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Saturday, 30 April 2016

John Major promises more sex parties if UK leaves EU

When John Major was given the opportunity by Radio 4's 'Today' yesterday to pontificate on the Referendum, he chose to compare the UK post-exit to North Korea. This came, curiously, just as 'Der Krone' here had taken a story first printed in the Sun about the incredible sex parties enjoyed by the Fat Boy; North Korea, the paper said, was a hotbed of torrid sex orgies. 

Undoubtedly it was this thought that bubbled in the 73-year old ex-bank clerk's frontal lobes. As much as Major tried to think of threats posed by Brexit to old ladies cycling to the pub for a pint of cricket, all the mental images were of hot pea-sex with slightly hairy women and a dozen North Korean nubiles slowly removing his underpants. If North Korea provided such moments for a Fat Boy with a bad haircut, what couldn't be given to the people of Huntingdonshire and their church bells breeding in their belfries to the sound of Betjeman?     

And so it was as the mic in the Today studio went live that Major spoke of North Korea and the great sex parties that the UK would get on Brexit. 



Anonymous said...

John was dreaming, making tents in the bed - he always did think with his member rather than use aught, he had upstairs......and here's my take...........

The grey priapic man, was John Major, really should know that, when the UK votes to remain as a vassal state, as slave labour in the Brussels Empire.....

Major should know, that, they're planning a massive new brothel to be built on the site of the Lords pavilion in St John's Wood, and in South London somewhere called the oval - how apt is it?

Indeed, George's new initiative to boost beyond the realms of fantasy, his GDP predictions. Also, remember that, the EU changed the rools - so that the sex trade was identified, quantified to 'big up the figures'.
Then, for entertainment of the masses, the sex industry is the boom industry of the future for the EU and as here, the UK we are becoming more like North Korea as each year passes.
Equality laws diktat, whether, it be 72 celestial virgins for suicide bombers or, a few state organized slappers ex SWJ warriors for John - you pays yer money and gets nil choice!

Stick it up for Brussels! Viva the EU, viva North Korea!

Anonymous said...

Politics is the tragicomedy of our age. Let's take a close look at what the most forgettable post-war prime minister said:

The Tragedy.

"Day after day you have had the Brexit people producing soundbites that are either offensive or inaccurate or just plain silly"

Offensive? Oh yeah, offensive is lying (non-existent reforms) to the population that elected you; lends you its sovereignty which you take to mean you own it now. That's fucking offensive.

The Comedy.

"If you want undiluted sovereignty in the modern age where everyone is interconnected, then go to North Korea because that's where you'll get it."

Does this man actually know what North Korea is like? Yes he probably does which makes his comparison even more absurd. What a cunt.

Then he says - and reading it just remember the goal is federation, with one governmemt "to rule them all". As per the USA.

"We haven't surrendered it [sovereignty] because at the end of the day the House of Commons, our representatives, can say 'we won't have this, we will leave the European Union'.

We vote to remain then we again join with all the other 27 nations and move as one towards a United States of Europe. There's no out after that. I'd put money on there being a 'no secession' clause, because 'the European Union always was an American project.

The European Union always was a CIA project, as Brexiteers discover


Michael said...

To have someone as uninteresting as John Major whining on about why the UK should stay, is yet another reason to disbelieve the stayati.

He was the sad grey bloke who finished up as PM by default when everyone else realised that there was no hope for the final throes of Maggie's crowd of vegetables, and then proceeded to make matters worse.

I'm also a bit annoyed to read that I have to be over 65 to be more prepared to vote, and vote exit too. I'd made my mind up when I was much younger. But then Cameron had 'promised' a vote way back then.

Too late old son.

Budgie said...

Do the sex parties come before or after the plague of locusts and the annihilation of the global economy, when we leave the EU?

mike fowle said...

Rod Liddle is very funny about Major in the Sunday Times today (sorry can't link it).