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Saturday, 19 March 2016

Sorry, George, but no-one wants you.

A new haircut, a decent suit and some gym time has removed much of the look of a pallid furtive onanist from George Osborne. But not all. People probably still hesitate for a second before shaking his hand, without really knowing why. And when even old Charles Moore, establishment stalwart, pens a column for the Telegraph headed "The Chancellor has little purpose beyond his own political success" you know that he hasn't really got the party behind him. 

Still, the fact that people don't want them has never been a barrier to ambitious politicians. Look at Gordon Brown, who imagined he had the qualities to be Prime Minister. If Osborne steamrollers all opposition, pulls dirty tricks galore and calls in whatever he's holding over Cameron then he may still conceivably become PM, and will then face the same sort of blistering, withering hatred both from his party and from the country that Brown faced. Thus is the price of misguided ambition in Britain.  

Opposite him in the house sits the Fat Man, ready to stab his own leader in the back whenever his sports-leisure coat leaves a gap. A huge rancid steaming turd of a socialist, Watson is biding his time and keeping his gob shut in the hope that ambition alone will allow him to step into Corbyn's sports-leisure shoes when the time comes. His ambition is almost as misplaced as Osborne's; no-one wants Watson, either.

At a time when Britain faces challenges as deep and critical as those of the 1930s, this is what we have; two third-rate potential political leaders sans quality whom no-one likes and no-one wants , whose selfish self-interest may foist themselves upon us. God help us. 


TrT said...

Has no one noticed Gove readying a government in waiting?

Anonymous said...


I "trump" your Gove with a Farage sir...

Stranger things have happened when the public takes a mind...

I mean look at our fishy Sturgeon friend... Leader in Scrotland, with less votes than UKIP's one MP.

Barnacle Bill said...

As an astute observation Radders, whilst they may both differ physically they are both back-stabbing, over promoted members of our failing political elites.

Osborne the toff caught playing politics when really bankrupting the tuck shop is beyond his level of comptetency.

However, Fatty Watson is the one I would fear the most if he got his grubby mits on the levers of power. There is something of a Lavrentiy Beria about Fatty. A depraved political assassin who would like to see us native Britains locked up in gulags. Whilst welcoming millions of black flag waving, women stoning trogs into the country as his new powerbase.

Unfortunately in the "it's your turn" politics our political elites play Chairman Watson is a great possibility than Comrade Corbyn.

DeeDee99 said...

Osborne's attempt at a makeover failed to teach him how to wipe the arrogant sneer of his face; it doesn't matter how often he dons a hi-vis jacket and helmet, he can't escape the droit de seigneur appearance which (for all his faults, Cameron doesn't have).

I can't believe Conservative MPs will let him become leader. He'll be toxic with large swathes of the electorate the party needs to get a majority under FPTP.

As for Watson, he is an ugly man: ugly on the outside and even uglier on the inside, he reminds me of Prescott.

Heaven help us if either of these two manage to become PM.

Robert said...

I look forward to the demise of the Conservative party at the next election. Whether we stay in the EU or not they are finished.

Cull the Badgers said...

Bang on! Well said 'Raedwald', King of the East Angles.

The incompetence of Cameron and Osborne just brings the nightmare of Corbyn and Sturgeon just that bit closer. They don't have to do anything, just sit and wait for the day.

If we could get the few remaining Torys who are conservatives to grow some backbone and attempt to get rid of Cameron and his clique we may gain some hope, but there aren't many left.

All I can hope for is a vote to Leave the EU and after that the pressure will be overwhelming. After all we cannot allow the same people to continue in position as if nothing has happened - that would require a taking to the streets.

And I'd like to go much further than that, I'm hoping we can find an army of Hercules' to clear out the Establishment creeps from our lives, so we can start afresh with some true Anglo-Saxons.

Cuffleyburgers said...

Morning Radders and a finer description of The Dickhead Osborne, L've yet to read.

@Rob - t disagree. Nthe Tory party has lasted centuries and seen trickier moments than this. I hope it will survive personally but will have to reshape itself hopefully closer to an old fashioned whig party.

I think it is worth noting that while tory party bust ups are usually about policy, and often Europe, those of the other parties are generally about personal ambition and fuck th voters.

I have a low opinion of most parliamentarians, as we all do, but there are some decent ones and nearly all of them ate in the tory party.

Rush Is Right said...

"People probably still hesitate for a second before shaking his hand, without really knowing why."

I know why. It's because they KNOW it would feel damp, cold and clammy.

But don't worry, he has no chance of becoming leader. The next leader will come from the "Out" side, whatever the result of the referendum. It's Boris's to lose.

mikebravo said...

It is all a sick joke surely?

These people are unable to grab power in this country. They have to be put there by the votes of the plebs.

If the bovine public can not bring themselves to stop voting red, blue, green or yellow then they deserve everything they get. The big turd in the water pipe is that the rest of us have to eat the shit sandwich along with them. Unless we do a Radders of course and leg it!

Anonymous said...

What has George ever done for us? A legacy from the scum party of Shit turned to industrial suicide via QE and untold profligacy plus with the green agenda and a national debt roaring ever upwards with another ±5 million gimmegrants pouring in - we're fucking broke and financial calamity is just around the corner.

I haven't a good word to say about George, he's a slimy little prick, a school swot type who never played team sports and always had an excuse - a sad jerk mammies boy with a sick note before 'games' on a cold dark wet winters afternoon.

Cocaine snorting with prostitutes is about his level, actually.

It's the press that we need to look to, they fawn on these fucking eejits like they did with Brown and Bliar, as they do with, Camoron and George, it is a looking glass symbiosis and very unhealthy.

Hell, come on George knows fuck all about aught of reason let alone attempting to manage an economy. All George has done, is to maintain and sluice with benefits those already here and new arrival gimmegrants. What with, the welfare budget is off the scale and still they pour in. What few cuts he's made are piffling, he needs to get to grips with the massive state - the public sector which all through George's tenure has been recruiting and living it large - just have a gander here.
NEXT! there's no end of help and funny money for his mates the hedge funds, City boys, Bankers and property robber barons - an equity bubble, housing price bubble and mass immigration = George's economic miracle? NOW do give over.

Fucks sake, the press, the media the crony corporates: keep them George and Cameron in jobs.

On Watson, the nonce finder general - he's just something you scrape off your shoe.

Anonymous said...

Couldn't agree more, the quality is truly, truly dreadful these days. Take a look as well at Fallon, and Hammond. Those two define the 21st century breed of arse-licking sycophantic Tory politician.


What did Gideon bring to the Chancellor's office? A fucking 2:1 in modern history and a handful of invites to that neo-con talking shop the Bilderberger Conference - oh, and he's Dave's mate, allegedly. He looks shifty, barely male and would probably run a mile if woman asked him outside to settle an argument. I have no words for Watson other than he's one more reason why the Labour Party is doomed.


Anonymous said...

Fallon, and Hammond..............honestly Fallon embarrasses me when he opens his upper frontal shit hole, that arrogant tone at total odds with his woeful understanding of much, not least international geopolitics and more, the reality of Political designs involved, influenced thru' the Araby and its Wahhabist pestilence and WELT-RealPolitik, is he totally thick or has he been told what to say?

Hammond, just another anodyne nodding dog.

Having said that, I would still choose the above over Leadsom, May, Truss, Morgan and............... oh God how do they even get near?

Budgie said...

Don't worry, Raedwald, the next elected PM of the UK (and the last) will be Comrade Corbyn, not Osborne or Watson.

Anonymous said...

June the 23rd 2016 could be the final nail - if the country votes remainian, after that. who the fuck will notice libscumCON all are Brussels catamites and by Beelzebub - the Brussels Mafia will so tighten the grip on our 'nuts' that - the shackles will always be on, as slave workers for the slave Empire and all made alansnackbar carpet kissers at that.