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Wednesday, 6 April 2016

Crooked Cameron aims to buy referendum votes - with tax money

Mired in a mess of allegations of family tax corruption, Cameron came out today with an almost unbelievable proposed abuse of power - diverting some £9m of tax money to buy EU referendum votes. The former Eton boy seems to believe that any level of political corruption, and amount of bent manipulation, is justified if it wins him and his corporatist chums the result they need. Instead of each side entering the contest on a level playing field, Cameron intends to use public funds to produce and distribute propaganda in favour of the 'remain' campaign - and to do so before our Electoral Commission makes it illegal for him to do.

Yes, Cameron is prepared to exploit a legal loophole in his chiselling crookedness, to avoid prosecution and a potential jail sentence under the UK's election law; for 28 days before the referendum onwards, it will be illegal for Cameron to skew the vote in this way. 

There are truly no depths to which this man is not prepared to sink in the interests of his globalist chums. Perverting the nation's history of fair and equitable electoral contests with this propaganda corruption stinks; all my hopes are that the shit comes back at him.


Anonymous said...

Gōdne ǣfen Raedwalf.

Yes he's a real operator is our Davey, hid his europhilia right up to that last meeting with Mr Tusk. He gave them the wink, they made it look like his 'renegotiation' package was a real - Junker almost gave the game away but as he's a non-entity no one really noticed. Dissembler that he is the sow's ear became the silk purse:

"I say we stay in a 'reformed Europe', like what I've done 'ere; and don't you forget it has been reformed, cos I said so you 'orrible fucking plebs."

And to fund Project Fear Dave helps himself to £9.3 million of our cash. Nice.


Barnacle Bill said...

Listening to the quisling Cameroon's carefully phrased statement about his family fortunes, something he probably ran by T B-Lair before going public, he did seem to have the rabbit-in-the-headlight look about him.

I bet he didn't expect this to blow up in his face whilst he was shafting us over the EU.

How sweet it would be if he had to resign before June 23rd because of this black swan event.

No doubt his mate Boy George will be cutting the benefits of more disabled to pay for the £9million. Between them, Cameroon & Boy George, they are actually making T B-Lair & Gay Gordon look like saints!

Anonymous said...

I don't think he even tried to hide his EU phillia...

He claimed to be the heir to Blair back in 2005...

I was shocked when he managed to persuade all those that were minded to vote UKIP to vote for his bunch of lying bastards on the basis of his lies about the dangers of letting Miliband in.

It would have been far better for UKIP to have held the balance of power between Labour and Tory, which they probably would have, had this second hand encyclopaedia salesman been less persuasive.

I wonder what their price would have been?

plantman said...

I might be saying this just to cheer myself up BUT - it might just all backfire.

I've got a growing feeling in my water that "The Government" any "government" is a growingly unpopular, untrustworthy, despised entity these days and an increasing number of us with any sense increasingly feel that the best thing to do is to run a million miles in the opposite direction to the one they want us to take.

Add to that the latest Panamanian brouhaha that further inflames our opinion of "them" in general and the leading lights of the current government in power in particular and?

Who knows, anyway it's good to dream!

Robert said...

It was clear from the moment Cameron had his Chamberlain moment in Downing Street waving his dodgy dossier signed in Brussels and certified by every every international organisation he could think of that it was set in stone that this referendum campaign would be dirty.

Not content with lying about his so called deal with the EU which locks us into the annex of the Eurozone he has used the whole power of the government and the prestige of office to scare the voters into voting remain. He has now openly and dishonestly used tax payers money further his ends.

This is not just a question of remaining or leaving the EU, it is also a judgement on the prime minister. Vote out for both.

DeeDee99 said...

He's a lying, deceitful spiv. We've known that for a long time. The Bilderbergers would never allow him to run a fair campaign, even IF he was inclined to, which he isn't.

I hope it backfires badly. My UKIP branch has just ordered another 10,000 LEAVE leaflets in response.

Anonymous said...

How could anyone be surprised by this, of course CaMORON will try to manipulate the perceptions of what they believe to be a, pretty thick or unthinking sheeple - electorate.
Dave's inner claque still think that their wonderful GE campaign of 2015 was a masterpiece of planning, of spinning their egregious policy guff, and perceived notions about just what the electorate was thinking.
YET, it wasn't a landslide victory, it was a victory for people who wanted neither Miliband nor deemed much of the clownish Farage circus, even though TPTB moved heaven and earth to deny him (FARAGE) a seat in S. Thanet - which was a shameful episode - even for a banana EU province such as we've become. NO! most of the UK electorate - they held their noses and voted for the least horrible option and that's all it was.

Thus, and I guess Dave's social democrats fervently pray that, just that sort of dickwad underestimation will carry them through to a win in June.
Spending £9 mil to Dave and his crew is a petty trifle, they have no clue as to the value of aught and in the great scheme of things, it is a pootling sum - is it not? Footling indeed, when one considers the £12 Billion they fritter away on buying Mercedes and real estate in Paris and London for African dictators - aka the despots and dictators pension fund DIfD or,
send £19 billion 'west' to the Brussels peculation fund,
then £210 billion on welfare/mass immigration fund,
£60 billion on Charidees/immigration fund/EU governance-UK-QUANGOS, £55 billion on interest payments to service George's debt/nationdebt/immigration fund. et bloody cetera.

A funny thing happened.........

I did laugh at Liz Truss, when she said on global warming/we want Islam for UK telly (al beeb), "this leaflet will explain to people what will happen to their jobs if we leave the EU" ....crikey I thought - just how clever are these folks (TORY boys and EUphiliac party) - blimey: they can fucking know the future......really!

Mr Ecks said...

The Camoron "brand" is now so damaged that his advocacy of the EU is a liability to the traitors not an asset. And 9 mil is a pathetic drop in the ocean. The EU liars themselves are spending far more than that.

Poisonedchalice said...

And the Netherlands voted no. Good.

Coney Island

Bill Quango MP said...

Once the UK votes out, we can join the Dutch in a march to Brussels.

"We have come for our bicycles!"

Bill Quango MP said...

Cameron certainly isn't worried about making the peace after the civil war.
He thinks a big victory will demonstrate the superiority of Remain and cause the Leavers to be discredited.

But the way he is going about it he is allowing plenty of opportunity for a stab in the back legend.

Anoneumouse said...

When the document arrives just send it back to Downing street.

Anonymous said...

£9 million is a lot to us though, the wider point is still made that HMG executive toryEUphiliacs are fuckwit, wastrel, profligate tossers (with taxpayers dosh) - that's a given but then, spending money which isn't theirs - £9 million on his corporate chums big money spinner (the EU Slave Empire) is extracting just a little bit..... more urine, as if they don't extract it often enough.

Dave_G said...

How long was that document in the pipeline. 27 million booklets aren't created overnight. Some of the 'facts' mentioned in the booklet have already been thoroughly discredited but not 're-arranged' to cover the fact.

This booklet was MONTHS in the planning and MONTHS in the pipeline yet NOTHING was mentioned. Only AFTER THE FACT are we informed that £9m+ has been spent on our behalf.

Someone, somewhere, knew about this MONTHS ago and it's been covered up.

Barnacle Bill said...

@ Robert, I fully agree it has now becoming not just a vote on the EU but also upon quisling Cameroon's competency. Surrounded in the odur of rotting Panamanian fish I wonder if Cameroon realizes he is fast becoming the problem?

Someone, somewhere might just decide he is expendable.

Getting back to the robbing of our money to pay for his own propaganda. Cannnot someone on the "Leave" side come up with a nice legal challenge. Tie it up in the courts until it is too late?

Anonymous said...

Bill Quango,

"Cameron certainly isn't worried about making the peace after the civil war.
He thinks a big victory will demonstrate the superiority of Remain and cause the Leavers to be discredited."

Lord! He's an even bigger ctnu, than I'd realized, it is a tad worrying that Walter Mitty on steroids DAVE is (purportedly) in charge of the country.

Anonymous said...

Dave_G said @ 12:09

'This booklet was MONTHS in the planning and MONTHS in the pipeline yet NOTHING was mentioned. Only AFTER THE FACT are we informed that £9m+ has been spent on our behalf.'

Quite possibly. I'd love to see the date on the first draft. Or, the date the printers were first put on notice to bulk print 27 million booklets. That aside I still believe Dave's quisling quotient could surpass Blair before the referendum in June. He knows he can't win it for Brussels in a fair manner.

Notice how BBC/ITV/Sky broadcast his 'remain' campaign speeches live (Exeter Uni today)? Each one of these is on average 12 minutes of live airtime, free. And what do 'leave' get? Fuck all. This is 1975 all over again, with bells on.


Dave_G said...

Anon 15:13

I watched the Exeter Uni speech and was waiting for 'compliant' students to agree with everything he said (per the current belief of uni student attitudes towards Brexit) and was pleasantly surprised to hear most of them critical of Cameron's EU position and that of his statesmanship in general.

Good on the Exeter Uni crowd. If they are representative of students as a whole then we have a considerable force of good towards Brexit.

Anonymous said...

right_wites: "I don't think he even tried to hide his EU phillia..."

No he never did.

It's people like John Redwood that have done that.

Redwood voted for the spiv, supported the spiv and lied to cover the spiv when it was obvious to anyone that the spiv was a spiv.

People like Redwood with dwindling Eurosceptic credentials, are just as bad, worse because having the inside track, they still lie to cover the corruption.

Filth the lot of 'em.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said @ 19:40

'Filth the lot of 'em.'



Budgie said...

I have read some of the pamphlet, as photos in the media. In the section labeled: "The benefits of EU membership" it states that the UK has opt-outs from the euro (true) and has kept control of our borders (false: whilst we are not part of the "Schengen" borderless area, we are forced to admit any and every EU citizen when they present themselves at our borders - this arises from our being members of the EEA, the Single Market).

But this also means, according to Cameron, that the best reasons for staying in the EU is that we are not members of parts of it. I wonder if Cameron is bright enough to realise what his pamphlet is actually saying?

Gordon the Fence Post Tortoise said...

I see the missus works as a handbag designer for a company based in a tax haven...

Bye Dave ... don't let the door hit you on the arse on the way out eh?

anon 2 said...

Beats me how anyone can keep going with so much odium washing over him.

I've often wondered if he's on psychiatric 'uppers' - quite apart from his 'drugs of choice.' Surprisingly, his Facebook Page indicates 1,034,946 likes, but I suspect that button-clicking keeps all kinds of his employees busy ... especially as the written feedback/commentary weighs heavily against him and his diatribes (if anyone can ever stand to listen to them). Not many holds barred there, then.

There must be a way to get rid of him - and of the breed he presumes to lead. The Houses of Parliament themselves must be soaked with the evil they wreak within; surely this breed of traitors should be taken from there to the Tower: where they would feel at home with the blighted spirit of the place. Thence to be tried...

Anonymous said...

COme on, all. This pamphlet will not convince a waverer, and it won't convince a Brexiteer, so it will have no effect on the outcome whatsoever. What it will do is lead to mass resignations from the Conservative Party membership. Is that what the greasy twat actually wants?

Gordon the Fence Post Tortoise said...

A public service announcement for those of you unhappy about Dave's pamphlets.

Please return unwanted items via Royal Mail to:

Freepost David Cameron
Waterloo House,
58-60 High Street,
Witney, Oxon,
OX28 6HJ

That's certainly what's going to happen to mine.

Can we make this go viral?

Dave_G said...


not sure putting 'freepost' on a letter is acceptable - it may just get returned to yourself!

It would still be worth a 2nd class stamp just to see the mountain of booklet arriving on his doorstep though - and, of course, I'd be claiming the expense on my next tax return......

Anonymous said...

I think Cameron's name should always now be prefixed 'traitor', plus all the other politicos who are Remainians.. Such is someone who wishes GB to be ruled by a German dictatorship which will be the outcome of a 'remain' vote.

Cull The Badgers said...

And back in February Cameron's government announced that it was not intending to produce leaflets in support of the mayoral elections. This would have printed each candidate's electoral address. Mayors are part of his attempt to provide more democracy and devolution within England. Stopped because it would cost £9m.

Then he finds £9m the same £9m for propaganda in favour of the undemocratic and corrupt EU, to save his own skin. He knows if LEAVE wins he's finished.