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Tuesday, 19 April 2016

Cameron's government is Shoddy, Corrupt and wholly Dishonest

Osborne's big club of a report disintegrated yesterday almost as quickly as it was produced. What the remainians hoped would be an authoritative and rock-hard persuader lasted about as long as a blotting-paper umbrella in the rain.

Firstly, Lord Lamont was quick off the blocks to point out the report's most obvious shortcoming:
They say economists put a decimal point in their forecasts to show that they have a sense of humour. The Chancellor has endorsed a forecast which looks 14 years ahead and predicts a fall in GDP of less than 0.5 per cent a year – well within the margin of error. Few forecasts are right for 14 months, let alone 14 years. Such precision is spurious, and entirely unbelievable.
A little later in the day it emerged that Osborne's remainian argument only worked if it was assumed, as the Treasury had, that the UK opened itself to millions and millions more immigrants by 2030. This alone exposed Cameron as a duplicitous liar whom the British people can no longer believe. Of course national GDP increases with immigration - but the point is that per capita GDP doesn't. Ordinary people are no better off financially, and considerably worse off as they are crowded out of housing, schools, health, employment and advancement by the immigrants. The remainians are truly wholly in the pocket of the global corporates and the anti-democratic demagogues of Brussels. 

Cameron's lies over immigration alone will destroy the illicit benefit he has drawn from the theft of £9m in taxes to fund his shabby little leaflet. And the British people have now been told authoritatively one thing - that Cameron and his crooked, corrupt chums cannot and will not halt mass unwanted immigration. Only an OUT vote will achieve that.   


DeeDee99 said...

Absolutely right, Raedwald and I made this point yesterday in the comment pages of The Times and several other publications.

But it wasn't reported on the BBC, or Sky News .... not when I was listening, anyway. They took Osborne's Report on face value and reported it as though it was the latest Revelation of God. And most people who are not interested in current affairs get their news from the BBC. They will have heard - as Osborne intended - that they will be £4300 worse off and taxes may need to rise by 8% and many of them will believe it.

The Leave Campaign really need to up their game. The rebuttals must be ready and far, far sharper.

I wonder if Cameron/Osborne realise they are destroying the Conservative Party with their campaign and don't care because

a) EU membership is more important
b) they want it to split and a realignment take place so the LibCons can join with the Liberals in the LibDems.

Barnacle Bill said...

Talking with my 29yr old daughter yesterday over brunch she actually said she was going to vote Out. Because to quote her: "... I want my bl**dy country back ..."

Now that's from some one who usually dismesses politics as being boring and not anything she can affect.

Good on her and there's hope for the younger generations yet.

Apparently said...

As DeeDee points out Raedwald... For those of us in the know, this stuff is easily dismissed...

I had the misfortune to see some so called news on the BBC last nigh, first time for months, but I have a soft spot for Peter Kay, and I fell asleep and was woken by some mouth churning harridan warning us all about the dangers of leaving the EU... And as if to bolster that, she was followed by some really stupid folk who got themselves buried in concrete in Ecuador, because they were not in the EU, to say nothing of the Libyans, who wished they were in the EU....

...But as they say in Hollywood - 'That's entertainment!'

Personally, I am not really interested in whether it costs me more financially to not be a member of the EU.... I know this not to be true, but if it were, it would be a price worth paying to get the national sovereignty back...

Apart from that even with full national sovereignty, the nation's political representatives still feel obliged to comply with many international agreements that are normally rubber stamped by the EU anyway.

The principle though is... Should the nation decide that it doesn't want to take part in one of those international contracts, and the government of the UK goes ahead and does it anyway... We can tell them to eff off at the next general election..

... Josiah Wedgewood-Benn's five questions or something like that.

The reason that I support UKIP and have done since the 1990's has more to do with a desire to see 'local direct democracy' implemented, one's destiny needs to be something that is managed on a human scale...

The first step is to remove ourselves from the EEC/EU or. whatever it has called itself this week.

G. Tingey said...

These are the same bunch of financial experts who insisted that we had to join the Euro, or financial disaster awaited, are they not?

Cascadian said...

Figures lie and liars figure.

This is the same bunch that added 0.5% to the GDP to allow for hookers and drug dealers, perhaps they could take a crack at a percentage deduction for all the remittances to third world shitholes defrauded from your social services. Then again perhaps that's a wash when compared to offshore trust donations to politicians "pensions" from most of the same third-world shitholes.

All-in-all, just more camoron mismanagement, perhaps its time for a COBR meeting.

plantman said...

The 14 most chilling words in the English language " I'm from the civil service and I'm going to tell you what will happen" - with apologies to R Reagan

Anonymous said...

Aye, yessiree the demographic manipulators, the Frankfurt school dogmatists exuding Socialist social engineers go about the land, destroying and reshaping with abandonment. Yes councils are doing the spadework, offices devoted to 'social services' an army of taxpayer funded 'charidees' enable - the ethnic cleansers are going about their job with an unbridled fury! KNOW IT, we are galloping to oblivion and our taxes are paying for the transmogrification - FFS why can't the majority of Brits understand - that? EU means the death of Britain and nothing other.


Osborne, the more he lies, the more shifty he looks and boy is he looking shifty, sallow complexion, a London docks area spiv like character who no matter what he eats and preens, looks ready for the knackers. May God preserve us from George and his corporate chums, and his arrogant 'I know better' demeanour which reeks out of his very pores.

Figures, schmigures and fucking liars. I'm waiting for, when are they going to start shouting......... telling us that, Brussels will send down Manna, feed the 500 million and other 1000 million who want to come here and that, we'll all be able to sup with the devil and at the Ambrosia font?

Remainian lies just wash over me, for actually this is about Britain forging its own destiny which means only one thing: out of the club of doom! Getting away from, the Empire builders and corporate stitch-up cartels who dominate our lives but mostly people are ignorant of - how much the Brussels Kommissars work hand in glove with the giant conglomerates to thus, dictate to the market - ie us! And where, as George referred to, everything is standardised but down to, the lowest standard and where once we had the British kite mark, which was ineffably superior to the EU's CE mark.

We, BRITAIN and forthwith need to get out, away from the slow strangulation that is the ECJ-ECHR, where laws are drafted by unseen, unaccountable bureaucrats and quack judges, and quite patently enable iniquitous, inequitable statutes WITH NO REDRESS - to further bind us into the darkness of le grand projet its destination - the formative EU FEDERAL SUPERSTATE.

What to do!

Sovereignty, means making your own laws in a sovereign legislature.
Sovereignty, means freedom from the Brussels monster.
Sovereignty, can only be achieved - by leaving the Empire of the damned.


English Pensioner said...

The cost of the EU is increasing year by year at a rate far in excess of inflation. I suspect that if we remained in until 2030, the extra cost per family would be far i excess of Osborne's predicted lost in the event of Brexit.

Dioclese said...

I quite agree. In fact I went into print along the same line myself earlier today..

Anonymous said...

Raedwald said:

'The remainians are truly wholly in the pocket of the global corporates and the anti-democratic demagogues of Brussels.'

They are, and more worrying they don't seem to care about the consequences of staying in the EU. Michael Gove touched on it this morning when he mentioned the never-elected-to-anything Jean Monnet, the so-called "Father of Europe". Mr Gove was of course referring to this:

"Europe's nations should be guided towards the super-state without their people understanding what is happening. This can be accomplished by successive steps, each disguised as having an economic purpose, but which will eventually and irreversibly lead to federation." - Jean Monnet (30th April 1952)

The European Union was founded on lies and deceit at the very highest levels of government(s).


Tony (Somerset) said...

If the consequences of leaving the EU are so desperately dire as now being indicated, then surely Cameron and Co are guilty of dereliction of duty by allowing the referendum to go ahead in the first place.

Anonymous said...

@ DeeDee99 19 April 2016 at 07:00

"The Leave Campaign really need to up their game."

You are the Leave Campaign - spread the word amongst your family, friends and random strangers, those at the tills in your local pub, supermarket and all.

Target the young, and (if they are younger) remind them that if we don't leave, they're likely to be in the EU longer than you. Most of them haven't thought about it, or they don't 'do' politics: remind them that politics 'does' them, and help them 'do' politics by voting LEAVE.

Make it a genuine grassroots campaign, starting today.

"Leaving the EU will cost us each £X,000 a year" - our freedom is cheap at twice the price. Two world wars cost a lot more.

The EU: 28 disparate states shackled together - a 29-legged race going nowhere.

Good luck and see you on the outside.


G. Tingey said...

"The Leave campaign need to up their game"
DROP "immigration" as the prime target, for a start - yes, it matters, but is entirely secondary.
LAW & FREEDOM are much more important.
The utterly vile EAW means you can be arraigned before a court on an semi-anonymous say-so of a corrupt foreign state & sent to rot in one of their jails, without a prima facie case being presented: Contrary to the Bill of Rights.
Code Napoleon Law has primacy over ours & the unelected commission, too.
Common Law can go hang. NOT good enough.

Come on, folks these things matter, because, in the past, when people tried to do these things we:
1: Cut off a King's Head to stop it. [ Charles I ]
2: Threw out the next-successor dictator to stop it. [ R Cromwell ]
3: Threw out the next-king-but-one, because he wouldn't learn [ James II ]

By voting "IN" we would be throwing all of that away.

THIS is what matters, really matters.

Anonymous said...

Monnet's words, quoted by Steve above, should be on every OUT campaign leaflet - they expose the EU as totally corrupt, duplicitous liars.

My only concern is that the local lads at Westiminster are just not up to the job of governing (after all they haven't had to do it for 40 years) but 'cometh the hour...' and all that.