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Wednesday, 4 May 2016

Corrupt Ministers, Crooked Mandarins, Bent Generals - welcome to Britain!

During their careers we give our most senior public servants many things - status, privilege, rank, access to the State's most precious secrets, a very decent wedge, a superlative pension and exclusive inside access to an egregious 'honours' system. The expectation is that these honourable, loyal and trusted public servants will retire quietly, maintaining a decent reticence, to a cottage somewhere in Hampshire, to sail and play golf. 

The reality of course is that many of these chiselling crooked chancers spend the years at the top of their trade feathering their nests with a sleazy trade in nudge-nudge favours for favours from anyone who will keep them in champagne and Lithuanian hookers when they retire. In particular, the seamless segue from the MOD to arms companies is utterly disgraceful - and ex-officers who ignore just how dishonourable their conduct appears to the rest of us must be left in no doubt that they have forfeited completely any public regard they formerly earned.

The crooks with most front even claim that a £60k a year pension, a KCB and a capital cash sum that would buy a flat in London are not enough - and that if they don't take dirty commercial gold then we taxpayers must buy their champagne and pay for the Lithuanian tarts.  

Well, I'm sorry. You're wrong. Even the 'Mail' - the paper read by the wives of the bent admirals and generals - is campaigning against the crooked sleaze. Yes, I mean you General Applegate and Admiral Soar - non-entities in your careers. Shame on you both, and on the rest of the senior forces scum on the take.


Anonymous said...

Cast your net wider Radders. Remember John (Edwina) Major? He became UK head of the Carlyle group which then bought out QinetiQ at scandalously low cost. Investors in Carlyle included the Bush and Bin Laden families.

A sweetener for the deal was the MOD awarding a contract to QinetiQ to manage the Ranges at a higher cost but lower output than before.

Anonymous said...

Something has got under your skin, Radders. Soldiering is a youngish person's game, and although there is a place for senior officers at advanced ages, there isn't anything for the middle ranks. At the bottom, many lower ranks have a trade, but the middle ranks don't, and some of their traditional post-military vocations aren't so open these days. They know the arms industry, and it's a natural home.

As for £60k pensions - they aren't the preserve of all, you know. It's not as lucrative as being a copper - another career, along with sport, where the career expectancy is short. Are you saying, for instance, that ex-footballers can't become coaches, managers or even groundsmen?

As for Applegate and Soar, surely they aren't complete non-entities? They must have had standing in the Lodge ...

Anonymous said...

It's all about probity and public service. I've experienced at least 3 occasions when retiring officers set up their retirement vehicles whilst still working for the MOD, each time doing commercial and fiscal damage to the MOD at the same time. One set up jobs for all his mates and diverted funds and business into the areas he wanted to set up in when he left. He was found out and sent on gardening leave but still set up his business employed by his ex mates. The whistle blower was a young Captain whose career was blighted for rocking the boat.
Another set up a company and was bidding against my section when he was being employed by us to liaise with our MOD customer. I found out and had him escorted off site but he still retired on full pension with no action taken.
A third was part of a bid review team for a multimillion pound Facilities Management contract. When the 4 very complex bids came in for us to review and choose the winner, he stunned us all by preparing his own bid based on the contents of the tenders responses he had been in charge of reviewing for his site.
Again, I had him escorted off site, but he ended up working for one of the unsuccessful companies.

Sadly these are only the tip of a huge iceberg I saw in my MOD and contracting days

raedwald said...

Anon - Apols, I'm quite happy with all the Majors, Lt Cols and Cols you like who leave wanting to or having to work snother 15/20 years going into the arms industry; I'm not against the arms industry, rather the opposite.

No, my bile is reserved is for the smooth sleek managerialists who grease their way to red gorgets and are so taken with their self-worth that they become prepared to trade virtue for gold. Their lobbying power has been earned from public taxes; an MP member of the Defence Select Committee won't jump at a lunch invitation from Lt Col Thrasher MC (ret'd) but will glide to meet Lt Gen Sir Greas Unctuous KCB CBE (ret'd)

rapscallion said...

I'm very suprised by Admiral Trevor Soar. I knew him when he was a young lieutenant on my first nuke boat - in fact he was my Divisional Officer and I always got on rather well with him. I bumped into him again on another nuke boat - HMS Talent. In his defence, I can only say that he was a good submarine captain and they really are a breed apart. It is natural I suppose to protect your future, but bending the rules, or ignoring them is not the way to do it. These are people who hold the Queen's commission, whatever happened to honour and integrity.

Anonymous said...

That saying 'rank has its privileges' comes to mind. On topic(ish), I see the Chilcot can has been kicked down the road again. Yes our esteemed prime minister has given the result of the Iraq Inquiry such a boot it won't be seen until after the EU referendum. Rank has its privileges.


James Higham said...

Every man for himself now.