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Friday, 15 April 2016

Glyphosate - How the EU works with the global corporates

We have posted before on the iniquitous and corrupt access that the global corporates have to EU lawmaking. The ERT - the European Round Table of top EU based global corporates has a privileged inside track access to the Commission's law making process, and some say an effective veto on measures not to their advantage.

Glyphosate is a weedkiller discovered and patented by Monsanto in the early 1970s. It is very safe. Over 45 years, there has been no proven danger to human health from its use, either to those that apply it or those who come into contact with treated areas. 

However, in the past few years, Monsanto's last patents have expired. This means that anyone can now manufacture and market Glyphosate. The company faces a massive hit to its profits from losing its monopoly, and is looking for an alternative. The problem is, Glyphosate is safe, useful and universal. What to do?

Well, firstly, a faction in the WHO were somehow persuaded to declare that Glyphosate was 'probably carcinigenic'. Rubbish, say independent and principled scientists. All the WHO found was that Glyphosate, when mixed with some other carrier chemicals and ingredients, could be carcinogenic. No study, not one single study, that looked at exposure to pure Glyphosate found any evidence at all of carcinogenicity. The science all points to the stuff it has been mixed with. The WHO's science, like much that now comes from that deeply corrupt and compromised body, is junk.

However, this hasn't stopped the EU, no doubt with some subtle hints from the ERT's chemical manufacturers, from using the corrupt science in moving to ban Glyphosate from this June. The ban, in a global market for Glyphosate of $6.5 billion in 2010, will allow the global corporates to sell highly profitable alternative in-patent weedkillers instead - with the danger that the new and untested products, unlike Glyphosate, may actually be either carcinogenic or may irrevocably damage the environment. It's like banning Aspirin.

Oh, and the EU are not planning any sort of ban on the 57 pesticides that are proven dangerous to bees and that are made by their close chums in the global corporate chemical industry. It stinks. 


Sen. C.R.O'Blene said...

About twenty years ago, Roundup wasn't available in the UK, so we'd add a few bottles to the long list of more palatable bottles bought across the Channel...

The EU also banned Sodium Chlorate in 2009, and this was the stuff which could have easily coped with such awful weeds like marestail or Japanese knotweed, which are now rampant in many areas.

Glyphosate is used all over the place, and a sorry load of whining airheads in Brussels who don't understand gardening or agriculture, shouldn't be making decisions which are way beyond their mental capacity.

Another reason to vote 'Out' and stay out.

Weekend Yachtsman said...

"It's like banning Aspirin"

Don't give them ideas.

Anonymous said...

The Big Corpoartions have been pulling the political puppet strings for years. The whores at the Who have sold out any vestiges of principles, integrity and honest science. The corrupt pocket liners at the EU are beneath contempt. There are big questions about who benefits from tons of new rules and regulation which appears to be designed to bankrupt small independent manufactures for example the new maximum power rating for vacuum cleaners, the mandatory Mercury filled dim bulbs, the non reproducing seeds etc. ,

Anonymous said...

And just what exactly do you think woud make our own "independant" law makers stand up to the Big Corporations?

TrT said...


anon 2 said...

Sigh. What does it take for 'the people' to learn? What evidence have we that the euros ever played straight? In earlier times, our forefathers struggled to modify alien impositions so that we could hold our own. Now we just let them run on; and on; and on .... all over us.

Perhaps it's that our generation decided, after WWs I&II, that they'd had enough; that nothing was worth the horrors of those sacrifices. Those were the wars to end all resistance to corruption and evil.

So now we must each sacrifice ourselves to euros and/or mozzies anyway.

English Pensioner said...

I used to use sodium chlorate which was banned. So I had to buy the more expensive Roundup. Presumably their profits on this aren't enough, so the multinationals want this banned in favour of something even more expensive.

Incidentally, cheap Tesco bleach is good for killing the weeds on the drive and patio if you don't mind the smell!

plantman said...

EP - a cheap alternative to bleach (if you have solar panels as we do) is to choose a sunny day when you are generating lots of free electricity and use boiling water.

OK limited time before regrowth but no smells!

Dave_G said...

On 'sunny days' a mixture of vinegar and liquid soap kills many weeds. A gallon of vinegar is £5 at the wholesale places.

Raedwald said...

I'm all in favour of sustainable, organic and household solutions - I really do care for our environment. But in the case of Japanese Knotweed, Glyphosate is the cheapest and best DIY solution - albeit it needs spraying twice a year for 3 years.

I've been advising anyone in UK with this pest weed to buy 5l of 360 Glyphosate and deal with it themselves. Cost about £50. 'Professional' companies doing no more than spraying 2 x a year with a 'secret' solution (1:40 Glyphosate 360 ahem) charge thousands a year, and even worse are the 'diggers' who persuade vulverable homeowners that every scrap of soil down to a depth of 4m needs to be dug out and taken away. That's a bill of tens of thousands - when all that's needed is £50.

In fact the contractor who got the japanese knotweed job for the 10 acre olympic park charged £70m for soil removal. I protested loudly at the time but was told they didn't have 3 years to spray it (because they started so bloomin' late).

Anonymous said...

Would that be the same WHO that was browbeating the world on the 'threat' of globull warming when Ebola was stealing in, killing and taking hold in 2014 in west Africa?

The EU helps fund the WHO, where its boss Margaret Chan is steeped in graft and corrupt beyond comprehension, the EU seeking affirmation, justification from the WHO is like Himmler begging Heydrich for a character reference.

Anonymous said...

Well-aimed article Raedwald. Many problems are a consequence of asking too much of the earth. The balance has gone and I can't see how we get it back now. The heathland of my youth is missing species that used to there in abundance. I walk the coastal areas in Dorset and bird numbers are down 50 per cent from 30 years ago. It saddens me. We live in a finite space and the population is soaring. Poor England.


Michael said...

The EUSSR has quite a bit of "previous" when it comes to cutting out smaller competitors. The Politburo do like to keep onside with the big players and will happily do whatever it takes to keep them happy. A similar example would be the "Testing" required for any and all complimentary medicines, a matter of chump change for Smith Kline Glaxo but a massive expense for the little player making "Home brewed" concoctions. Apparently Henry VIII gave an exemption in England which prevents practitioners from being burnt at the stake as witches (now THERE's an idea that beats the rope/lamppost/politician kit into a cocked hat?)

anon 2 said...

So - other weedkillers notwithstanding - the Express claims that your new 'homeland', along with Switzerland, is closing its borders to migrants. Military manning of the areas, no less. Have you noticed those activities and their effects, Raedwald?

Anonymous said...

@ Michael

One item of the "previous" is the banning of the chemical previously used for zapping Japanese Knotweed with one dose only - Ammonium Sulphamate (NB NOT Sulphate!). It is a bulk chemical sold with little margin. Therefore the supplier could not fund the requested LD50 testing on dogs. Therefore it was banned as a weedkiller and Monsanto cleaned up. It is still available as a compost accelerant though.

G. Tingey said...

Yes, the non-banning of neonicotinoid products is a disgrace.
We need our bees.
Worse was the banning of fungicides to "Private" users (Such as allotment-holders) but NOT to corporate / big farm users.
And then to mount a publicity campaign to try to get private users from growing tomatoes & spuds, because they "encourage blight" - yes, it happened.
( Dithane, is VERY good on blight & oxidises to a fertiliser, for Ghu's sake! )

I can see I shall have to stock up on Glyphosate ....

Thanks for that.
P.S. I have just discovered a method for legally-obtaining Copper Sulphate ( also banned ) - it's just not being sold as an agricultural product at all ... simples.