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Tuesday, 22 March 2016

Rejoice! Another exploding Islamist Brit self-detonates

Go on, remind yourself to grab a beer or a glass of something later in the day and raise it to Alfred Nobel, the man who made it safe to carry Nitro Glycerine about until deliberate detonation is desired. Dynamite and gelignite gave bith to powerful military explosives, which in turn have been responsible for ridding the Isle of more unwelcome Islamists than ever the Home Secretary could dream of.

The latest self-detonating Brit Islamist went off in Iraq yesterday and there wasn't enough of him left to fit in an air-mail envelope to post back to his dear old mum in Luton. Raised under the umbrella of the NHS, schooled at enormous expense, perverted by evil Islamist imams, he's now just little gobbets of organic fertilizer from which Iraqi weeds will grow.

Any more Islamist volunteers for Daesh / ISIS step forward please ..... as many as possible. 



Barnacle Bill said...

Now if he had been embracing the former Middle East peace envoy when he got detonated I'd go on the razzle for the rest of Easter.

Poisonedchalice said...

Wot BB said.

Oh, and the Brussels explosions - did any of the scum blow themselves up as well as innocent people? And I wonder if our politicians will ever learn that mass immigration isn't quite as safe as they portray it to be?

Coney Island

Gordon the Fence Post Tortoise said...

Plenty of truly cringewothy slime being oozed about fate of the unfortunates in Brussels today being nothing to do with immigration incompetence and little/nothing about the capacity of some immigrants of a certain religious belief system to successfully defend their ghettos from intrusion from the law and order operatives of their host country.

This isn't going away and listening to this profoundly mealy mouthed MEP parasite apologist on the radio this morning made my skin crawl. Just the sort of nice chap that Daesh hope they'll get to deal with in the new Europe they've got planned.

G. Tingey said...

Do you think we can persuade them to experiment with Sodium Chlorate - it's wonderfully unstable!