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Saturday, 12 March 2016

Primitive Saudi savages welter in blood from death orgy

Primitive native savages from Saudi Arabia are reported to be indulging in a bloodbath of decapitation, including innocent children and minors, in the latest phase of their primitive Muslim civil war with Shia factions. KSA has a large but subjugated Shia minority who are being increasingly attacked by a new and insane leadership with an insatiable bloodlust. 

Minors killed by the rabid Saudi dogs are reported to include  Ali al-Nimr (above) the nephew of the Shia cleric butchered by the Saudi dogs last month. 

The sheer carpet-chewing insanity of the barbarian Saudi tribal chiefs is believed to have been provoked by setbacks in Syria and the closing of the Balkan invasion route through which Saudi's ally Turkey has been puhing over a million aliens in a 'weaponisation' of desplaced persons from the civil war. 

The primitive Saudi butchers are supported by a military-industrial cabal with both Cameron and Blair speaking for them and backed by many global corporates.


Barnacle Bill said...

Turkey and Saudi Arabia, with "friends" like these who needs enemies like daesh?

TrT said...

Your painting of the Saudis as savages becomes less believable when tied with poor innocent noble Iranians.

Raedwald said...

TrT - the crazed crane-hangers of Tehran are also currentlty murdering scores of poor folk in a death-fest; it's the moral difference between Hitler and Stalin.

Anonymous said...

Just who is, the real enemy?

Or, what an unholy alliance.

The pedlars of a pestilential filth, out of Medina.

Salafism, they order in the name of religion sending their foot soldiers here, which are welcomed as refugees - may God give me strength!

A creed, the theocracy installed across the EU sharing, grooming, dealing secession - spouting their doctines of death to the infidel, teh apostate THE Kuffar - branded as unbelievers in our own lands, may God give me strength!
Mullahs in European Mosques - proselytizing the faithful. Also, a political dogmatism which chills, exsanguination if you like and a code which actually is, a dark ages killing and torture manual and all paid for by the Gulf states not least those camel traders in the House of Saud.

The Riyadh tent dwellers, use their petro$ billions to spread this disease across the west, have through their facilitators in the EU - in Brussels where their lobbying and money helps gain and swing much influence, the ECJ and ECHR is the vehicle of transport and also is the wrecking ball which wreaks destruction on all of Europe.

This cadre of Wahhabist funded lawyers trained in western universitie! Their range seeps into every crack and pore of the Western administration right down to the local politicians now taking over grassroots politics. Local politics, in Britain and they continue to permeate, pervert, destroy and deconstruct western civilization and therein subvert, namely the culture, traditions and moral rectitude only Christianity can bestow.

The illuminati; the statists, the corporate sphere, the bilderberger tosserati, the liberal consensus, the Socialist scum sucking wankerati, of luvviedomshire of north London, al beeb, Sky news and the breast beaters and femiNazis running the graun rag - will tell you what a monster is Donald Trump and in the same breath inform you that, they liked Bliar and though they disagree with Cameron "coz he's a Tory" will secretly luv Dave 'n' and the EU, Turkey and the Wahhabist deliverers of genocide - all.

Killing civilians, beheading their own citizens because they are of a different sect, supporting nutters who throw people off buildings in Raqqa - the KSA degenerates from bestial depravity to a nightmare vision only Hieronymus Bosch could depict.

What will it take for, the liberal West to get with the reality - to stop this surrender, appeasement and turning a blind eye to the wolves in our midst?

Do they care at all, one can only conclude that they see an out - I don't.

DeeDee99 said...

There is hardly any difference between the barbarians ruling the KSA and barbaric leaders of ISIS.

But let's not kid ourselves that the lunatic religious leaders of Iran are any different.

Dioclese said...

So why exactly is there this obsession with bringing Turkey into the Fourth Reich?
Sounds like asking for trouble to me...

anon 2 said...

Yes, Dioclese. I've laboured long to understand what postmodern Saracens have in common with the Commies who invented postmodernism. Deconstruction, could cover it; after all, BOTH are intent on world domination. But why are they not competing? In short, my suggestions are as follows:

It would seem that leaders of both entities have united against a common enemy whose ideology, in the euSSR and the West overall, aims to facilitate FREEDOM -- of thought, conscience, speech, and then of action(preferably non-violent). After all, isn't that what our successful nation states championed for our 'tribes'?

Tied inexorably to that freedom, indeed underpinning it for 2,000 years, has been one religion in particular: Christianity. And we all know that both Saracens and Communists intend destruction of that particular freedom. ....

PS: Long years ago, a group I was in attended a gathering in some desert kingdom, at the invitation of a prince or two. The one who spoke to me didn't think much of the British; "They are so WEAK," he sneered contemptuously. He never explained what he meant, but to this day, I hate to believe we are fulfilling his vision. I have to hope that we've just been waiting for them to reveal their true intents --- as they are doing so competently, just now. ...

visc said...

I would caution the moral equivalnce between the Saudi's and the Iranians. Indeed there is a harsh theocracy in Iran, I do not have the numbers butchered for a base (im)moral utilitarian calculation of who is "worst". It doesn't give us useful picture.

I would also take into account the longer cultural existance of persia/iran as the context as mitigating factor - Suadi has never been civilised. Iran on the other hand has been, it is easier to get there once done before.