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Monday, 4 April 2016

More damage to Europe by self-interested migrants

Pursuing nothing more noble than their own self-interest, the flood of migrants into southern Europe are hurting Europe - and I mean my Europe, not the evil empire based in Brussels. As Austria tightens its border with Italy, the pain of South Tyrol is again surfacing. 

Austria lost the German-inhabited region to Italy after the great war, and from the 1920s onwards Mussolini's fascists ruthlessly Italianicised South Tyrol, including the prohibition of the German language. From 1939, under the Option Agreement, some 80,000 German South Tyroleans moved to conquered Poland. Poor Italians from the Mezzogiorno were given the lush and rich German Alpine farms. It all changed in 1945 when, with the area under Wehrmacht control, the Italians were kicked out and some 50,000 Tyroleans came back from Poland. The 1960s and 1970s saw a Tyrol terrorist campaign that really only lost impetus under two moves - a liberal dual-culture environment with limited self-government, and the abandonment of the border under Shengen. 

Up until this week the region's inhabitants, 70% of whom speak German as a mother language, although all are in practice bi-lingual, were quite happy with the lack of a border with Austria. It's a two-way deal; I've been advised to drive half an hour into Italy to buy superlative Italian vegetables. But no-one wants to undergo a customs and passport inspection for 5kg of tomatoes. 

So the area's population are very unhappy - and it's all caused by the Pakistanis, Moroccans, Afghans and the like who are after Euro money and a better life now crashing into Southern Europe. 

For anyone interested, Karin Brandauer's superb film 'Verkaufte Heimat' (avail on YouTube) sensitively explores the complex web of conflicts experienced by the people of the region; sample below


Gordon the Fence Post Tortoise said...

you missed out Nigerians

Anonymous said...

You are reminded by management that today's story is Putin and Tax Evasion

Your observance is mandatory.


Daily Mirror
Daily Express
Daily Mail


mikebravo said...

"You are reminded by management that today's story is Putin and Tax Evasion"

Also do not mention that cast iron's father is implicated.

Perhaps our host is not in receipt of Soros & EU funds and so was not included in the heads up.

Anonymous said...

mikebravo said @ 14:36

'Perhaps our host is not in receipt of Soros & EU funds and so was not included in the heads up.'

Joining the dots is so rewarding:

Soros funds the ICIJ who gave the story to the German press > Soros is anti-Putin > the neo-cons are anti-Putin > western media is anti-Putin and puts Putin front and centre even though his name is not mentioned in the 11+ million files.

We get played every day of our lives.


mikebravo said...


The Graun must have read your earlier comment.

They have cut the Putin angle and gone for the more favorable "Tory donors".

Tories trump even Putin at the Fabian Society daily hate.

cascadian said...

And in part, this is the reason for your discomfort.....

"Speaking to the Observer, the unnamed insider said the UK’s proposed 2016 contribution of just £50,000 (US$ 71,150) in aid paled in significance when compared to the £320 million spent on Britain’s 2011 bombing campaign.

The North Africa-based source said the sum amounted to “paltry bone-throwing from a European country whose bombers reaped so much destruction in Libya just five years ago.”

Read more at Russia Today, I cannot get a hyperlink to work.

The camoron, bringing democracy to the middle east, where it is was not needed or desired, then walking away from the shit-show. The summer campaign of ISIS forcing north Africans on flimsy craft to cross to Italy or Malta is about to resume. Brought to you by the camoron,sarkozy and obambi.