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Thursday, 24 March 2016

Trump is right; we can't trust Sunni Muslims in UK

A commenter on the post below correctly reminds me that the post title should have been 'Sunni Muslims slaughter many people in Brussels'. Quite correctly he points out that no other branch of Islam causes so much trouble, no other branch of Islam has been weaponised by the evil and perverted Salafist / Wahhabist ideology from Europe's enemy, Saudi Arabia.

Trump is quite correct of course in saying that the Belgian killers were fish that swam freely in the sea of Sunni Muslims in Brussels, tolerated, protected and assisted by sympathisers and fellow-travellers. Hidden by the same people who would pop up when the corpses were barely cooling saying 'Don't blame us!'. Experience has taught us that neither can the Sunni Muslim population in the UK be trusted. If they could, they would themselves already have lynched the twisted snake-tongued rogues who run CAGE UK.  

And not only Trump is right but so is every commenter from James Delingpole to Douglas Murray who has pointed out the absurdity of the jejune death ritual; Imams on TV denying it had anything to do with Islam, a building lit up in flag colours, piles of celophane wrapped flowers and little candles, an iconic cartoon, a lucky survivor's story, Euro leaders with linked arms walking past the killing pits. 

And quite rightly there are universal calls for real action to restrict not only the Islamist killers in our midst but to impose control and surveillance on the Islamist sea in which these fish swim.


DeeDee99 said...

POTUS, the EU Apparatchiks, the British Establishment and none of the liberal chateratti will EVER admit that the wave of terrorism coming out of the Islamic world has anything to do with that awful "religion" .... let alone one branch of it.

It's all OUR fault, for not accepting their "differences" and changing our societies to suit them and their beliefs. So we must be punished - and blamed when they attack us.

I don't differentiate between any branch of Islam. They all believe that evil book is the pure word of Allah and it gives them the right to oppress women; treat non-believers as slaves and murder in the name of Allah.

And regardless of their branch of Islam, they are not denouncing the terrorists and extremists in their midst. So they are all guilty.

John miller said...

Well, at least the Old Bill have made a start in solving the problem by arresting the poor sod in Croydon.

Only another 45 million of us to go....

Cuffleyburgers said...

What John Miller said.

That reaction by the execrably useless plod is symptomatic of how we got into this mess.

Ok as it happens I agree the guy was stupid and provocative. But those are not crimes.

It is staggeringly stupid and provocative for the keystone cops to arrest somebody for that. And the fact the political class who claim to stand up for free speech and to defend us from whatever (precious little in fact) do and say nothing? Well fuck me if that isn't the problem in a nutshell.

Poisonedchalice said...

At what point do we, the majority populous, rise up and take control of our own destiny? That, of course, would involve direct conflict with our government(s).

Anyway, I was in discussion with a liberal person (a senior lawyer, in fact) and he was generally taking the liberalist line; so I asked him three questions, and I will pose these questions here, just for fun!

1) Name me one Muslim country that has the rights of women enshrined in law?

2) Name me one Muslim country that has the rights of minorities (gays, lesbians, other religions, etc.) enshrined in law?

3) Name me one Muslim country that ensures, by law, that minors, to the age of 16 are compulsorily educated to known standards?

Tricky ones for a Maundy Thursday huh!

Coney Island

Barnacle Bill said...

When I see a hatred enthused mob of mud hut dwellers stoning a woman, or the crane hangers of Tehran, or even the Bruxelles suicide bombers. I just see a muslim doing it with the tacit support of other muslims.

So you maybe correct Radders in identifying the Sunni branch as the most looney/dangerous sect in the RoP.

However, until Islam is excised from it's cancerous destruction of the very life blood of this once fair land, all muslims will be suspect as far as I am concerned. A fifth column imported by a quisling political elite out of pure spite for our own native values.

If this makes me a racist it's going to be a badge I'm going to wear with honour from now on.

Gordon the Fence Post Tortoise said...

John Miller

indeed - so reassuring to see that Dixon of Dock Green is still alive and has a smart phone isn't it?

Matthew Doyle could be any one of us....

Sweden's progressive prat thugs started this - and the model is being deployed here - expect plenty of the same. It is to be resisted.

As many, many others have said - the swamp must be drained. Personally I'm a big fan of self opening parachutes and using military transports to reunite fans of IS and so on with their chums in Syria / Iraq / Turkey. Repeat offenders can have a forehead tattoo as well.

Anonymous said...

Molenbeek is a state within a state (within a state...)
Not a recipe for law and order.

Belgium needs to take back control of these ghettos. That's easier said than done. When Jamaica tried to arrest one drug dealer in the Garrison slum for deportation they ended up needing to use tanks.

G. Tingey said...

I was "the poster" that Raedwald refers to, of course.
Here's a n other repeat message:

Remember too, everyone.
That demonizing & bearing down on all muslims is EXACTLY WHAT DA'ESH WANTS.

Which racial/religious group has suffered most, numerically from Da'esh? The Shia,
Which racial/religious group has suffered most, proportionately from Da'esh? The Yazidi.

Da'esh are quite deliberately trying to get "the West" to turn against all muslims, so as to force them to join Da'esh - a classic revolutionary strategy, actually.

Time to use the splits & schisms within islam to our own advantage, then & not lump them all together.
Time in fact to use "Divide & Rule" (or conquer ) - also a tried & tested strategy, I think.

Make sense?

Poisoned Chalice
Where those rights, carefully put in place by the great Mustafa Kemal, are being systematically undermined & destroyed by Erdogan, the little shit.

Barnacle Bill
I suggest you look up the history of Geneva & the vile murderer, Jean Calvin ...

Anonymous said...


Belgium needs to take back control of these ghettos. That's easier said than done. When Jamaica tried to arrest one drug dealer in the Garrison slum for deportation they ended up needing to use tanks. /blockquote

This is the threat, and what I foresee for Britain and in the not so distant future. Witness, the IRA was very proficient in garnering, its logistics and smuggling thereof military ordnance.

Next, observe with nigh all of the UK container ports Qatari owned, surely it is not just fanciful imagination to believe that, up and down the breadth of this nation there aren't caches of arms waiting just for willing and trained hands aplenty: to take them up in support of a widespread insurrection.

Anonymous said...

They lump themselves together by the deafening silence from Muslim communities.
If the schisms between various perversions of this barbaric faith were so great then
you would think they would jump at the chance to slag each other off.
They don't because they hate us more than they hate each other.

The tatty wreath laid at Lee Rigby's memorial by the same mosque that radicalised the two murdering scum
shows how shallow Muslim "grief" was.

We are now expected to believe that the Brussels bombers did it in the name of petty crime, not islam, the religion of peace.

Anonymous said...

Even these occasional atrocities, terrible though they are, are survivable. What is not survivable is the rapid and terrifying demographic change that is being brought about through the differential breeding rates of muslims and the indigenous population. This is the real terror that should exercise the minds of politicians and cause them to act with a blistering urgency. Doing nothing is not an option at this stage. Because of this frightening democratic change, there is no opinion but first to withdraw from human rights legislation, then to put in place draconian measures. Citizenship rights must be reduced or withdrawn - including the right to vote, permanent residency, the right to join family members and the right to services. Of course, we in UK also need to know who is here, which, through the incompetency or connivance of governments and immigration agencies, we only partially know. Recognising that an accurate census of immigrant (legal and illegal) is extremely difficult to achieve, the onus should be placed on the newcomers to register. I would require that everyone in this country whose grandparents were born elsewhere should be required to register and be given a special status. Those who do not register after a specified time will automatically be deemed alien, and deported. [P.S. this is all a pipe-dream, for no politician will do what is necessary, and a military coup seems unlikely, so we might has well start to make our children and grandchildren understand that they will become a minority in the Islamic Republic of Britain ].

mikebravo said...

Anonymous 10:17.

Your wish for the political class to act is a fantasy. They are the problem.
Read the 2 links below.

There will be no change.

Anonymous said...

mikebravo said @ 10:53

'There will be no change.'

No there won't.

The political class started inporting Muslims in large numbers from the late fifties onwards. The UK Muslim population is now over three million - equal to the population of Wales - and will continue to grow at a rate much higher than the historic people of these islands. Take the English, by 2050 one quarter of the England's population will be Muslim. From then on things gets interesting: the English demograph begins to collapse through each age group, rather like dominoes, and by 2070 there will be no Englisc age group that isn't a minority when all other immigration is taken into account.

This stage is called majority minority but it won't last because complex changes that have already started will create a much more efficient way of removing the aforementioned group: a severe lack of breeding partners. The next stage is absolute minority where the English go from being the largest minority (majority minority), changing places with the next largest group who will then be the majority minority. Using current figures this will happen during the last quarter of 21st century century.

The final stage is rather pitiful as throughout the 22nd century the English slip to third then fourth then fifth then sixth largest group. Of course the English as a nation will cease to exist and the political process which started it will be more or less complete. You can try and guess who will be the largest group in the future but one thing is certain the English will be a despised minority no matter how small they become.

That is all.


Cascadian said...

Somebody educate this neophyte, please.

Do Sufi and Yazidi moslems go to different mosques than Shia or Sunni? Somewhat like methodist and baptist Christians used to. It seems reasonable that they would, but I don't know.

Do they also use the same koran or are there different versions?

No matter the answer I think the "authorities" (useless plod and the guvmint) already are well aware of the problem mosques and madrassahs and could make a very quick change in unwelcoming the nutters attitudes by closing them, then reveiewing every transfer of government monies to mebers of those institutions.

Personally I watch the euro weenie response, chalked admonitions of "we are strong" next to teddie bears, tea candles and weeping millenials and come to the conclusion that Western Europe is done for, there may be some hope for Eastern Europe yet. Why anybody would vacation in western Europe is beyond my comprehension.

mikebravo said...

The western Europeans have become like the Cathars. They would rather be killed off than recant (in our case say something non-pc).
We are doomed. Doomed I tells you.

Anonymous said...

If anyone here think a that Shia sects do not want you dead or submissive is seriously deluded.
It's the ideology, stupid!

AndrewWS said...

@Cascadian: Yazidis are not Muslims at all, completely different religion. That's why the Muslims hate them so much.

G. Tingey said...

Yazidhi ARE NOT muslims AT ALL .... ( Which is why Da'esh kill them )
Sufi & Ahmahdi & etc ... YES, they do go to different mosques & YES there are "different versions" of the "recital" in that the "hadith" are largely ignored by many sects , &/or they pick-&-mix their own bits.
Just like the christians, in other words.

The Glasgow shopkeeper who was murdered was an Ahmadiyyah (sp?) - a very peaceable sect who are often viciously persecuted by - yes, Sunni extremists - which is what happened (it looks like).
Who are the biggest killers of muslims?
Other muslims.
Think European christian wars of religion, for equal examples of tolerance & kindness (not)