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Saturday, 23 April 2016

Obama? Just another forgotten, mediocre office holder

American presidents fall into two classes - those remembered across the world for what they've achieved and the failures. Obama is an unashamed failure. He's done nothing at all in his time in office except make bad situations across the globe even worse. And as commentators have already made clear, this is a lame-duck leaving office with his head bowed in eight months. His passing will be missed neither by the United States or by we here in the UK. 

The USA is far greater than the failures of a weak and ineffective leader. And as his pic with a vacant, lard-faced Cameron on the doorstep of Number 10 is circulated, so is a YouGov poll that puts UK disapproval of his intervention at 53% whilst only 35% approve.   

Which shows that there may be just enough backbone left in this nation to resent taking lessons from a septic failure. And that the serpent now to be killed is the monstrous EU.

Happy St George's Day all 


DeeDee99 said...

Sadly, he will be remembered but for the wrong reason - for being the first "black" President. The fact that he was incompetent will be ignored.

Cameron stood there nodding and smirking whilst Obama threatened the British people. HE disgusts me. I never thought I could loathe a PM as much as Blair.

Apparently said...

Agree with DeeDee...

Let's hope we don't have to put up with the first "woman" POTUS next.

At least if they get Trumped, there is no chance that the government will be based in Lima...

...Or Brussels.

Anonymous said...

Happy St. George's day to you R!

St. George, our patron saint - looking down on us, he must growl contempt. God, we have need of his sword, to slay another pestilence spreading dragon, sitting smugly in its Brussels lair.

This day - "Cry England, St. George and off with the EU dragon's head."

With apologies to, another lad whose Birthday this is....from Avon way, 'tis remarked.

What, where, has our country gone?

As DeeDee echoes, I have said the exact same.

In God's name, never did I think I'd miss Gordon Brown! What I hear you cry? Aye but think on, comparing Cameron to Bliar - it's a toss up between 'em and it is a bigger conspiracy at play, in my opinion.

Ever since, the days of Maggie by God she was stuck by her Tory friends. After that the EU made sure and in the corridors of power, TPTB and Brussels conspired.
Observe, since Margaret Thatcher all we've had are EU placemen; Major, Bliar, Brown and now cast iron. For until it dawned on me, I used to scoff at the likes of Italy and their EU patsy's; Renzo the clown, Letta the nobody and Monti the Goldman Sachs implant! Alack the UK, Italy - there's no difference, the EU runs the state, through PMs arm twisting legislatures and executives of all the main States of the EU!
That corrupt div Rajoy in Spain, that fucking bunch of monkeys in Ireland - mind you the ECB runs that island and after its recent general election Portugal were told who to select by Brussels/Berlin...
Er....oh yes and the Fatherland, run by a former Communist who does not disguise her nihilist Marxism she wears it like a 'religious gewgaw' though she should think about donning the Burka.
Belgium doesn't count, Belgium doesn't do government - Brussels is EUHQ nor, does Luxembourg (Juncker btw) and the PTB in the Netherlands have fought tooth and nail to keep Geert Wilders out of any sort of office, despite what the Dutch people want and most of them despise the EU.
If you think about the crass, overt, dishonest ILLEGAL gerrymandering, its shenanigans to keep Farage out in South Thanet. The Electoral Commission (EU quango) looked the other way and so did the blumin bluebottles, while six ballot boxes did a mystery tour to Dover!

FFS. It rather gives you a big clue about the UK and the parlous, egregious state of our current 'democracy', I am telling you, all things to do with elections - are run better in a banana Republic. What we have now, is something akin to North Korea, yeah think about it.

What chance then, of a free and fair plebiscite on the 23 of June 2016? Will they TPTB-Brussels-Electoral commission-the girls in blue-councils-Unions-SWP-Scumparty-Tories........... really try to nobble it?

Absolutely! I think that, the UK elite are shitting bricks panicking - forget about the opinion polls, the British people are in a contrary and very mutinous mood and the outers are way ahead of the remainians. Cameron, Osborne and Soros's little helpers funded by Goldman Sachs and Brussels will bring all their dubious machine to the 'party'. Thus all hands will be put to the task of screwing, skewing, disrupting, disappearing, miscounting votes.

Aye, we'll see, we need to make noise.

England expects but we need the spirit and ichor of St. George, Alfred, Hereward, the Black Prince, John Churchill, Nelson to embolden and run through our veins, we need to start fighting AGAIN.

Cull the Badgers said...

And yet we have today, St George's Day, England's day, the spectacle of that very same failed president, lauded by the media, an England hating media, lecturing young people of this country on how to behave, and being encouraged to do so by another failed politician, our own, the odious and duplicitous Cameron. The fact that he allows and encourages a foreign politician to threaten us is a disgrace. Cameron too is a hater of England and the people of England. It is time he was removed from office.

To me however, all this is a tragic illustration of how our own nation, England has been weakened by decades of propaganda which has weakened us. Obama is looked on as if he were the Second Coming of Jesus Christ, the press fawn at his feet and laugh with him while he insults us.

It is our day but is also a day of shame that we have fallen so far. We need a modern day St George to kill the dragons which betray and endanger us, and sap our spirits.

Anonymous said...

Cull the Badgers,

Agreed. It is a vomit inducing sight, do the left fawn at the feet of Hussein O'Bummer but that's only a sliver of society; the SWP Social Justice Warrior, extreme left wing ding-alongs. What is more absorbing, is the love hate acceptance from the Wahhabists, there were hijab/niqab wearing wimin and bearded faces aplenty in the audience, I wonder if their Medinan indoctrinated imams would approve?

Similarly and insofar as the swivel eyed loons infesting the UK Marxist mafia and their left wing meejah 'ho's - fils du belles jours, with the champagne chatterati societal leeches of; Islington and Primrose hill, Hampstead are concerned. The question for the ethnic cleansers and UK Communists is, Barry O'bummer the enemy or, a friend? Wishy washy pillock that he is, O'bummer is keen on the green mush because Goldman Sachs tell him to, and the UK brainwashed swivel eyed Commies - on that: they are at one.
But the USA?...the left wing still recall Vietnam! The USA in their eyes, is still the great Satan on so many other fronts, surely licking the arse of an American president -even if he is a Britain hating Kenyan: it must make most of them gag. It makes you giggle really, how easy it is for the extreme left wing to change their [s]minds[/s] spots - often, almost as often as the British weather gremlin, changes the wind direction, which is frequently and capriciously.

Fuck them all - I say, they - none of them belong in Britain.

Anonymous said...

What did it for me is the author who interviewed 400 people who were in the same class year as Barry Soetoro (that was the name he went by before he went to Harvard) when he said he was studying at Columbia University, and not one of them could remember him. Not one, even with the help of photographs. He got a court order to seal all the documents pertaining to his education, a first for a president in US history. Both he and his wife were barristers at one time and both were debarred in 1990's - Obama because he lied about having a different name and his wife for being party to insurance fraud.

So you see you can talk about this low life without mentioning his non-existent birth certificate. The man's a complete fake - who by the way is trying to get the law changed to get complete immunity for himself when he leaves office. He's been owned by neo-cons right through his presidency; they have the drop on him due to him being fabricated, and them knowing it - as do the Russians. Ask yourself why a socialist is pushing TTIP so hard?

Happy St. Georges Day


Dave_G said...

The 'remainians' have lost the argument.

All they have left now is the ability to lose the ballot boxes.

Which, unfortunately, is all they need.

G. Tingey said...


Obama has actually been quite good ... given the problems he has faced internally.
The ultra-right of the Republican party have simply decided to game the system & refuse to pass ANYTHING at all, if they could possibly get away with it.
NOT a pretty sight.
The hysteria over him being a medium-brown shade has driven most of this (in the USA) of course ......
For a current example look at the deliberate attempt, contrary to the spirit, if not the law of the US Constitution, the try to block even looking at the appointment of a new SUpreme Court Judge.


On a happier note, yes, a good St George to everyone - I'll be off to dance at a couple of pubs in an hour's time ....

Thud said... are not even close, an unmitigated disaster as a president would be too kind a judgement.

Budgie said...

It is Cameron's judgement that is in question, with his increasingly hysterical outbursts, and frantic attempts to force us to stay in the evil empire. In encouraging the faintly ridiculous Obama to threaten us (Cameron will have vetted Obama's speech), Cameron has made another gaffe. He is the gift that goes on giving to the Leave campaign.

Budgie said...

G Tingey, The "hysteria over Obama being a medium-brown shade ..." is entirely in your own mind. It is as true to call Obama English as to call him African.

In contrast, two previous African Americans - Colin Powell and Condoleezza Rice - served at the highest levels, showing competence, courage and intelligence far surpassing Obama, and are well respected, even if some disagree with their politics.

Obama is criticised because, though his rhetoric may have swayed the crowds, he was ultimately empty and incompetent, not because he is "a medium-brown shade".

Please don't play the racism card - it is boring.

anon 2 said...

Uh huh. Happy George's Weekend to all true English Men and Women. And as our little lad meets the champion and tail of the serpent... I wonder if the vile septic ham realized the possible significance of what happened today.

btw - I don't know why anyone thinks he's a good orator. He tries, but he hasn't got the soul or heart that some real Americans had, e.g MLK, JFK. O'wotsit never sounds anything but false; I've always had to turn off the sound whenever he starts; the voice curdles my blood.

G. Tingey said...

You ARE talking about the Shrub, are you not?
( Shrub = small bush )

Nice try, no banana ...
Condoleeza & Colin were not standing for POTUS - which makes a "slight" difference ....