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Wednesday, 9 March 2016

Turkish protection racket & Mandarin Scum

In three months Europe will be awash in brand new Turkish taxi drivers, joining the first wave already established. Earnings sent home to Turkey will help expand the Salafist Sunni Islamist state on Europe's border. Turkey has effectively blackmailed the idiots from Brussels into €6bn of protection money and free entry; it's as if Hitler had persuaded the Poles to supply in advance all the petrol to be used by his Panzers in the invasion.   

Turkey is doing very well from the Syrian war. Erdogan and his family are earning millions from looted Syrian fuel shipped illegally across the Turkish border and Turkish GDP is boosted by the officially sanctioned imports of cheap Chinese imitations of inflatable dinghies and lifejackets sold at a huge profit to migrants, by the €3k a head charged by Turkish criminals to the migrants as a 'passage fee'. Now Erdogan must be squirming like a Labrador bitch in heat in anticipation of the millions he can cream-off the EU's gift-money whilst his fifth column of Islamists subverts European culture. 

The (unelected) officials from the EU are concerned only about themselves, their power and the surrender of our continent to unaccountable and unelected global interests. The EU is working in the interests of anybody except the people of Europe - and the disgrace of the criminal protection racket that Turkey so easily imposed on those idiotic and ineffective officials cannot easily be undone. Never forget that Erdogan's Turkey is our real enemy.

Well, to most of us; but to the layer of stinking grey scum that has risen to the top of the Home Civil Service, otherwise known as the mandarinate, a Turkish takeover of the UK would probably not be unwelcome. Or so one must believe from the lying bully boy tactics used to silence the head of the BCC over EU membership. On the news breaking that John Longworth had been forced to resign, the lie swiftly fell from Whitehall's cancerous lips that 'no politician has applied pressure on the BCC'. The deed was done by puppet SPADS and scum mandarins, of course, but to pretend it was not done at Cameron's explicit request is just mendacious bollocks. 

Well, now that the mandarin scum have removed Longworth they can now get back to compiling dossiers of untruths.


Mark In Mayenne said...

"No politician has applied pressure....." So who did?

DeeDee99 said...

@Mark in Mayenne

Cameron's paid protection dog Daniel Korski.

DeeDee99 said...

Merkel and Juncker are both mad.

Hopefully the few relatively sane EU leaders (mostly found in Eastern European countries these days) will stop them.

We can't rely on Quisling Cameron: he's as mad as Merkel.

Barnacle Bill said...

If we had a free and patriotic MSM in this country then the truth about the new Ottoman Empire emerging to the East might be revealed.

Of course we would have to wear head protection against all the low flying trotters about as well.

Sultan Recep Tayyip Erdo─čan is a greater threat to our future and freedoms in this once fair land than many realize. By his actions the already massed fifth columists will grow even bigger here. Aided by the feeble, drooling Quisling Cameroon.

Start saving your hard earned pennies to pay your jizya tax fellow dhimmis.

Dioclese said...

Unbelievable isn't it?

See my place today for a longer rant on what I think of this so called 'good deal for Europe'

Gordon the Fence Post Tortoise said...

as if Hitler had persuaded the Poles to supply in advance all the petrol to be used by his Panzers in the invasion

not bad.... not bad at all :-) except that Stalin invaded simultaneously from the east and got the lions share of territory and the two goons and their generals held joint victory parades!

A sample

Anonymous said...

I see some of Dave's friendlies (70,000 was it?) have been lobbing phosgene into the backstreets of Aleppo this morning. Lovely.

Raedwald said:

'The (unelected) officials from the EU are concerned only about themselves, their power and the surrender of our continent to unaccountable and unelected global interests. The EU is working in the interests of anybody except the people of Europe..'

That would be the 'no nations no borders' world order being discussed at the UN in the 1950's - which is going to plan in white nations only (for the forseeable future at least). The original goal was to 'dehomogenize' Europe in one hundred years or less, so around 2050.

Merkel saw the opportunity to get the thing done in under a century so she went for it big time. There are drawbacks however:

Invasion of Europe: The ship is going down


Cascadian said...

I am actually surprised that the camoron has not yet put his "extremely concerned" face on, and trotted out a statement that yUK would not be accepting any more gimmegrants. Followed shortly thereafter by georgie stating that yUK would not contribute to the blackmail payout to Turkey (even though you obviously will).

They seem to be slowing down-or maybe, just maybe, they understand that people have completely tuned out the waffle they emit.

It is instructive I think to understand that the EU will bribe a non member state-Turkey, while ignoring the plight of a member state-Greece. Let the camoron argue the benefits of EU membership, while there obviously are none. Indeed it seems to be a great detriment to be a member.

anon 2 said...

Way back when we British were independent, and free to be our indigenous selves -- it seemed to me self-evident that euros were at best a Machiavellian lot whose politics were utterly filthy, if not criminal. After a few visits yon, hither and thither, I gathered that they also looked down their ignorant noses at the British - ignorance being the operative mode underlying their arrogance. So... the only good thing about all you now describe, Raedwald, is that it confirms my early suspicions.

I have one problem with your article today, though -- you describe euroland as "our continent." It's not mine; neither do I belong to it: I loathe and refute everything it proves itself to be.

btw -- what's with the troll that's threatening you /us ????

Raedwald said...

Troll needs patience and kindness - mentally ill. The threats are a sad fantasy.

anon 2 said...

Thank you!

Anonymous said...

Turkey blackmails EU. EU caves.
Turkey and Russia (as usual) at each others' throats.
T&R situation blows up.
Turkey appeals to NATO.
EU NATO members refuse help.
Putin reads the weakness, invades Baltics.
Cue WW3.

Thanks, EU, for keeping the peace in Europe.

We should use the stick, not the carrot. Unless Turkey keeps the migrants safely housed in Anatolia, and stops infereing on behalf of the Sunnis /Daesh we should kick them out of NATO.

visc said...

Anon - only quible is that I'm not sure Russia really care too much about the Baltics. They might be a "nice to have" as might be said in building software requirtements but they are not core functionality.

It has only been the beligerent Baltics themselves and NATO who have been talking this up.Russia would know taking them is different kettle of fish - especially when NATO has been goading for years.

Totally agree that the EU promotes war civil an nation through its policy though.