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Monday, 25 April 2016

Austrians surprise themselves

Austria's 'red and black' duopoly has, since the war, done very much the same as Labour and conservative in the UK. And as in the UK, the left has lost votes to a rebellious movement with a green tag, and the centrist conservatives to more traditional right wing movements. But no-one I think predicted the slaughter of the dying parties in the first round of the Austrian presidential election; between them they didn't even scrape 23% of the vote. 

The winner, Norbert Hofer, from the radical right is anti EU and pro gun, and in the home of Glock where a pistol or handgun license is as easy to get as a shotgun license in the UK, he's not the only resident to pack a G19.  

I think the second round next month may be less dramatic, and the entire non-right wing vote will unite behind the green candidate, Van der Bellen, to give Austria a new President - a largely symbolic figurehead here where most power is devolved to the Chancellor and Länder. 

Another very recent poll has given Chancellor Werner Faymann a 72% approval for his action in sealing the Balkans migrant route, a 180° about-turn from his previous alignment with Merkel. What is not in doubt is that the people of Austria are aligned with Poland, the Czech Republic and Hungary in their attitude toward migrants. 

And with the Summer invasion of migrants via Italy about to start, Faymann faces a stark choice; seal the Italian border effectively, or lose power completely. We could well see some very angry Italian and EU politicians this Summer, and squalid migrant camps around Polly Toynbee's Tuscan villa. 

Hey ho.


John Dub said...

It would be blackly amusing to see the migrants trapped in the two most corrupt members of the EU - Greece and Italy.

However with italy''s debt problems could it push them over the edge?

John Dub said...

It would be blackly amusing to see the migrants trapped in the two most corrupt members of the EU - Greece and Italy.

However with italy''s debt problems could it push them over the edge?

Apparently said...

You can say that again John...

It was interesting to read in the Telegraph that the "far right" candidate, Mr. Norbert Hofer carried a gun which he has been seen "brandishing" at "rallies"...

I was fully expecting to read that this Austrian had recently been in gaol, where he had completed his book... about his political struggle.

But even though the establishment media and its pet politicians over here are spooked, and beginning to panic about populists aka the "far right" undermining their quest for slave labour, I think they are going to have to work harder to win in the upcoming referendum.

Meanwhile, we should spread the word... we must leave, before it is too late.

Weekend Yachtsman said...

I doubt the migrants will be allowed to camp anywhere near Polly's villa.

The nice bits of Tuscany will be kept nice, you can be sure.

Further South, anything may happen; but then, as my father's friends used to say years ago, "South of Rome, it is Africa". Their hyperbole may be about to become literally true.

Anonymous said...

Back in the day, when we faced our defining moment, in the very dark days in the early years of WWII. Verily, in a 'blitz' if you'll excuse the term, of propaganda, HMG did veritably, passionately exhort Britain and Britons to a frenzy of nationalistic fervour, "defend your country from the evils of Nazism and the HUN". Thus, to instilling a feeling of fervent Nationalism and pride in your country - was the business of government.

How times have changed, not for the better it should be remarked. Britain and Britons, always reserved - didn't need the government civil servants and even Churchill to remind them, it was there burning bright, innate and in their very souls. More, not for us, it didn't suit, those foreign ways and the nebulous clarion of; Egalite, Liberte, Fraternite, we fought long for freedom but thought more of; Country, Family and Tradition, God, mainly in that order.

The apparatchiks, the Frankfurt school doctrinaires, the Socialists, Gramsi-ites, Trots et al knew full well that to fully become a vassel province of the Brussels slave Empire, Britain, its people and its proud culture: had to be effaced, totally defenestrated. This has been egregiously achieved, it was mainly done through the purposeful destruction of the British education system - where once it was world renowned and rightly so for its excellence but no longer. Almost absolutely did the Cultural Marxists see to that and with duplicitous and able help from the teaching unions which are permeated, infested with those verminous Marxist ideologues.
Through constant and debilitating social rot, running rampant through the social fabric of Britain, the gender wars did what it said on the bottle, it emasculated Briton, that job has been prosecuted with the clinical exactitude of a surgeons lancet, deballed is the result.
The body is still breathing though so many nails have been punched into Britains coffin lid, I am not sure we can ever rise out of it.

The final straight comes into view, and they have usurped our language, to bubble speak and newspeak, so thoroughly have the Cultural Marxist done their job, we are scared to speak out, these days, even the Bard's marvellous works are being abridged.

Strewth, it almost as if: they have ripped our tongues out.

"Far right" has become the populist bedwetters' and champagne Marxist's media term for 'NATIONALISM' and 'Nationalists'. Those left wing fuckwits in the meejah tag along as all empty heads do - populists to the hilt. If they don't like what you say, you are either; a denier, a waycist, Xenophobe, or all of the above encapsulated in one phrase "Far right wing".
The slave Empire and their corporate backers in need of mass slave labour and to efface the nation states of Europe have been found out. In their foetid, bogus attempts to tar Nationalism as some sort of societal degeneracy, more, to associate it (Nationalism) with Nazism. It's childish, it's pathetic, it's all they've got.

So give them the finger; be proud of your country, support your country, revel in your British heart! - and as they are doing in Oesterreich!

And vote out! shout with all your might; Fuck to Socialism, fuck off to the cultural Marxists, Fuck off to the EU! WE WANT OUR FREEDOM!

Cuffleyburgers said...

My my not only far right (ie not a blanket chewing marxist cunt) but possesses a firearm!

Only in the sad remains of what was once Great Britain could such an idea be possibly considered scandalous.

Where I am there are armed guards in banks and supermarkets and firearms ownership out here in the sticks is as normal as having a chainsaw or a wife - and yet Italians are an easy going bunch - such legally held firearms have not created a wild west type of sitaution - the clue is in the name - legally held.

I find it by turns amazing and depressing how my country has fallen from a proud independent beacon of liberty to a sort of daily mail headline.

Power comes out of the barrel of a gun. And if the only guns are held by crooks and the government, then everybody else us a slave.

mikebravo said...

Austria had better not elect who they want as a president or the other EU countries will cease co-operation like they did with Haider in 2000.

EU says "no to democracy!".

Anonymous said...

More like, Germany said no to democracy. However, they will not get such a response this time around because people not only are they waking up to the nightmare that Reichskanzler Merkl is but what the EU is actually all about - a social engineering project designed to demolish and bulldoze the nation states of Europe into the dust.

Cull the Badgers said...

We are all going to need guns again soon if our persons are to be protected and our civilisation is to be preserved. I only wish I owned some land, at least then I could get a shotgun.

cascadian said...

Well done Mikebravo, you summarized the issue exactly.

Anonymous said...

Badger -- you do not need land to own a shotgun. If you are of sound mind, without a criminal record and have a Home Office approved gun cabinet, a shotgun certificate will be issued. You don't have to give a reason, but if they ask why you want a shotgun just say you're taking up clay pigeon shooting.



hatfield girl said...

The migrants cannot be left to drown. Those in peril on the sea etc. have an absolute claim to every effort to save them. Berlusconi resolved this by arranging with Libya not to let them go to sea at all, and passing the few who managed straight up the country to northern Europe. So Italy somehow deposes a sitting, elected prime minister and imposes three apppointed governments in a row (with a minor coup d'etat en route) while the Libyan government is overthrown by Nato. And the Balkan land route is developed.

Thus we have millions of migrants facilitated in their assault on Italy and Greece by enormous use of force, both military and politico/economic (poor Greece) to open the migrants' routes. It is not the driving force of war and poverty alone that is moving them but the forcible opening of the gates.

What I cannot fathom is why. Clearly the old Soviet Near Abroad was never going to permit third world migratory settlement, and hasn't; not one of the Near Abroad countries either in or out of the EU has permitted these migrants to remain - even the former GDR is doing everything it can to reject any such settlement. What are the migrants being brought in for? What ideology or policy do they serve?

Their presence is reconstituting nation states and revivifying earlier (often much earlier than 20th century) alliances and political models. In the meantime, as Cuffley notes, we have armed guards in trains, supermarkets, surgeries, museums, concert halls, churches, on beaches....and in cities we have the regular army patrolling.

What is the point of all this and, much more frighteningly, how far are we from open warfare at local level?

mikebravo said...

hatfield girl.

Why you ask? This gets posted on here fairly regularly.

It's a starting point.

G. Tingey said...

even the Bard's marvellous works are being abridged.

Ever heard of Bowlderising?
You are uninformed, to say the least.

"Closing the Austro-Italian border"
How's that going to work if you are a tourist, going to/from those two countries, either by train or car?

Raedwald said...

HG - pertinent questions indeed.

I part oompany (at least at the moment) with readers who ascribe it all to some global organised conspiracy; rather, I'm not yet convinced on the basis of Occam's razor that a complex secret conspiracy is the most proximate explanation.

The drive for immigrants is I think for 2 reasons - to increase national GDP (but certainly not per capita GDP) and to inject fresh blood into a European stock breeding at below the replacement rate. I think those who back this option imagine it can all be safely absorbed with no negative consequences, in time.

I think it is the law of unintended consequences that has caused the symptoms you accurately describe. People are more sensitive to such changes than economists imagined, and immigrants are less amenable to being changed than they hoped.

Another global economic shock (oh yes, it's coming - but when?) or a disease epidemic or even solar flares could be 'trigger events' that precipitate widespread death and violence, anarchy, the impotence of governments to govern. And even the slaughter of migrants, or migrants rising to slaughter indiginous Europeans in places where they form the majority.

News that the mafia, fed up with so much unauthorised crime from the migrants, have declared war on unlicensed robbers, is straight out of Terry Pratchet.

Raedwald said...

Greg - It's predicted it will mean long queues at the frontier and frustrating waits of hours in the broiling Sun as each vehicle is checked / searched.

mikebravo said...


Hanlon's razor might be more apt.

But it doesn't explain why it is so difficult for white Africans and other ex-pat types to get over here.

Ravenscar. said...

"I part oompany (at least at the moment) with readers who ascribe it all to some global organised conspiracy"

Radders, I always have and take your opinions at face value, I admire and greatly respect your cogent arguments and your down to earth good old English common sensical viewpoints and its reasoning skills. But on that above - I am afraid to say it, you are dead wrong

he's not the only one but boy is he a busy little social engineer and a pestilential and verminous rattus -at that.

Selling England by the pound, Remnimbi, Rouble, Riyal.

First of all you need total control, to inbreed obeisance. to achieve this you destroy the education system and therein the ability to teach kids to think. Thus in the USoA and in the UK, a dumbed down population - look at Britain and witness kids these days, their dead eyed looks and docile attitude, almost as if they're all on something and probably most of 'em are.

A population mixed - a deliberate concoction since the mid Eighties "Multiculti" has been the road.....Plus, a non property owning population and always on the move - ie renting.
A cashless society is coming if we stay in the Slave Empire and - how long before they require us all to be micro chipped? Your car, is satellite tracked, your Iphone tells them where you are at all times - control = POWER!
Immigration, immigration, immigration - the corporate giants breathe it, eat it, devour it, ravenousely love it demand the open borders and Peter Sutherland and his ilk are more than happy to oblige! End product? - unit costs (slave labour) are always kept to a minimum, happy days!!!!!
And fuck me there's no need of and pesky pension schemes. Finally funny money! and QE galore for the fly boys in the electronic share wizardry making money on making money. As the international robber barons; Chinese, Russkies, Thais, Arabs, Greek shipping tycoons buy u[p London and beyond and rent houses back to us, for which the taxpayer forks out a considerable chunk in housing benefit and off it goes - off shored.
A corporate and landed elite, in cahoots with the nexus of senior administaters and those who run the political circus to gull a public, kid the people on about "how much their say counts!" - so named an "elective dictatorship" - yer know like North Korea.

A "Conspiracy?" - you fucking bet there is.

James Higham said...

Lots of fun coming up this summer.

Ravenscar. said...

Erm, I should have taken more care there R, venting a bit - I do hope you know that, it's nothing to do with thee - lad;-)


Raedwald said...

No probs - it's what the blog's here for ;)

Cascadian said...

Hatfield girl asks...."What I cannot fathom is why"

The answer is simple enough, FREE STUFF, the gimmegrants are mostly young men (by some accounts 85%) capable of work, but not too prone to doing any. Every last one of them seems to own a celphone that broadcasts how much better life is in Europe than shitistan, government sites also proudly proclaim the menu of benefits available once you just say "refugee". FREE STUFF.

Until western democracies understand that they hold the forced payments for pensions and healthcare in trust for ONLY those that have contributed and NOT for newcomers then the rush for other-peoples-money will continue.

I have described previously that I believe that yUK has a duty of care to genuine refugees displaced by the camorons disastrous policies in Libya.