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Tuesday, 24 May 2016

Does Cameron take Euro-expats for fools?

The latest output from the Lie Factory is a stark warning that residence and property rights of UK nationals in Europe may be at risk. Does he take us for fools?

For a start, there are many, many more EU nationals resident in the UK than UK nationals resident in the EU. Like the million Poles whose boost to their own nation's GDP is substantial. Does Cameron really imagine that the Home Office will be telling all the Polish Sklep owners, the French IT businesses in London, the German and Italian caterers and restaurateurs that they must sell up and go? Even Cameron isn't that mad.

The principle that applies, and that will apply in the event of Brexit, is that those already established will retain whatever rights they have at the time of divorce, and that legal changes will only apply to future residents. 

Sorry, Dave, you're a nasty lying little spiv with no future and a shit political reputation. You will go down along with Gordon Brown as one of the UK's least effectual PMs. Now piss-off and get out of my road - I'm voting Leave, and so I'm sure will many expats who can see you for the lying hound you are. 


Dioclese said...

Legally if you've lived in an EU country for 5 years then you have acquired right of residency.

This doesn't suit Cameron because it doesn't fit with Project Fear

Apparently said...

The nightly Dave and Gideon show on the BBC comedy News show is almost as good as the old Little and Large show, only not as funny.

They stride over to their neatly laid out lecterns, and Gideon leers out at the "cheering" assembly of heavily threatened workers,whilst Dave delivers his increasingly shrill lies in a slightly less relaxed manner, than we used to witness.

The performance worries me a little bit as I am of the view that some people really do think that he speaks with forked tongue, but hopefully it will be a bit like the VanGaal period at Mun Utd... Plays a good game, but has worn out his welcome.

Anonymous said...

Front page of the Daily Mail today:

Tories threaten no-confidence vote over
PM's 'shabby' Brexit scaremongering


Vote Leave


Cascadian said...

The camoron sees the world differently from the sanity-based throng.

He imagines a Britain that changes it's laws on a dime to suit his personal deluded view, eg all ISIS fighters returning to yUK will be imprisoned, fact not even 20% of known terrorists so far have been "sanctioned". He also imagines some economic renaissance, as debt is piled higher on existing debt and debt is incurred to repay debt. The fact that he is in a position to change this has not yet occurred to him. PR spivvery is his trade, move on to the next lie quickly.

There is a good reason I have been calling him the camoron these many years, it is well earned.

BTW, as good a summary of why Brexit is desirable here:

mikebravo said...

Cameron take the British for the fools that they are. They troop out to vote lib/scum/con every 5 years and will vote to remain like the good little plebs that he takes them for.
They will lap up the lies of project fear, each to his own private room 101. Be it higher mortgages, falling house prices, eviction form Spanish retirement home or the sky falling down.
They will reap the reward of their ignorance.

Michael said...

Second-hand car salesman to the core.

That's what a Heton Heducation gets you, a position to lie through your teeth.

I'll never vote for him again, he and Osborne have just buttoned up the odds for a successful leave campaign, and they have only themselves to blame. He's a disgrace to the Conservative Party, and when he's gone, we'll have a decent person in No 10.

Apparently said...

He seems to have successfully sold you at least one second had jalopy Michael?

mikebravo said...

"He's a disgrace to the Conservative Party, and when he's gone, we'll have a decent person in No 10."

Good grief!! You believed him before and you will believe another after?

"You can fool some of the people all of the time.............""

DeeDee99 said...

It's that lying little shit Osborne "If you're going to lie, make it a big one."

Cameron's going to end up as loathed as Blair - and I think he knows it.

Weekend Yachtsman said...

The problem is, Project Fear is working, and the overwhelming likeliehood is that the vote will go Cameron's way.

He will get his reward in due course from the EU, and we'll be left with no defence at all against the oncoming raft of "ever closer integration" - after all, we'll have voted for it, won't we?

Rossa said...

Piffle TV has a good animated video about Leaving the EU which turned up on FB today.

As BoJo would say, as does the kid at the beginning, "it's all piffle!"