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Friday, 29 April 2016

Of course Labour are Jew-haters

'Taste' discrimination - discriminating against persons on the grounds of their sex or sexual orientation, skin colour, religion or race, is largely illegal. The biggest impact of these laws has been mainly in the half of the economy in which unfairness, nepotism, crooked practice and favouritism were rampant - the socialised public sector. Capitalism, you see, tends not to discriminate on taste grounds, but only on grounds of productive efficiency. The capitalist doesn't care what colour, sex or faith his widget-makers are, only that they're the cheapest and most productive widget-makers on the market. You'll generally only find taste discrimination at the smallest end of the enterprise economy - mom 'n pop stores, and now the ubiquitous Skleps. Harland and Wolff's total bar on employing Catholics was not on theological grounds but on the basis that the inhabitants around its shipyard were so deeply sectarian that to employ both was to reduce efficiency. 

It was London Transport of course in the late 50s / early 60s in a final desperate attempt to recruit native Londoners for the thousands of bus driver and conductor vacancies that published job adverts claiming frankly 'We don't employ Blacks'. Well, they failed to recruit white staff - and did exactly that, giving thousands of West Indian immigrants a real stake in our nation and society. And this sort of blatant taste discrimination in the public sector persisted well into the 1990s. My local borough recruited its entire refuse collection crews from three families - not a woman nor a black face amongst them. It made them, I was told informally, easier to manage. Their lucrative wedge was collectively negotiated with the three family heads. 

Whereas a manager working for shareholders simply doesn't have the freedom to indulge their anti-competitive and inefficient personal tastes, a public sector manager is free to employ as many inefficient, underskilled, non-productive and uneconomic workers as they wish. By 2005 when threats and widespread internal dissatisfaction had put an end to my Council's discriminatory employment practices to allow in a melange of races and even some women to the 'refuge' the result was a real fall in wages and an increase in productivity - as the CIPFA stats for those years painfully demonstrate. 

So the public sector, and its spiritual home the Labour Party, are quite free to vent their personal discriminatory tastes against Jews, Saxons, Catholics or whomever they wish. And such freedom attracts racists and zealots into the public sector and into the Labour Party. So of course Labour are Jew haters - what's the surprise?


Gordon the Fence Post Tortoise said...

Some might say hoisted on their own petards ...

That said - watching Ken Livingston getting skewered is fun of a sort.

When you're as sloppy as the present crop of Brit socialists with your definition of bogey men (i.e. anything to suit derailing debate) - it was only a matter of time before they disappeared up their own behinds.

Now that the sneering PC leveraging goons have got centre stage it all starts to come unstitched - whodah thought that might happen?

It's been a while coming - more of this I say!

DeeDee99 said...

I haven't seen it mentioned in the media that not only does the Labour Party have a problem with anti-Semitism, it is the party that gets the majority of Muslim votes in the UK. The two are linked.

Raedwald, your description of Public Sector recruitment practices may have been true in the past, but it certainly isn't now. I've been working in one organisation in the public sector for the past 15 years and recruitment practices are intended to (and do) create diversity. It may have had to be forced on the public sector (I don't know) but if it was, it worked.

raedwald said...

Dee Dee - It's not diversity in the name of economic efficiency, but for the sake of ideology, and therefore remains racist and discriminatory... the most efficient workers aren't necessarily representative of the local ethnic mix, and to employ inefficient workers just to tick quota boxes is as bad as banning blacks or asians outright.

mikebravo said...

Poor old Ken.

“In a time of deceit, telling the truth is a revolutionary act.” G. Orwell

After years of twisting and turning he is skewered by stating a truth. It's just that that particular truth is unpalatable to the modern Labour pygmy.

Cull the Badgers said...

The media is part of this too of course, the BBC in particular but Sky News can be just as bad.

I have noticed in this current row that they are portraying Corbyn as someone who is somehow distanced from what is going on in the Labour party, a leader who has just not acted quickly enough, when he and MacDonnell are the architects of anti-Semitism. They have embraced the likes of the terrorist anti-Semites in Hamas, and supported anti-Israeli politics for decades, they create the climate. They have encouraged such people to join the party and become MPs.

The BBC and other media must admit that he and MacDonnell are part of the problem. They cannot continue to hide it. There is a direct link between them and the Islamist cause and the muslim agenda and this must be made public.

They have another problem of course and that is they are also in on the anti-Israeli sentiment, and by extension anti-Semitism. And BBC where is the Balen report, when are we to see it?

Apparently said...

As far as I can see from the recent polls (the last couple of years)...

The working classes are rapidly moving to UKIP for representation, and funnily enough that party is colour blind.

The two legacy parties in league with the BBC try to tell us otherwise, and some people even believe what they see on the News at Ten, but the message is beginning to seep in.

4,000,000 votes and an old Tory for representation doesn't look good, but the breakthrough is coming, and Corbyn's Labour is dead.

Curmudgeon said...

@DeeDee99 - yes, public sector bodies achieve an appearance of diversity in terms of race, gender and sexual orientation, but that's just as bad in its own way as the old "no blacks or gays" approach.

And woe betide you if you happen to have a "diverse" political opinion such as not supporting gay marriage. In the words of the great Thomas Sowell, "The next time some academics tell you how important diversity is, ask how many Republicans there are in their sociology department."

Anonymous said...

"Nice to see Ken Livingston skewered"

I'm glad I didn't see him skewered by six blokes at that gay party ...

Nick Drew said...

Trouble is, politicians are as non-discriminating as capitalists when it comes to votes

one recent local MP in my manor became wholly in thrall to a well-organised (and really quite affable) Tamil group, who delivered votes in return for his assistance with their chain-migration schemes ("even more votes for you Sir!"): and so it goes on

I have long held the view that, via dynamics like that, the Labour Party may 'accidentally' become the Muslim party (what DD99 said above), which may be quite a large party in its own way but unlikely to be at all attractive to several traditional Labour demographics

SNP will be just one of several beneficiaries

Anonymous said...

Raedwald said:

'The capitalist doesn't care what colour, sex or faith his widget-makers are, only that they're the cheapest and most productive widget-makers on the market.'

Perfectly true and the tendency towards ever better living standards is solely down to the wealth creation process, gently working its way through society. Those societies that don't have it and are impeded in some way, by either culture and religion, or politically by communism and socialism, have arrested living standards. However since the advent of globalization when companies like Mercedes Benz started building cars in Mexico, national wealth creation became international. So here we are today, importing cheap labour to compete with cheap labour overseas.

What was once a win-win for the nation, capitalism with a strong association with the society it is serving, is all but gone. Capital should be for the common good, if not then who is it serving? The answer if not is it serves itself and that is the definition of globalization: capital for itself. One outcome is the churning of populations with a resultant loss of identity and sense of place. These two alone can kill a nation and at least one in Europe will die before the middle of this century.

Human capital, the sum of a person in economic terms, is all that matters to them now. They also racialized our identity:

Racialization refers to processes of the discursive production of racial identities. It signifies the extension of dehumanizing and racial meanings to a previously racially unclassified relationship, social practice, or group. Put simply, a group of people is seen as a "race", when it was not before.


John Miller said...

A further twist to what mile bravo has said; Livingston has used that very reason to plea for re-I statement.

Makes me laugh because when a Met Commissioner (Condon?) said most crime in the capital was committed by blacks which was why they were the majority subject to stop and search, the usual suspects fell on him like a ton of bricks.

Of course, Condon tried to use the time honoured excuse that what he said was true, but that cut no ice with Livingston. Still, we all know what politicians are like , don't we? Geese and ganders?

G. Tingey said...

Yes - and no.
CORRECT in that the Labour party has a serious problem, to say the least, with Jew-hating.
However, in your otherwise correct piece, you say two thing which are, unfortunately incorrect.
You underestimate the strength of some people's idiotic prejudices, that they allow to get in the way of their legitimate profits.
[1]The capitalist doesn't care what colour, sex or faith his widget-makers are, only that they're the cheapest and most productive widget-makers on the market.
[2]Whereas a manager working for shareholders simply doesn't have the freedom to indulge their anti-competitive and inefficient personal tastes ...
Unfortunately, those statements ought to be true, but they are not.

Of course, the people who are most discriminated against are not people who are brown rather than pink, but those with no "Y" chromosomes ...
And it's disgraceful, the talent & expertise that is being wasted & suppressed.

Anonymous said...

I find it ironic that the 'progressive' homophiliac, Islamophiliac, Migrantophiliac left are now anti Semitic, having decided Palestinian -good; Israeli = The Great Satan for two reasons:

The Jewsish communities of London, Manchester and other big cities were one of the driving forces behind the rise of the Labour movement.

In Israel and Palestine, if the social positions of the communities were reversed the Palestinians would behave just as appallingly to the Jews as the Jews have to the Palestinians.

TrT said...

"You underestimate the strength of some people's idiotic prejudices, that they allow to get in the way of their legitimate profits."

The business that refuses to employ talent based on, anything, will be crushed by the company that employs based on talent.
Daves MOT and servicing that employs a white but incompetent mechanic will quickly be driven out of business by Eddies MOT and Service that employs a competent mechanic.

Unless there is a government intervention to prevent it, see Jim Crow Laws.

Boggart Blogger said...

Livingstone was a big supporter of Lutfer Rahman, The Sultan Of Tower Hamlets. No prizes for guessing Red Ken's loyalities are with the crescent and star rather than the hammer and sickle these days then.

DeeDee99 said...

Those, including Raedwald who responded to my comments re. diversity recruitment in the public sector.

I was merely pointing out that the public sector is now obsessed with recruitment practices designed to create diversity. In fact if you're not black, female, gay, transgender or disabled you have a distinct advantage.

And yes, Curmudgeon - politically correct thought is promoted at every opportunity. We are required to "celebrate" black history week; gay pride; transgender awareness week; at last year the pressure was on to "identify" with Ramadam and understand that our Muslim colleagues might be feeling a little below par during the day, since they were denying themselves food and water, and to make allowances.....

It's supposed to be a place of work .... in fact, it a farce.

Anonymous said...

Pt I/

Socialist, Marxist, Communist, what's in a name? they all mean death.

Reflecting, in some biography or, other, on joining the scum party in the late 60s RED Ken was, leaning Freudian, eerily prophetic when he said something to the effect of, "I must have been the first rat in history to climb aboard a sinking ship".
The scum party, has been foundering ever since it, the Marxist chimera first manifested itself on UK society. And where, most unfortunately for Britain - it is still sailing on, either, in its scum form or, the slightly less Red - blue version which is sometimes named the Tory party and always forgetting, the yellow filth.

I look upon the 'chosen race' with pragmatic eyes and very much from a British perspective. Indeed, the 'chosen race' are inextricably of and linked to Palestine. They are, one of the 'Twelve Tribes', and very much, have more in common with their close Arab neighbours then they would care to let on. Ever so conveniently, the Israelis forget their recent history, Shin Bet were the "terrorists" once and not so very long ago and did those who were ethnically cleansed become the cleansers.

The scum party, of RED Ken's lot laid poisoned roots and for a long time got away with its great pretense, ie spreading and peddling the idea that it was founded to represent and serve the British working classes.

'Serving the British working classes'?

A malignant and a great lie indeed, when all through its sorry existence the UK Marxist party have, fomented and agitated for only one actual goal - the downfall of the British state and installation of a Socialist workers paradise aka Communism - with, an elite running stuff for the benefit solely, of said elite, that's why they see eye to eye with the Tories and reference Statism.

Anonymous said...

Pt II/

The 'chosen race' were in at the start of the inauguration of the scum party, later after its relocation to the Ivy League - it was the Frankfurt school alumni who to a man of them were of the 'chosen race' - who then and again permeated the UK scum party and their Critical Theorizing ideology. And PC a doctrine of Political correctness and which is, totalitarianism by another name.
Here, I drop a name or two, Eric Hobsbawm, Ralph Miliband, and Antonio Gramsci and join the dots it you will.
Gramsci, said, the workers will never see their true class interests, as defined by Marxism, until they are freed from Western culture, and particularly from the Christian religion – that they are blinded by culture and religion to their true class interests.

Well they did, have certainly trashed the UK.

Absolutely the UK scum party have been responsible for the deconstruction of the UK, particularly all of its institutions; the NHS, academic world even into the priesthood. Liebore abase themselves, worship, the ideology of Cultural Marxism.

Furthermore and Just like those dreadful, bird brained fuckwits in the National Union of students, so it is, in the scum party. Observe, that the creed of PC is running in ever decreasing circles and eventually will arrive up its own fundament.
At its (liebore's) heart is, internal warring, bile filled destructive ad hominem attacks, fratricide and the irrefutable, irresistible paradox.

Paradox did I say?..............That, we can't all be equal if we pay obeisance to Wahhabist Islam, we can't grant women inviolable rights if you court Wahhabist Islam, you can't be pro Homosexual marriage and 'gay rights' if you court Wahhabist Islam, AND you can't be pro Jewish if you court Wahhabist Islam but then, the adherents of the scum party see no problem with being filthy rich and proselytizing equality and equal rights and to keep the lower classes precisely where they are - in poverty....

"I mean we can't ALL.. have a piece of the action can we Brother?" Some people are always gonna be more equal - know what I mean?

Remember also, the provenance of the Rothschilds and the likes of, George Soros and their endless meddling, I don' hang with Zionist plottism but......

No, I don' hate them, I support the right of the state of Israel to exist but I am aware of British history, I can understand their reasons and less often than not, never could I regard them as, true friends, even as, allies, sometimes. They always play their own game and usually bring a separate deck but they have a right to live, we all do.

Liebore - I don't care at all for what they believe in, I only know that, they are a cankerous pustule on the behind of Britain and thus need cauterizing and PDQ.

Budgie said...

What Livingstone said was "He [Hitler] was supporting Zionism. No, Hitler wasn't - he was trying to get rid of German Jews in the only way that was available to him at the time.

In attempting to conflate Hitler and Nazism with Zionism, yet at the same time claiming it was true and history, Livingstone has deliberately created as much offence as possible whilst pretending injured innocence.

I agree with John Mann, MP: "You're a disgusting Nazi apologist, Livingstone". Livingstone has twisted the facts to burnish his own anti-semitism, and that of his fellow travelers.

Unfortunately the Jew-hating, Islamist-excusing communist fellow travelers now control the Labour party. Which makes the Labour party rotten to the core of its current incarnation.

Anonymous said...

Please do remember that you all voted for this status quo- more than once.