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Monday, 21 March 2016

The NHS - being destroyed from within

One of the reasons that motivated my recent move was watching the slow and terminal decline of my local NHS in London. The local GP practice when I left was ranked as poor and failing, and was unable to recruit competent doctors who stayed for longer than 8 months. I once watched the receptionist pick up a silent phone handset and pretend to be engaged on a call when she saw a patient approaching the counter. And many patients were premium rate benefits claimants all relying on the GPs to help prolong their eligibility. There was never a problem getting an appointment in the key 17.30 - 19.00 working people's slots. 

At the bottom of the hill was a London University teaching hospital with an A&E department. When I bought my house in 1995 this was a plus point. By the time I left it was an open wound, with an ambulance service in London incapable of responding quickly and patient care suffering in order to concentrate resources on employing the permanent NHS staff. The maternity wing became Little Lagos, the beds filled by fecund Nigerian women  from among the 20,000 Nigerians who had settled in the borough since the 1990s. Nigerians don't cross the Mediterranean in leaky boats or storm razor wire fences; they are the world's finest con men, forgers, crooks and blaggers and Nigerian illegals prefer to arrive on scheduled flights with fake documents, each one a PhD. 

I caused mild offence a couple of weeks ago when I commented to a local (real) Doktor Doktor that his compatriots had almost as many doctorates between them as the UK's Nigerians, but without the fertility rate.

That the NHS is stuffed with staff who stand by their right to treat the whole world for free and irrespective of any entitlement, as the Mail reports, is no surprise. Until we surcharge the doctors personally for the costs of unlawful treatment, we won't stop it. Their jejune virtue signalling provides justification for their complicity in the theft of tax resources. And that's another of the reasons I made the move; I was sick of it. An FOI request had to be enforced by the Information Commissioner and revealed that the cost recovery position stated to the DoH and quoted by a Minister in a written answer to the House was false - so fictional as to be risible. So they lied to the DoH - which meant the whole thing was rotten right to the top, the CE and Finance Director being as complicit as the medical staff in the theft of tax resources. It stinks. 

Here there is a real health insurance scheme, not the fake NI thing. It costs me about £30 a week, and I get a health treatment chipped 'e-card' and a number of vouchers for routine visits to various self-employed GP-type doctors. Whichever ones I choose. They recharge the Health Department via a simple computer system. Hospital costs are covered, as are some dental procedures, and there are nominal prescription charges. The major benefit, though, is that there are no 'free riders'. Doctors and hospitals who unlawfully treat non-entitled persons do so at their own cost - they won't get the money back from the government without the e-card data.   

And this, I think, has to be the answer. Neither medical staff nor administrators in the UK can be trusted not to steal tax money. So control over money must be taken from them, and their pay depend on their lawful treatment of entitled persons. Otherwise, we'll just go on treating the world for free.


Anonymous said...

I think that you might have just given me some hope Raedwald...

The EC politburo is renowned for wanting "more Yerp" at any cost...

Let them "harmonise" the EU's (ill)health systems...

Let's see how they get on with our stinking pile of ordure!

I suspect that either the borderless brigades over here will suddenly become anti-EU, or the EU sycophants across the east and south, who dream of this nebulous idea of "union" will become sick of us Brits...

Either way, it will be a huge problem....

And it will be on the back of the Merkel "come all ye beggars and misfits" problem that is currently being endured by many of the European peoples.

DeeDee99 said...

Sadly, one of the primary reasons the British people might be persuaded to vote LEAVE is because they fear their beloved NHS might be infiltrated by foreign organisations which make it operate in a more business-like fashion.

There isn't a politician in the Den of Thieves who is prepared to really reform the NHS.

Barnacle Bill said...

I still think the advantages of an "adult" ID card were never fully understood by both those opposing it and the government trying to get us to accept it.

If you were on the elctoral role or, eligble to vote, you got your ID card. Every general elction when you attended your local polling station your ID card could be re-validated.

Access to services like the NHS and the welfare system would be upon the basis of producing a valid ID card.

I realize there would be difficulties in accommodating those under the age to vote, the elderly and the infirm etc ... Yet with a bit of goodwill and effort this could have been overcome by our government.

For refugees and migrants there would have to be a different ID card set-up but basically no card or, eligbility for one, no free services.

Anonymous said...

I agree with Barnacle Bill to an extent...

The problem with that system is that it was part of war criminal Blair's "joined up government scheme" imported directly from the EC politburo...

It was tainted, and make no mistake!

Anonymous said...

There are two problems with basically the same answer.
Firstly, if you want to vote you have to be registered. Yet the vast majority of British citizens are already "registered" because they either pay tax or they receive state benefits. They also already have a "state" registration number - their National Insurance number, and may have a second - their NHS number. So we have a name, an address and a number, why do we need a special registration to vote?
Similarly with "foreign" hospital payments, the registration already exists. so why is there a problem in working out who is entitled to free treatment and who is not?
I know from experience that the French can do it, so why not us?

Barnacle Bill said...

@ Anon

The linking of voting and the ID card was to encourage more people to vote. Free re-newal for voting would hopefully lead to increased democracy and a reduction in voting fraud.

We have the system in place for voting so why not use it? Just give those at the polling station a rubber stamp. Or if we had an electronic ID card a means of elctronically stamping it.

However, as Mr right_writes points out, the whole thing became tainted by it's association/pushing by NuLabor so it's just a pipe (St Bruno flake) dream.

Gordon the Fence Post Tortoise said...

The average person does not want to believe that the system is being abused so roundly and the BBC (the "97%" source of average news) plays down or simply omits to mention 'owt about it.

To what's left of my mind the problem pivots on the attitude of the administrators - and this is key to why the NHS is so dysfunctional - the pitiful management skills coupled to rampant self interest (sickies, bloated salaries) laced with PC toxin has bedeviled the organisation for years. Union reps on the payroll???

I took a gunshot victim to a hospital in Lagos - the staff refused to touch him until we all emptied our pockets onto the reception table as he bled on the furniture.

Much of the UK NHS problems are rooted in the constipated venal penpusher culture - but it's a telling exercise to take the published NHS annual budget and divide it by the purported population - oh yes indeedy...

Mr Ecks said...

Nothing personal Bill but you can go to Hell and take state-sponsored medical treatment with you.

No to ID cards forever.

Eddie said...

I periodically get my retina photographed so that the widths of the veins can be measured - 'diabetes'. The NHS medical centres are a long car drive away, with no public transport links. Someone has to take time off work to chauffeur me, or I'm faced with £100+ taxi fares.

Meanwhile, my optician, 5 minutes walk from my house, also does the retinopathy photos. This is part of a service I pay for. Specsavers does the same.

When I asked the NHS why they couldn't use the optician photos, the guy blew the gaff. "They are private, and we don't have anything to do with them."

So, I pay three times: once for the NHS, Once for the optician, and once for the transport. Not only does the NHS wilfully waste our money on itself, they waste it by not caring a flying fuck about their patients.

Budgie said...

Raedwald, I agree with your observations, but not the conclusions you draw from them.

Let me give you an example. I was told by a junior doctor that, fresh out of university (5yrs), all the JDs were assembled in a room in the hospital they had been assigned to. The NHS management then told them: you book time over your shift and we will note you down as an incompetent doctor. Remember these are people at the beginning of their career, vulnerable to management, on very low pay.

What the JDs did was, if a patient came in near the end of their shift, they would follow through (taking typically up to 2 hours beyond their shift) but not book it on their timesheets. That way they escaped management censure, and the NHS management could boast to the politicians that they were keeping to the WTD.

It is not the doctors (at least the bulk of them) to blame, or the nurses, or other direct medical staff, or the receptionists and other ancillary workers, it is the NHS management. The NHS management is (even if some try hard) systemically bullying, incompetent, idle, pursuing its own internal politics, besotted with box ticking bureaucratic domination. The NHS management will cut front line services before it ever looks at itself. The NHS management is the living embodiment of corporatism and managerialism. It will kill the NHS.

Anonymous said...

Our local NHS Trust engaged a TV personality to present prizes at an "awards ceremony". One lucky nurse won the Diversity and Equality award.

'nuff said.

Anonymous said...

The NHS is replete with Nigerian charlatans practising as qualified medical doctors, the problem is, no one can challenge them because of the NHS craven dedication to Political Correctness.
PC causes deaths in the NHS and of course the 'Liverpool Pathway' is Euthanasia by and sanctioned in full knowledge by the State/NHS.
Look at the boards in Hospitals, all over are Unison/RCN et bloody cetera Soviet style posters and advertising 'more dedication to the green agenda, diversity and doing the right thing for our staff training, knowledge blah, bloody blah, blah effin mention of patients.

On the paper clip counters keeping it all running - my cousin married a NHS pharmacist, she is now an administrator, rules with a rod of iron, has £150K + 6 weeks and sickies if she wants and is imperious and all powerful........ and a turned into a real diversity drone 'Women must be equal and more equal if poss' - bitch.

Like the EU, the NHS needs to be buried and buried deep.

Dan said...

The silly thing here is that an ID card as per the German model is not in and of its self a bad idea. The German government departments are prohibited by law from knowing any more than each needs to know about any one person then is necessary to do their jobs.

So it is in Germany that getting any paperwork done is a chase round different buildings representing each department, getting bits of paper stamped for other departments. They are also forbidden from asking after religion and ethnicity; the Germans haven't forgotten what happened last time their government had such info.

An ID card there thus demonstrates that a person whose picture is on a card is the person whom they say they are, and nothing more. This isn't a bad thing. The omnishambles of data collection that the Labour lot wanted to enact was a bad thing, though; it is all a question of degree.

Anonymous said...

Dan, you're quite right - the UK driving licence is an effective ID card.

G. Tingey said...

There is some truth in what almost everyone says but a load of bollocks as well.
How to distinguish?

The NHS saved my life in 1975, repaired a badly torn tendon 5 years ago & has helped me regain the complete & full use of a broken arm this past year.
It did a very good job on "the Boss's" emergency appendectomy, though the follow-up was crap.

What's wrong with the NHS, apart from doctrinaire politicians on both the right & the left fucking it around?

No-one talks to anyone else & the amount of time & effort wasted in this plaver must cost serious amounts of money.


ID Cards
Yes, I've just used my new, shiny (I've just passed 70 ) driving licence as an ID card in dealing with a grossly incompetent, arrogant & bumbling Bank

David Bradley said...

Everyone has lust for money and if anyone gets a chance will surely steal it no matter what the position is. For doctors interested in getting help with revalidation and appraisal kindly visit

Flyinthesky said...

I'm with Dan, It isn't identity cards per se, it's what they wanted to put on them.