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Saturday, 21 May 2016

Labour's war on the Working Class

Labour's war on the working class is as old as the Party; a strong, independent and bloody-minded British working class was never going to become a compliant tool of the ex-public school Fabian socialists. The war had one aim - to destroy working class communities, make the working class utterly dependent on the State and inculcate socialist Internationalism to replace the 'crude' national identities valued by the working class. 

God knows how, but a documentary 'Last Whites of the East End' somehow got past the Stalinist censorship at the BBC to get made (they must have made and edited it in secret, surely?). Once made, and known about, the BBC realised they would create a greater controversy by not showing it - so it's been reluctantly scheduled for 22.45 on Tuesday. With the hope that it will then quickly slip from the national memory.  To be frank, I still don't believe they will show it - I think they will use the Referendum as an excuse to pull it from the schedules.

And what are Labour so scared of about a proud and independent working class? I've written about this before:-
Arthur Seldon, who founded the IEA with Ralph Harris, was born Abraham Margolis in the East End of London to Russian-Jewish refugee parents. They both died in the Spanish flu pandemic of 1918. He was adopted by a cobbler, Pinchas Slaberdain, and his wife Eva. He grew up with the great depression in the East End, and knew the harsh reality of poverty at first hand. He recalls when he was nine or ten his foster father died to leave him and his foster mother provided for by an insurance policy. He says he learned that even the poor, if left alone, were doing things for themselves. He said:

I was appalled by the insensitivity of governments to the efforts of the working classes to help themselves - the belief that they could not do all the necessary things. They were most anxious to ensure that they used all the opportunities of insurance to safeguard their families in times of sickness and loss of work. I began to sense a sort of anti-working class sentiment in all political parties. They wanted the State to do these things. They didn't like people to do things for themselves. They thought that ordinary people weren't capable. They forgot all the history of the working classes.
Ralph Harris, too, came from a working class background. He recalled when his mother died finding four policies in a shoebox - a funeral benefit policy for each of her children. "The working class feared they wouldn't have the money to bury their dead, so you could take out for a penny halfpenny a week an insurance policy to pay five pounds; four children, four policies, sixpence a week altogether and five pounds on it." Harris believed in something that was about human dignity;
Liberty carries with it individual responsibilities. Responsibility for yourself, and hopefully your family and as far as possible your neighbours. But it does throw responsibility onto our own shoulders. Well, that's what living means; it doesn't mean shrugging off responsibility and taking soft options.
In the years before the 1911 National Insurance Act, the working classes were served by a network of friendly societies, savings and loans clubs, mutuals and insurers that provided an alternative to the old Poor Law provision; their growth and popularity reflected a striving for that human dignity that is at the heart of a congruent society and nation.


Apparently said...

I think you are wilfully missing the point Raedwald...

The welfare state is about control.... An early version of cultural marxism.

The biggest problem is that most people don't realise that they are being constantly manoeuvred. Possibly the most banal BBC TV programme (since we are discussing "auntie") is "Question Time"... This week was a corker... A young girl said that she and her bestie needed free iPads in order to become lawyers, and the panel said that they would all endeavour to deliver them.

Of course Paul Nuttall, not the biggest brain in the world was not allowed to say anything at all, without constant interruption from the scrupulously fair Dimblebore.

The other Paul "marxist" Mason, was minded to vote out of the EU, in order to stop Osbrown, Cameron and Johnson forming a right-wing dictatorship.

And the audience clapped and cheered.

So never fear, if they can get away with that shit, they can get away with the racism implied in the title and promised content of the 'Last Whites of the East End".

Anonymous said...

Paul Nuttall, at best is just a thick scouser and a shameless, fawning leech - he's won his meal ticket riding on, off the back of the British taxpayer, I really don't think he's ever had one cogent thought in his life other than - "how do I climb aboard onto the EU gravy train?"

Immediately Nuttall should have turned to Yvette Cooper and asked, which taxpayer funded res' is your Syrian family living in?

Asked Mason about his thoughts on NEPOTISM and how's your boy gettin' on in the beeb?

Nuttall, shouted to Rudd Amber, how's it going with your 'remainiac' brother and BSE? God Strewth, Nuttall missed another trick, he should have pointed out the idiocy of the EUs emissions limitations legislation and emphasised OUT OF the EU - once out of the bosom of the Brussels Empire - our amoeba MPs spineless jellies can be persuaded at long last to bin the green agenda and get back to building clean power coal fired electrical generating stations - energy policy is one of the reasons this benighted nation cannot compete with American/Chinese/Indian industry purely because of energy prices - steel a case in point. OWN GOAL - he missed again.

A half decent UKIP representative would have slaughtered that egregious set of tossers the beeb called a panel on QT and which was, actually turned into a platform for Mason to mouth off on his bonkers Marxist skewed world view.
On the NHS - Nuttall had nothing of note to say, why not point out a few facts about financial calamity of Brown's PFI lunacy - ie paying £billions over and well above the cost price of new build hospitals. Thus to - farming out patients to the whim of Balfour Beatty et al, strapping Hospital Trusts to 30-35 years of ever increasing debts: just so that he (gloomo) could cook the books and keep the borrowing off the 'current a/c debit' column. Then, London NHS are nigh on - Nigerian hospitals natal clinics, Health tourism, African A.I.D.s tourists, mass immigration - all open goals and Nuttall who missed the bloody ball - time and again.

Free ipads, I nearly had a fucking heart attack - FFS.

Dimblebore has spotters and audience placed ringers - students and 'young doctors' always pushing and moaning about how unfair life is to them and "cuts" but wot cuts? George has cut naught but strapped us in to paying north of £14 billion to foreign aid and a national debt running now at ±£1.7 trillion - that's £60 billion in interest payments going out.........borrowing to pay off borrowing - he's a fucking genius is George Osborne.

'Generation rent', high demand - 40 years of non existent house building, then chuck in open door mass immigration, open access to benefits a HMG taxpayers credit card.... stiffing, a fucking free for all, untold, unmentioned Asian immigration via the (back door) ECHR family rights legislation and all qualified for Housing benefits and foreign property investors - don't get me started.

Pathetic, truly pathetic.

Nuttall, maybe UKIP and Farage have sold out.

Apparently said...

As I said Anon.... Nuttall not the greatest brain on the planet. However unlike you, I do not believe that by extension that UKIP have "sold out".

The only reason that we have a referendum is Farage and UKIP, and the only reason that we don't have the Euro, is Farage and UKIP.

The problem is that every single public institution, and its members are funded by the EU, with our stolen earnings, and they are all having this largesse called in during this campaign.

The way things are going, I fear that we ordinary folk might well be losing this vote and it will be a choice of move to some place outside of Europe, or die in chains.

Anonymous said...

I vote UKIP, I despair about the way it seems to be meandering - to nowhere.

Having said that, the UK public is waking up to the sordid club, its comfy Tory/Lav alliance, Corbyn and UKIP are a part of it.

Indeed, British politics is veering into the headwinds of a (probably violent) readjustment, before the creed of the Black Flag takes over - Britain needs to get real or, die. I think that, UKIP is the advance guard, they just need to chuck out the aging horse cavalry generals and start to promote some more, modern thinking and capable captains and lieutenants.

Though, maybe it is far too late, on Jun 24th we'll know whether it is.

Poisonedchalice said...

It's really simple. Neither left nor right like people with money - "independent means". That is because people who are lucky enough to be able to support themselves, have no use for the state. Why do you think that Brown stole £200Bn from private pensions, causing the schemes to collapse. Yes, he funded his public sector largesse with the money but a very useful side effect was making millions of people work for longer and grow a dependency on the state. The Tories have done nothing to repair this situation.

Coney Island

Anonymous said...

Dear Raedwald

Thank you for the excerpts from the lives of Arther Seldon and Lord Harris. Growing up in post-war prosperity leaves one without any comprehension of the desperation and uncertainty of the lives of ordinary people in past times with nothing but hope for the future. Even growing up in Africa, witnessing poverty, there was the knowledge that things would be better, and they are getting better quicker.

@ Anonymous 21 May 2016 at 10:02 said...

"I vote UKIP, I despair about the way it seems to be meandering - to nowhere."

Become the direction. If you don't do it, chances are no one else will. Take heed of the words of Edmund Burke: "Nobody made a greater mistake than he who did nothing because he could do only a little." and "The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing."

Do a little every day: ask people you interact with - bar staff, shop keepers, acquaintances and friends - whether they are leavers or remainders. If they don't know, tell 'em - leave, to regain their freedom. If they are younger than you, remind them they'll be in the EU longer than you if they vote to stay and 'win' (and they'll deserve everything they get). Even the young can be co-opted to the cause - ask them if they are old enough to vote and if they aren't tell them to spread the message amongst their relatives who are. If they're too young to vote, they'll be in the EU even longer...

Don't leave the Leave Vote to 'official' organisations. Make it a grass root movement. If you get two people to vote leave and they each get two people to vote leave and so on, we'll be out of the EU on the 24 June.

Be happy - Vote Leave.


Michael said...

"Why do you think that Brown stole £200Bn from private pensions, causing the schemes to collapse. Yes, he funded his public sector largesse with the money but a very useful side effect was making millions of people work for longer and grow a dependency on the state. The Tories have done nothing to repair this situation."

Spot on there, PC!

Ruined my chances, and also most of my colleagues and friends in building and construction management.

Won't vote Tory again, they're a toxic bunch of weirdos, trying to find a policy - and failing.

Scrobleave has spoken...

Span Ows said...

Great comments; fantastic rant (Anon 08:20) although not really a rant as all true, cogent and apt.

Anonymous said...

To be fair, I'm sure that most socialists simply thought that everything except the state exists to make a profit, and is therefore bad. They are still of that mindset, and can't think beyond it.

Weekend Yachtsman said...

All this stuff about the little people with their little insurance policies, bought at great cost to themselves in order to provide a bit of independent security in the event of tragedy, makes me think this is another reason why the State is so keen to destroy private savings (through inflation, ZIRP, and taxation).

Savings means independence from the State. If you know there's no point in saving because the State will always find a way to confiscate or devalue what you save, you're more likely to become dependent on it, whether willingly or not. Just now it seems to be working...

Weekend Yachtsman said...

"In the years before the 1911 National Insurance Act..." people looked after themselves.

After the Act, none of that was needed, the State would provide all, and the network of mutuals withered away.

And now we find - surprise! - that the State took our money and spent it on other things, and then changed the rules after the event so that we're no longer entitled to what our money would have bought if it hadn't been taxed away from us, and we're left with the worst of both worlds - no benefits, and no money either.

Why do people keep falling for this?