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Wednesday, 20 April 2016

Don't throw away 1,000 years of freedom - VOTE OUT

In most of Europe 'Freedom' is something granted in limited terms to citizens under a code of laws by all-powerful States. In Britain it is our birthright, fought for over a thousand years and paid for with blood. In Britain, if there's not a law forbidding something, one can do it. In Europe, if there's not a clause in the legal codes permitting something, you can't do it. That's serfdom.

We've rejected the serfdom of European law many times. Let's not now waste what our forebears have fought so long and hard for. 


Dioclese said...

You won't get an argument from me on this one!

Oldrightie said...

I'm with Dioclese.

Apparently said...

I am with Oldrightie...

mikebravo said...

I'm with the 3 wise men who came before me.

Anonymous said...

R, You ARE the Captain, we ARE commanded thus.

Facing the enemy, as the shield wall used to shout, banging hilts of swords against their shields....OUT, OUT, OUT, OUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

rapscallion said...

I'm with mikebravo.

anon 2 said...

Raedwald, you do have a small argument from me! We haven't claimed our freedom for a MERE ONE THOUSAND YEARS. Your headline should read more like SEVEN TO EIGHT THOUSAND YEARS.

I'm counting ever since ice melted at the end of the Younger Dryas (last ice age): Then, by the grace of God, the seas rose and began separating the Isles FROM euroland. At that point (around 6,000 BC), a few enlightened hunter-gatherers headed this way and left tools round about Scotland.

Between 7,500 and 4,500 years ago some of the Celts from the Indo-European homelands moved up the Atlantic Coast of eurowhatever, crossed to Ireland, then to GB .... and gave us our earliest attested Celtic base (I take a lot of my info from Bryan Sykes "Blood of the Isles", and also from John Davies, "A History of Wales). Seems to me we wanted our own space even back then.

Agriculture reached Scotland around 4,000 BC, and we were building cromlechs and a complex like Thornborough (Vale of Pickering) by 3500BC. Circa 2800-1400 BC, we had enough technology to move stones from Wales to Stonehenge. Davies suggests that “Wales had received the bulk of its original stock of people by about 2000 BC,” (13). By 1400-400 BC we were exporting tin to the bronze-makers.. via Phoenicians; and (Davies agrees with modern scholars) our indigenes were independently developing hill-forts during this time (Davies 16/17). Throughout all the ages, we practiced weaving and cloth-making as it developed. Our work would later become highly valued among aliens as 'opus anglicanum.'

I'd be among those who argue that, when we had to settle accounts with invaders, we ultimately did so by adapting their ways to suit ourselves. Between 54 BC, AD 43, and the mid-5th century, the Romans did their best to reverse that dynamic. We fought them strongly: they never completely subjugated the Welsh or the Scots (n.b. the Pictish symbol stones), and they never managed Ireland. Sadly, the efforts of Boadicea in England were rather diminished by an early quisling female: Cartimandua - but Venutius replaced her.

Thence, to the germanic/Viking types and the development of places like Dublin and York. The history of Alfred the Great (AD 871-99) and the Vikings provides good written and archeological (esp. stone crosses) evidence of how the adaptation worked in GB.

Btw. I think it's worth noting that Sykes' DNA work is among that which indicates the 'English' remained predominantly Celtic racially, but that the germanic tribes left a 'genetic overlay.' This suggests that the Anglo-Saxon element was not as overwhelming as some like to claim. Rather, we may observe that, at one time of exceptional cultural and literary development (see Lindisfarne Gospels, e.g.), the Irish/Celts and the Anglo-Saxons worked together with Roman/Greek/Hebrew influences. Along with Thomas Cahill, some even claim that we saved civilisation for europe.

Obviously, you have a handle on the last 1000 years, including the fight against the Norman-frogules and to say nothing of our contributions in the twentieth century.

So for a few ignorant modern kids to suggest that we just can't handle being alone 'at the edge of the known world' - Well, they're being brainwashed and impoverished by a badly qualified nanny, aren't they? It's time we pulled ourselves together again, and got away from the backward lot we left behind - as God intended!!!!!!!!

Dr Evil said...

The only sane course of action is to vote leave. I know not one person who has said they will vote to remain. Not one!

Anonymous said...

A conversation I once had with a policeman ended with my assertion that I was a "freeborn Englishman" - to make cause with him that he recognize my rights and let me be. He backed down immediately. That of course comes to us from Magna Carta, one of the four key constitutional documents, the others being:

Habeas Corpus

Petition of Right

Bill of Rights

As Raedwald alludes our forefathers worked long and hard, sacrificed much and in many cases shed their blood so that future generations could be guaranteed the continuation of our ancient Customs and Liberties, and the protection of our constitution. But then came the Fabians, which had infiltrated the young Labour Party.

The Fabian socialist technique of perverting the Parliamentary system to destroy responsible Government was warned against by the famous former Lord Chief Justice of England, Lord Hewart, in his great classic, The New Despotism (1929), Lord Hewart made the following charge:

“A mass of evidence establishes the fact that there is in existence a persistent and well-contrived system, intending to produce, and in practice producing, a despotic power which at one and the same time places Government departments beyond the sovereignty of Parliament and beyond the jurisdiction of the Courts.”

Ever wondered why the Brussels elite are all socialists?

Back to the future:

England was founded in 927 AD, however 'the origins of parliament lie not in the thirteenth and fourteenth century, as is often assumed, but much further back in a more distant Anglo-Saxon past.'

The Origins of the English Parliament, 924-1327 AD - ISBN: 9780199645343 £24.99 Oxford University Press


cascadian said...

Though I agree with Raedwald that voting out is the only sensible option, I doubt that appeals to non-serfdom will be successful. Lets face it, we in Western "democracies" can only dream of having such a good deal like the serfs. Work for the lord one day a week (14% of their work) in return for housing, what luxury! We have long since accepted working for our lords-and-masters and remitting 30-50% of our earnings, even while buying homes at inflated costs. We are if it is possible double-serfs, perhaps even triple-serfs.

In Britain, you can be arrested for speaking against Islam-eg Tommy Robinson. This kind of appeal to a supposed superior legal system is fallacious.

Vote out by all means but don't ignore the very real problems that exist.

BTW more "SAS" deployments

mikebravo said...

There will be enough people who would sell their liberty for £1 a day (Gideon's threat of losing £2.5k)to keep us in.

After that we will be swamped by the new EU members. First Turkey, then Algeria and Morocco. Probably Libya and Egypt after.

DeeDee99 said...

Agreed .... but the numpties and fearties not only won't understand what we're talking about, they're not even interested.

HOW can we make them understand?

Weekend Yachtsman said...

Hear! Hear!