest.


Jeff Wood said...

They have to go home. Every last one of them.

With bribes if possible; at bayonet point if necessary.

Cull the Badgers said...

The BBC, their so-called reporter, was this morning saying they were drug dealers and criminals. Maybe they are that too but he was attempting a diversion tactic, talk about that so we don't talk about their evil religion and their war against Western Civilisation and Christianity.

The BBC is a dangerous subversive organisation which gives comfort to our enemies.

Cull the Badgers said...

I've had a thought. Remember all those bleeding heart liberals and media luvvies etc.. you get the picture, saying they would take a refugee or more into their homes, and who kept telling us 'it's nothing to do with Islam', and it's all our fault, and we must not make judgements about the millions of invaders.

Well, how about asking them if they would donate their offspring to stand alongside the police in the 'non-existent' no-go areas, and in airports and other places most likely to be bombed or shot up. They could walk up to anyone who looks a bit suspicious or nervous or has the appearance of a member of the ROP, and make friends with them, just open your bags, and all will be well.

They could also get to know the people by living amongst them; tell them just how much they admire them, and wish to be like them, and how much they would like to go to the IS controlled lands to prove that it is not like the evil western nationalists and patriots say it is.

Anonymous said...

@Cull - Oh, I think inviting some round for a nice cup of tea and a scone should do the trick, it worked for Chips.


Anonymous said...

Just heard my first Imam being interviewed and saying the predictable words "It has nothing to do with Islam".

These words should really prompt a new 'Godwins Law'.


Thud said...

Sadly we will have to see another 20,30 or more of these events before we act with real intent, or surrender, the last option not being for me.

Anonymous said...

Thud - you're right.

It was take loads more before the sheeple do something.

After all look at the battering Katie Hopkins is taking for speaking the truth...

Cascadian said...

"They have to go home. Every last one of them."......and they will just as soon as you close the mosques, or recruit the Russians to solve your problem.

Do not make the mistake that the camoron or any EU official will ever do anything, they are after all behind a nice safe security blanket, protected by guns (something you and your family are deprived)

Budgie said...

Cascadian, I don't think most of us here are making the mistake that Cameron or any EU official will ever do anything. But to fight the establishment is hard - they have our taxes to fund their assaults, we have jobs). It is not a matter of courage, more of the practicality of sheer numbers. One, or 100, of us can be targeted, 4 million is a bit more difficult.

There is an outlet of course - UKIP - for all its many faults. We are making headway, but there are so many "I've always voted Labour" and "the Tories are the only realistic option" types that it is slow going. Hopefully we will be in time. But if not, it may be a case of: Elizabeth to Elizabeth - the rise and fall of an empire; as I have said before.

Mr Ecks said...

Stop any more arriving.No family reunions.

Take the vote off those here.

Stop subsidising their breeding program--one wife or woman in tow not multiples. Money for a max of two kids-a third means not only no more money but loss of cash for the first two.

No more mosques or prayer rooms.

Halal outright banned.

A bounty for any that go and take their family with them.

anon 2 said...

Actually, I have no sympathy for Brussells (?sp) -- after all, Conrad's "sepulchral city" (officially) heads up the whole euSSR programme, including that of more or less inviting Mozzie 'enrichment' to euro places and Britain. However, I saw some American friends today, who happen to be Mormon, and they said that three of their Brussells missionaries are in hospital being treated for severe injuries suffered in the explosion.

So much for anyone's trusting Mozzies to do our dirty work for us!!!

Cascadian said...

Budgie, you have my sympathy.

What I have tried to be consistent about in my comments,(unwelcome as they often are) is that you have to attempt to work within your corrupt system, I too had hopes for UKIP-but they are a severe disappointment too. You are on your own.

You DO NOT delegate your familys safety to those corrupt parliamentarians, chocolate box soldiers or the social workers you call police. They will not be there in your time of need (fast approaching).

At the risk of repetition, allow me my usual snark-I see the euro rapid defense farce is doing fine work deploying so rapidly in an area where even the politicians are admitting they KNEW that "something was going to happen", fuck all was done, as usual. The camoron assures you there are ten rapid response teams available in London-like fuck.

You will I hope excuse my foul language, I am appalled at the official response to the murder of dozens of innocents is to once again light buildings in the national colours, absolutely pathetic.

DeeDee99 said...

I doubt if breaking up the ghetto and dispersing them in small groups would have any effect: they can travel around freely; have modern communications and don't need to skulk in the same ghetto to plan their next attack.

There is no one solution.

We must close their madrassas; stop funding Muslim schools; stop appeasing their "cultural" practices; stop pandering to Imams who call for tolerance for Muslims when they practice no tolerance for any other faith.

We must prevent those who go to fight/support ISIS from EVER returning to the UK; revoke their citizenship and leave them there. If any get back to the UK, they should be tried for treason and jailed for life.

WE need to get tough. Unfortunately, the UK (and the west in general) has "leaders" who are little better than jellyfish ... who've lost their sting.

prawnster said...

This is Salafism/Wahabism at work. Saudi funds and promotes their activities. Prince Charles and Cameron ingratiate themselves to the rulers to secure some arms deals.

That apart the Belgians are themselves a sub species - scum.

Anonymous said...

Ban Muslims from flying, owning or using a mobile phone, accessing the internet or holding public office.

I'm sure we could find an imam to declare all these 'haram' anyway.

G. Tingey said...

What bollocks.
What about the Sufi & the Ismaili & the Ahmadia (sp?)
About as dangerous as the Quakers, the Congregationalists & the Unitarians, actually.

OTOH, anyone at all who is Sunni may be suspect, & a few ultras in the Shia ( e.g. Hizbollah )

Remember that islam is as unified as christanity, i.e. not at all.
I.E. They are all deluded nutters, but only some of them are dangerous - like the vile Ted Cruz, f'rinstance.

ALSO ...& ... OTOH.
Time for "security" to get real - some of us have been saying for years that an airport check-in queue, when busy, is the perfect target ....
It's ridiculous that little old ladybags get security-checked, or beer-drinking atheists like me, to the same degree as say a 25-year old Sunni male ...
Far too much effort is being wasted watching everybody, rather than those who matter.

Dave_G said...

Watching events unfold on the BBC yesterday I heard not ONE SINGLE MENTION of the words Islam(ic) or Muslim - NOT ONE. The whole fcuking day.

BBC watchers must think that events such as Brussels are happening 'just because' and are committed by 'ordinary people'.

The propaganda campaign to PROTECT the guilty is manifest.

Until they acknowledge the source of the problem it will never be properly addressed.

The BBC are WORKING WITH THE ISLAMISTS and giving them succour in their campaign against innocent westerners.

Budgie said...

"Croydon man arrested after confronting Muslim woman and telling her to 'explain Brussels'" DT 23-03-2016. Arrested.

Cascadian said...

Remember the hollow claim-the EU has brought peace to Europe.

Remember being called a racist when the mosque was being built in your community.

Remember the camoron guaranteeing that no combatant from Syria would be allowed back to the yUK.

Remember how the "leaders" of Europe walked arm-in-arm in solidarity after Charlie Hebdo down a street where no other european resident was allowed, for a phony photograph of their "defiance" against ISIS-DAESH. Brave men and women that they are they would not dare to leave home without their security details.

The liars are silent, stunned into silence by their own duplicity and the recognition that their narrative is falling apart.

Trust your overlords, you plebs, you are the acceptable casualties, not them. Now go and weep at your sordid candle and teddy bear shrine-until the next time.

Above all beware the police wishing to caution you for telling the truth.They are getting anxious, civil disorder is real possibility.

anon 2 said...

"They are getting anxious, civil disorder is real possibility." Ah yes, Cascadian - maybe we should also remember the timely 1980s warnings of Yuri Bezmenov (aka Tomas Schuman), a KGB agent who defected to Canada. He identified 4 steps in which the KGB trained its agents for subversion of the West:
1. Demoralization;
2. Destabilization;
3. Crisis (e.g. Revolution, Civil Disorder);
4 Normalization ... which is military intervention once the Crisis takes hold. Only after that will they remove the 'Useful Idiots" --
Ahem. Well, I don't know that the European Army has quite materialized yet, but there is the little matter of NATO and its 2 Belgian headquarters. I suppose we'll just have to wait and see?

G. Tingey said...

Remember too, everyone.
That demonizing & bearing down on all muslims is EXACTLY WHAT DA'ESH WANTS.

Which racial/religious group has suffered most, numerically from Da'esh? The Shia,
Which racial/religious group has suffered most, nproportionately from Da'esh? The Yazidi.

Da'esh are quite deliberately trying to get "the West" to turn against all muslims, so as to force them to join Da'esh - a classic revolutionary strategy, actually.

Time to use the splits & schisms within islam to our own adavntage, then & not lumpt them all together.
Time in fact to use "Divide & Rule" (or conquer ) - also a tried & tested stategy, I think.

Cascadian said...

Anon2-re NATO.

Even a dullard such as obambi eventually understands that the USA through NATO is protecting the entirety of Western Europe, the Baltic states and Canada, essentially for free. He has at last recognized the obvious and is attempting to get the "free riders" to pay their own freight.

I should not be too sanguine about NATO in Brussels, take a look around at the very many USAF bases standing empty in Europe, the US can and will walk away from expensive infrastructure.

If Trump is elected, the freeloaders will pay, Europe should panic.

Budgie said...

G Tingey, the spelling you are looking for is: Ahmadiyya. Information from:

As for your list of those most persecuted by ISIS, you don't mention Christians who I think have been proportionately the most persecuted. They have suffered not just ISIS brutality, but also general bullying, ostracism and degradation throughout the mid-east and north Africa.

And I think the only refugees we should accept are the Christians, the Yazidis, and those Muslims who helped our armed forces in Iraq and Afghanistan.

anon 2 said...

Cascadian re NATO ...
"I should not be too sanguine about NATO in Brussels . . ." Huh?

Not sure what you're getting at, but be assured that I'm anything but sanguine about NATO, brussells (?sp) or amerigo-vespucci-land. I view NATO and the yanks as being in league with the euSSR and therefore anti-British. I say this especially in view of the appetite for franco-german filosofy (Frankfurt School) in universities.

My suggestion is that BurlyMount could turn NATO to the purpose of 'normalising' the civil unrest your lot have motivated by promotion of the Gimmegrant Invasion. The latter, of course, is only one facet of long decades of demoralisation and destablisation, which now seem poised to culminate in crisis (see Bezmenov).