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Monday, 11 April 2016

Our government must lead in wiping the scourge of Islamism from Britain

A shock poll carried out in advance of a Programme on C4 on Wednesday reveals that the scourge of Islamism is thriving amongst Britain's Moslems, despite the government's official stance against the evils of Islamist doctrine. 

The time for talking has ended. The government must now take the lead in wiping the scourge of Seditious Islamism from Britain - and if this government fails to act, we must elect one that will. All actions in destroying the Islamist disease in Britain must be lawful, democratic and mindful of our nation's place as second to none in the administration of justice - not under the twisted Nazi evil of Sharia law, but British Common law.  

Actions that the government must take immediately include:-

- Banning all external Salafist / Wahabbi / Deobandi inward funding to Islamists and their infrastructure; largely from Saudi Arabia and Qatar, this blood money funds Islamist terror and subverts our State. KSA mosque money must be treated as that from Columbian drug lords - seized.
- Harsh jail sentences for bankers and financiers who flout the above restrictions
- A ban on all new Salafist / Wahabbi / Deobandi mosques, schools and places of association
- Civic penalties for Islamists who propound any of the seven evils of Islamism - to include Imams, publishers, printers, bloggers, twitterers and so on. To include suspension of the voting franchise, withdrawal of benefits, barring from social housing, exclusion from health care.

At the same time we need new prisons for Islamists as increased prosecutions under existing laws, including those for Sedition (EDIT: Now prosecuted under Terrorism Act 2000), will increase prison populations by 40,000 or so. 

And if there is little hope of either of the dying parties implementing this, we must elect in 2020 a government that will - and that means, over the next four years, quizzing every prospective parliamentary candidate for every constituency in Britain on their position in regard to muscular action against Islamism. 

After all, even Trevor Phillips, once the scion of the Corbyn left. now admits that Labour's multiculturalism policy is an abject failure and we must now take radical and unpleasant action to integrate the hundreds of thousands of Seditious Islamists who have been allowed to thrive.


Mark In Mayenne said...

If I understand correctly, the crime of sedition has been removed from the statute books.

Mark In Mayenne said...

If I understand correctly, the crime of sedition has been removed from the statute books.

FarkhemHall said...

Wasn't it Tony Blair who removed it?

Barnacle Bill said...

I fully endorse your views on this Radders, 2020 must be seen as the last date by which we can elect a government to carry this out with-out the country descending into a bloody sectarian civil war.

However, we need a strong and resolute leader to save our country. One who will almost verge upon being seen as a dictator. Unfortunately I don't see one lurking on the horizon at the moment.

Nor do I see our political elite allowing the formation of such a reforming movement. For them the tipping point of irreversible change to the culture and values of this once fair land probably seems achiveable before 2020.

Hopefully the present bunch of ruling quislings will implode before then. Which may, I only say "may", give us a chance to start on the hard work of reclaiming our country.

How about for starters a petition to get the seven points onto the statute books in one form or another?

Apparently said...

I would venture to suggest that we are doomed to a fate similar to the Celts, particularly if we remain in the EU...

No one in continental Europe likes the British their envy has turned to hate (and pity), as they watch us eating away at our culture and history from the centre until we are banished to the fringes of these lands...

Just travel to these outlands and look at the people, they are predominantly white and rough.

And why should it bother us, our generation not only sat and passively watched while it happened, but when it has completed, we will all have had our final meeting with the grim reaper.

Formerly right-writes.

DeeDee99 said...

The British Establishment is terrified of the consequences of "taking-on" extremist Islam. It collectively lost its spine and cojones after Suez.

They will start to take what they call "a harder line" against extremist Muslims, but it won't be anything like enough because the official policy is APPEASEMENT.

Show me a country where Muslims have peacefully integrated in the past. There isn't one. Blair and the multiculturalist brigade who set out to deliberately change the face of Britain forever have created a violent minority in our midst which is never going to go away.

Anonymous said...

Much as I hate to even contemplate it, and I do not say this lightly.

The logistics are against us and maybe, it's too late.

There is, I posit, more chance of Bliar, Pol Pot and Hitler taking tea with St. Micheal the Archangel and indeed all the angels in heaven, than there is, of Westernizing ie - civilizing even one Sunni Muslim.

The moment, it is not even on the horizon, where, a British politician admits to the grave error of importing millions adherents of the death cult, the Westminster bubble still resides on cloud nine @ EU cloud cuckooland.

In the realization that, fading and ever so faint hope, of believing that the followers of the cult of death will accede, should I say 'kowtow' to what is deemed by the death cult, as, a 'Christian society' - formerly known as Britain, impossible.

The very idea of, a British politician who had grown the nuts to confront the devil which, bides its time and dwells among us, again another impossibility.

A real attempt at clampdown?

FFS, it would release Intifada, a backlash that could not be contained by our armed forces (forget the ladies in blue). It would result in bloodshed on a scale - not seen since the days of civil war, they'll be running about rampant, slaughtering, killing in supermarkets, pubs, cinemas.
Result? an absolute polarization in Britain, and something like the separation of towns and cities into no go areas observed in Northern Ireland, though far more like Bosnia, actually.
No GO AREAS , even Mr Equality BERK Trevor bloody purblind now admits to it, we already have them, ala the great wet dream of the Cultural Marxists. Thus, Multiculturalism bears fruit if I could phrase it accurately and was it all fully designed and intended - you betcha it was.

In the event, all able bodied Brits will have to form local militias, contracted and regionally, locally controlled by the Army.

Welcome to Balkan-ization Britain.

Mr Ecks said...

Either we win or they do.

So the chips will fall where gravity dictates.

Measures can still be taken that would show the free ride is over. Ending our subsidy to their breeding program is one. And ending their vote is another.

Also ending this "islamist" nonsense. It is Camoron's attempt to hide the Real Jihad--demographic takeover.

Dioclese said...

"The dying parties" made me think. You're right - they are all dying but the problem is that there is nothing being born to replace them...

Anonymous said...

'Islamist' is a red herring. A community of the so-called 'moderate' Muslims will always provide a breeding and recruitment pool for 'active' Muslims. The children, born here, look upon their parents as bad Muslims and will continue to use demographics, democracy and detonation against us.
Islam doesn't believe in co-existence or 'multi-culturism'.

Dave_G said...

The only thing that gets a rise in the native population is a threat to their personal income and wealth status.

The issue of immigration will come to a head this summer when the economic conditions degrade to such an extent that people will want someone to take their anger out on.

Italy's banks are on the verge of collapse (they need 360Bn Euros to survive), the IMF are planning an engineered crisis to include a Grexit at about the time of our own Brexit, the US economy is on the slide (the Fed and BoE manipulating stock markets), Deutsch Bank is about to fail (derivatives exceed assets by 1000%), negative interest rates prevail etc etc.

The economic indicators are BAD - and the very minute the plug is pulled the public will want someone to blame. The gimmigrants are an ideal focus point for that anger and the outlook is not looking good for them.

Ramping up the anger towards the resident Muslim population adds to the mix.

They say "It'll all come right in the end" - but what that 'end' may look like is something we can but speculate on.

Anonymous said...

Western civilization - the political component - has adopted the self-abolishing approach to what it sees are problems, e.g. there won't be any in the future because we won't be here to create them. That's how they think.

Frans Timmermanns explains:

So you see we have to go [nations, peoples, races] because according to them such things are a problem. So a final solution was needed and it was called 'diversity'. Only one problem: when everywhere is diverse it is also same. The law of diminishing returns applies with no way back. You can't undo politically what time and nature did. It'll be the end of days and Europe's peoples are scheduled to go first.

That is all.


cascadian said...

Raedwalds prescription is mostly correct, but ask yourself WHO will apply it? answer-nobody. Start a new political party? you tried that, ten years later zero progress.

You are on your own.

anonymous almost gets it right- "all able bodied Brits will have to form local militias, contracted and regionally, locally controlled by the Army." but controlled by the army is a foolish nonsense, why not just state the reality-controlled by the camoron (and hence doomed to failure).

Imprison known ISIS fighters, cut off the social remittances, close the troubled mosques and madrassahs, make it unpleasant for the nutters. All do-able under present legislation, but the will is not there.

Anonymous said...

I am not sure why you ask the State to intercede on our behalf. They are the cause of most of our problems and I can't see that changing.
The most pertinent point is that the State has taken away our freedoms, little by little that we no longer notice.
Freedom to discriminate, freedom to loudly mock and insult and make our unwelcome guests go home. I feel we could have nipped this in the bud if we still had those freedoms.

Ian R Thorpe said...

Hardly likely that the government will take the lead in eradicating Islamic extremism when our Prime Minister said recently he'd like nothing better that to see a Muslim succeed him (and then what, a Muslim England football manager, a Muslim Archbishop of Canterbury?)

I just don't understand why the elite feel they have to suck up to recent immigrants and those who maintain their otherness by refusing to integrate even to the third (so far) generation.

anon 2 said...

No, no, I.R. Thorpe -- the abolition of archbishops, and mosquivation of Cantistan.