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Saturday, 16 April 2016

Cameron screws up again - it's Yemen this time

Many years ago when the USAF's stock fighter was the F4 Phantom, an aircraft whose engine operated so inefficiently that to be under the flight path of a low-flying F4 was to be covered in a mist of unburnt kerosene, one of my locals was the Martlesham Red Lion, a short drunken drive from the Bentwaters and Woodbridge air bases. Popping in late one lunchtime for a quick pint and a basket of scampi and chips, a Septic F4 pilot we knew was slumped at the bar, clearly drunk. He was usually affable and an unfailing source of (duty evading) dirt-cheap US liquor from the base PX, but today he was ornery as a bear woken early (please excuse the vernacular here ..) . A quiet whispered conversation with the guv'nor revealed that he had been grounded - for being too fat. He couldn't safely fit in the cockpit any longer. 

A strange little story. But every time I see photos of Saudi Arabian pilots, I'm reminded of him; they all also look too fat to fly, little brown chub-pots of greased mutton and buttered rice, and lacking the martial look. They look as if they'd rather be watching internet porn in a tacky airconditioned goldy-coloured apartment. 

Anyway, the idiotic Cameron has put UK special forces in theatre in Yemen to try to get these KSA dilletantes to drop their weapons payload somewhere near the enemy rather than just dumping their bombs as rapidly as possible and belting-off on afterburners throwing chaff and flares out with gay abandon. It's as wrong-headed, mistaken and unwarranted as others of Cameron's foreign adventures. All the assaults on Yemen have achieved is to have created a very capable and very cross hornets nest of Islamist terrorists. As usual. You'd think he'd learn, wouldn't you? 

You can tell whether a nation's warriors are committed to their task or not. Post-Vietnam in the late 70s, the USAF was just a rather slack flying club. The KSA now looks the same. The corrupt little kingdom of primitive barbarian savages much given to head chopping and oceans of blood drawn by domestic Islamists is ripe to fall to fellow Islamists equally committed to primitive savagery. And of course we'd be better off honestly facing an armed hostile KSA than we are now - when they fund terrorism, subversion and sedition here at home, and are allowed to destroy the UK from within because they give large crooked bungs to our corrupt general officers, civil servants and politicians.


Curmudgeon said...

I've long got the impression that, while we've sold Saudi Arabia and the Gulf States plenty of expensive military kit, their motivation to actually use it effectively is very limited.

If there's serious fighting to be done, the West has to do it.

Anonymous said...

So the Saudi Air-force is a relatively safe status symbol for second degree princelings, which there are nearly an infinite supply in SA.

The idea being you can say you are a military type, but not actually have to put yourself in danger, so long as you are fighting other third worlders.

Anonymous said...

P.S.Cameron is a shit! But then we knew that anyway.

TrT said...

"I've long got the impression that, while we've sold Saudi Arabia and the Gulf States plenty of expensive military kit, their motivation to actually use it effectively is very limited.

If there's serious fighting to be done, the West has to do it."

They used their airpower very well in the first few hours of the conflict, Yemen had a huge stockpile of SRBMs, two, maybe three, survived the first Saudi attack.
But beyond that, theres not a great deal for tactical air to do, would the RAF or USAF have achieved anymore? We didnt in Afghanistan or Iraq.

Unless they plan to use air power strategically, bombing wells, irrigation works, and starving out the rebels, there is nothing else it can accomplish.

Budgie said...

Perhaps it's a case of: we bought your kit; now provide the spotters? Or maybe something else? There's some funny stuff going on, and it's not always easy to see why. I still can't make out why Cameron is so hysterical about remaining in the EU. Maybe the USA says provide the spotters and we will give you Obama as a Remoaner warm up guy? I don't know any more. The whole establishment seems rotten.

Mr Ecks said...

The establishment is rotten.

It was never worth much but now it has "treason" and "surrender" written thro it like "Blackpool" thro' a stick of rock.

Still the scrawny jug-eared sceptic cunt coming here to tell us how to vote should be another boost for Brexit. Doers the dozy twat think we over here are too stupid to know what a busted flush he is in what is left of his own country?

Hope and Change cuts both ways.

Nick Drew said...

we have always provided 'after-sales care'

I was in Oman in the mid '80s on similar lines, when the enemy was, errr, South Yemen (I may post about this one day)

at least Oman is a really nice place, which is more than I can say for SA

James Higham said...

Is he being advised to be stupid or is it all his own doing?

anon 2 said...

KSA and the Septics rule the world, dontcha know. We're not even has-beens, because we're too weak and stupid even to know how crass and ignorant they are. And, of course, if we knew anything at all about what we used to be, we'd realise how completely civilisation has collapsed under their watch (they truly believe they've improved it).

And --- Right, Mr. Ecks. I really can't get over the sheer arrogance and effrontery of the macaroni-wearer who plans to visit us in May. How dare he. I wish we could line the streets everywhere he goes, boo-ing and insulting him without end: there has to be a way to accompllish something like it!

anon 2 said...

Oh - and as to air forces and their fighters - what about the almight frogs? We know the septics love them, but I didn't realise the Indians had gulped in the bombast. This from UPI:
"Indian defense officials have agreed to an $8.8 billion deal
to buy 36 Rafale jet fighters from French military aviation
firm Dassault.

The formal procurement pact is expected to be signed within
three weeks, with initial deliveries of the jets to begin in 18
months according to reports by Indian news outlet NDTV."

Last I heard of kermits and their air industry, five or so years ago, they were developing a new SST with the Japanese... It's not on the market yet?

Anonymous said...

I can't believe Cameron's arms haven't been twisted, by Nato and by the KSA through the back channels they do like 'back channels' and Dave always obliges, must be a public school thing.

On the wider angle concerning GeoPolitik and UK strategic thinking (only in the loosest of terms you understand).

The KSA, cannot allow this Iranian backed Yemeni Houthi uprising to be successful, otherwise the Riyadh camel herders will be in deep shit, if they don't already reside in it, right now. Since, Abdullah the big tent dweller departed unto meet the Shaitan, the Saud family has been in crisis, shitting themselves about threats from Isis and gobsmacked at Obama courting the Iranians. Salman now rules and with his mad son Mohammed bin Salman as his defence minister and another fomenter bin Nayef as deputy, none of them get on, all are paranoid and war and cheap oil were the answers apparently.
Eventually probably sooner, something has to give, it will cause major upheavals in the middle east but what we don't want is for any British boots on the ground - when it all goes fubar. Why the fuck, Dave has sent in British special forces - spotters acknowledged R but the dangers of 'mission creep' gives me nightmares - for right now, there are no good outcomes possible in the Yemen.

Dave is a puppet, and a woodentop who needs relieving of his office (bollocks?) PDQ but what should ALSO very much vex the British people and indeed the Army - FFS: why are we fighting other people's wars?

Anonymous said...

Thanks Radders, just reminded me of one of the very best Chilli con Carne's I ever had was in The Red Tiles, great little pub!

mike fowle said...

There's an interesting history to the pub sign at The Red Lion, isn't there?

Anonymous said...

Who but genuine Englishman could muster an anecdote about obesity, an F4 Phantom jet and the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Speaking of which..

Anglo-Saxon liberalism, terrorism, and how Russia can rescue the free world


Raedwald said...

Anon - Red Lion or Martlesham's other pub the Black Tiles? Latter was kept by a mate in the 80s / 90s

Mike - Yep the ~16th C carved lion was expensively painted Vermilion red at a time when red paint was uncommon so 'as red as the martlesham lion' became a Suffolk simile

Steve - Thanks ;) It takes one to know one

Cull the Badgers said...

The Soviet Union propagandists often said that the West was 'decadent'. I am getting old now and at the time I objected to this, it seemed insulting.

However, I now think that only the attitude adopted today by Russia can save 'The West', although that is not their principal objective.

We have become soft and over tolerant of the views of our enemies and opponents, it is a great shame that we need to look abroad for inspiration and leadership.

Cameron is a disgusting poseur, and has no concept of national identity and pride, he is only interested in protecting his own position. He must be removed from power.

The first step is for the English to vote Leave the EU. It will help detach the establishment's control over our lives.

Cascadian said...

At this point I usually rush in to defend the USAF, but neither Raedwald or I will change our viewpoints, so onto the camoron seeking a place in history, which he may just do, but as the the most inept politician and strategist of the century, the charge of the light brigade will figure as a trivial footnote of ineptitude when the camoron is done.
Fresh from his recent disasters in Tunisia, Libya, Egypt and Syria he seems to have run out of Mediterranean countries to wreck (though his Libya escapades will destroy Italy further this summer). Onto the Gulf to prove yUKs expertise as they did in Afghanistan and Basra, as the kids say-OMG-spare us.
And just how many SAS are we credulous observers supposed to believe there are? A thousand in Libya, a couple of thousand in Yemen, several rapid response teams in every city in yUK, not to mention the ever-fabulous EU rapid-response force, oh my lord talk about clandestine forces these are guys are so clandestine they only exist in the camorons mind. Has he moved from deluded to outright insane?

Budgie said...

Cascadian, A couple of thousand is USA supersize figuring. I'd be surprised if we have more than a couple of dozen in each of these countries.

Cascadian said...

That is my point Budgie. I am using numbers I have read lately (undoubtedly they are incorrect).

Today we hear that they will also be patrolling the Mediterranean.

The lies are coming thicker and faster from the camoron.

Given that their complement will be fully stretched by foreign camoronian adventures who will be available for the quick-response teams in each yUK city? Answer-zero!

Gordon the Fence Post Tortoise said...

The thing with the Yemmies is to keep 'em fighting each other.

As to SA - they are still I suspect sat on a powder-keg The siege and subsequent near flattening of the Grand Mosque in Mecca (1979) was a domestically inspired gig. There are tribal enmities predating the present borders and the Sunni vs. Shia and the Iranians... well...

There's still an enormous amount of high pressure steam in the pressure cooker of the ME and we might well still get to see some borders being adjusted. As to the fairy stories in our MSM - what an entirely unmitigated pile of stinking rubbish.

online nursing colleges said...

I've long got the impression that, while we've sold Saudi Arabia and the Gulf States plenty of expensive military kit, their motivation to actually use it effectively is very limited.

anon 2 said...

Interesting you should say that, o n c @08:18. I see the frogules seem to be going in for armament sales in a bigger way. According to UPI, Hollandaise is busy completing a $1 billion deal with Egypt, and, only the other day, he agreed to sell billions worth of military aircraft to India. How long have kermits been the world's main arms dealers?

I mean - we know they think they lead in all fields ... but I'm also getting thoroughly fed up of finding their horrible language intruding all over my favorite crosswords!

Perhaps the 'franco' part of 'franco-german' hegemony is beginning to assert itself. Gawd-elp-us-all.

TrT said...

The Rafale / India deal has been announced every quarter for the past 6 years, its still not any further along.
It like Venezualas plans for 200 SU-35s.

anon 2 said...

TrT :) :) --- All are playing bombast then! And the home of the Milton now leads in headlong flight from the 5th-world Theatre.

anon 2 said...

Home of Milton - sorry. Having trouble with the robot identifier here...