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Thursday, 24 March 2016

Primitive Sunni Moslem Indonesian Savages thrash girl

Primitive Indonesian savages, who are Sunni Muslims, viciously and thuggishly thrashed a young girl for alleged sexual experimentation, the Mail reports.

There is really nothing more to say. These people are primitive barbarian natives, savages from foreign lands, who lack all the civilising influences that we tried so hard to endow them with. Let them go back to the jungles and to scratching in the dirt with sticks. They have no place in the modern world.


Anonymous said...

The Rt Hon Theresa May is quite happy for Sharia law to be allowed in this country?

Thin end of the wedge springs to mind.

Anonymous said...

And I am quite happy for Theresa May to be handed over to one of their sex gangs.

Mr Ecks said...

That would be worth a video.

If only to watch the RoPers going "What's this shit? What are we supposed to do with this? Sell it at 10 diners a pound?"