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Saturday, 7 May 2016

EU - Turkey 'roadmap' - taking directions from a dodgy SatNav

With the deadline fast approaching for visa-free travel into the EU for 70m Turks, both sides are pushing to implement the parts of the deal they want whilst ignoring the very cogent reasons that mean the deal can't go ahead.

First are Turkish passports themselves. The 10-year 'biometric' passports issued since 2010 are simply not encrypted to EU and international standards, and are easy to forge. New passports encoded to EU standards are not due to start coming on stream until October 2016, giving the forgers a golden window of opportunity and giving Sunni Islamist terrorists an open door into Europe. Secondly, the passports are issued by the deeply-corrupt Turkish Police - who are complicit both in extra-judicial murder, support of Isis and in encouraging mass human trafficking in exchange for bribes, not to mention ignoring Erdogan's family's oil importation from ISIS. It is impossible not to conclude that even now corrupt Turkish police officers are selling scores if not hundreds of passports to Islamist killers from throughout the region.

Second are the so-called 'roadmap conditions', under which Turkey pretends to be a democracy and the EU pretends to believe it. However, Erdogan's increasingly repressive domestic measures, including his involvement in the attempted murder yesterday of the journalist who published pictures of Turkish army trucks taking arms supplies to ISIS (in return for Erdogan's Oil), makes the mutual self-deception difficult to achieve; in particular:-

- Adopting anti-corruption measures;  Hard when Erdogan himself is so deeply mired in criminal activity and corruption in public life is endemic and reaches from police brigadiers down to hairy constables taking bribes from dingy-smugglers.
- Aligning data protection with EU standards; laughable; even central American dictatorships have greater protection for citizen data privacy than Turkey
- Concluding an operational agreement with Europol; Difficult to achieve full disclosure when a third of Turkey's police are themselves on Europol's criminal watch-lists; Turkey will also want to use Europol intelligence to track down and kill Erdogan's political opponents taking refuge in Europe
- Offering effective criminal co-operation with all EU states; Currently North Cyprus is full of criminals, killers and drug dealers hiding from UK justice with the full protection of Turkey. Turkish drug gangs run London's heroin trade - and use Turkey's protection to run to every time it gets too hot.
- Revising anti-terrorist custom and practice to EU criteria and practice; Erdogan is currently pursuing a policy of intimidation by death-squads, civil persecution, unlawful imprisonment and illegal and corrupt prosecutions against minorities opposed to his Islamist dictatorship.  He can never agree to this.

The EU is begging Turkey to put up enough of a PR 'blind' to allow it to pretend with a shred of dignity that Turkey is a European democracy. In doing so, it is following a road map drawn by a dodgy Satnav that is leading Europe off the edge of a precipice.


Gordon the Fence Post Tortoise said...

Sultan Recep is brewing something that might explode in his face.

... with a little luck

Barnacle Bill said...

Watching the video of the attempted assassination of Can Dundar and the plain clothes policemen's reactions it all looked decidedly fishy.

I wouldn't be surprised, especially the way things are going in Turkey nowadays, if the gunman turned out to be a plain clothes policeman himself.

Quisling Cameroon's support for Turkey's admission to the EU certainly makes me want to vote "Out" on June 23rd.

Cuffleyburgers said...

Fascinating stuff radders, I'd be interested to know your sources.

Anonymous said...

caMORON is part of the effin problem.

As are the scum party which now is metamorphosed into Hezbollah aka the 'party of God'. Evidently, the Arab controllers in Gulf doing for London, eventually get their way! If caMORON and his social democrats had have been serious, honestly? Would he have put up Gweenie rich boy Goldsmith, because as we can see clearly - Khan would have lost if he'd have been up against any sort of serious contender, in the contest for London Mayor.

Hmm and with, Khan's London enthronement/installation and as described by Atul Hatwal editor of 'Liebore Uncut' as "symbolic" - aye indeed it is, the son of a bus driver but his scion, is the driver of Islam.

Turkey's accession forthcoming, oh yes ACCESSION is the end and into the EU via the back door. but open door for Wahhabist Islam.

If you can't read this writing on the wall and the direction of travel particularly for Britain, then you are willfully blind.

I predict that, London will be part of a EUroCaliphate in twenty years, if not less.

mikebravo said...

I think you may have it the wrong way round Radders.

Turkey is the model and the Eu is moving to comply with it's government style.

Suppression of free speech and assembly. Corruption and failure.

Raedwald said...

Cuffleyburgers - key doc is the latest EU progress report at

Plus a myriad of background from Transparency International, CIA factbook, Wiki, Broadsheet articles, an on evidence of Erdogan's criminality RT in particular.

And of course a pinch of blogger's hyperbole ..

Fantana said...

Non secure passports! Have you seen the Italian ID card? My bus pass has more security features. The easiest document in the whole of Europe to forge IMHO.

cascadian said...

The same EUrocrats who deemed Greece a suitable member (that worked well) will ignore any obvious deficiencies in Turkey. The results will be the same-stunned silence at their stupidity in two years.

You will pay your jizyah to Turkey and pretend that the gimmegrants have been stopped, even though as Raedwald describes Turkish passports will likely become another source of revenue for the Erdogan family.

Stupid Greece missed the boat, they could have had a constant stream of revenue to pay off their IMF loans (which incidentally will be in default soon and the condition of Eurobanks will get worse)

Merkel is panicking at democracy taking hold.

Buy razor wire futures, many frontiers to be secured,(Switzerland is the latest) perhaps even internment camps for the likes of Pegida, NF and any others willing to state the obvious.

Osama bin Laden's aims are being achieved all over Europe, the weak horses-camoron, merkel, hollande are in full retreat. EUro armies no longer function, the most robust being France, what does that tell you? You are on your own.

Boggart Blogger said...

Another problem for the EU leaders who for reasons best known to their offshore bank accounts are desperate to get Turkey into the EU is that a coup agaist Erdogan could be imminent. Thus they are willing to admit to full membership a nation with a very uncertain future. Turkey may overthrow the current regime and become more civilised, or it could descend into chaos with a multi factional civil conflict going on.

Gordon the Fence Post Tortoise said...


There is no truth in the scurrilous rumor that if Hilary gets the keys to 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue she and one D. Miliband will be divorcing their spouses and getting hitched.

Anonymous said...

I am now beginning to believe that Quising Cameroon handed the London major-ship to a member of the RoP on a plate.

Zac Goldsmith was about the worse candidate the Tories could have chosen for that election. So was there a deal done behind our backs to keep Labor on side with Quisling's referendum?

Well London is doomed now, expect Sharia law courts to be taking over the Old Bailey any day soon. Hand chopping on the fourth column in Trafalgar Square every Friday afternoon. Plus LGBTs taking the long drop off Big Ben soon.

Welcome to the new Londonstan!

G. Tingey said...

All horribly true.

What Turkey needs now is another Mustapha Kemal, who would have none of this "islamist" nonsense, as he, correctly, say that it had helped Turkey to collapse in the first place ...