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Tuesday, 17 May 2016

The Nazis' real plans for a European Conferederation

Boris Johnson isn't Donald Trump and doesn't make the sort of unfounded free-form pronouncements that Mr Trump does. Nor is he Mr Tusk, who has just wrongly condemned him. A historian (of sorts - in the Dan Snow mould but with more knowledge), Boris wouldn't have made his jibe about the EU following Napeoleon's France and the Third Reich in a shared vision of a United Europe unless it were essentially true. And it is. 

Here in Austria, Napoleon's occupation is remembered fondly by the many local 'shooting clubs' who dress up in rather comical Napoleonic army dress for local civic occasions; they award themselves a coulourful array of medals and not all of them are Lieutenants. Like the Dutch-Belgians who ran away at Waterloo because they favoured Napoleon (or perhaps more kindly, like the Dutch who ran away at Srebrenica, they were just scared and poorly disciplined) many of Europe's ordinary folk at the start of the 19th century rather enjoyed being part of a resurgent Carolingian Empire. As a 2002 French magazine stated
".. many of the EU's features—federal law, the common market, the dismantling of frontiers, the promotion of the idea of the rights of man—can be traced to the Napoleonic heritage. Why, even the Grand Army brought together 20 nations" 
 they wrote,  under the strapline "Napoleon - the real Father of the EU"

But it was the Third Reich, and Ribbentrop in particular, whose vision of Europe was closest to that we have today. In 1943 Ribbentrop planned for a post-war Europe, and the German Foreign Ministry actually drew up a draft European Treaty, the predeccessor to Maastricht. The Benelux countries were not included in the list of members of this Nazi 'confederation' as Germany planned to swallow them whole anyway - as was also the case with Austria. And there was no independent Poland. But the plan included Germany, Italy, France, Denmark, Norway, Finland, Slovakia, Hungary, Romania, Bulgaria, Croatia, Serbia and Greece, locked together in a mutual voluntary confederation under which;
  • The members are sovereign states which guarantee the freedom, national character and political independence of other member states
  • The organization of the internal affairs of each member state was to be their respective sovereign decision.
  • The member states were to defend the interests of Europe and protect the continent from external enemies.
  • European economy was to reorganized in mutual agreement between the member states, with internal custom and other barriers progressively abolished.
  • Trans-European rail, autobahn, waterway and airline networks were to be developed according to a common plan.
The whole was designed to ensure that 'wars never again break between European peoples'

The Nazi plan was dusted off again and re-presented by John Monnet and Robert Schuman and co. after the war - some plans seem to have been lifted wholesale from the detailed proposals drawn up by the Nazi diplomats - and thus we have the start of the EU.  

Donald Tusk is not a historian, nor does he have any real understanding of 20th century European history. He's just a leftie apparatchik desperate to toe the Party line - which is surely responsible for his silly and ignorant pronouncement that "...when I hear the EU being compared to the plans and projects of Adolf Hitler I cannot remain silent. Such absurd arguments should be completely ignored if they had not been formulated by one of the most influential politicians of the ruling party."

Sorry, Donald, but it's a matter of historical record. 
Many Austrians like dressing-up in Napoleonic uniforms


anon 2 said...

Sorry, Raedwald- I'm 'confused'! Donald Trump? Or Donald Tusk?

Of course(one realizes anyway), American politics is essentially confusing -- those idiots don't even understand themselves. I think it's because, in order to wrest their 'new world' from its indigenous inhabitants, they joined forces against us. And, would you believe, the forces they joined were french, german, spanish,.... and, later, eyetie. So now - what else would they do but keep on working to destroy British indigenes? The more things change, the more they stay the same.

Raedwald said...

Apols; opening sentence now edited for clarity

Apparently said...

"The Nazi plan was dusted off again and re-presented by John Monnet and Robert Schuman and co. after the war - some plans seem to have been lifted wholesale from the detailed proposals drawn up by the Nazi diplomats - and thus we have the start of the EU. "

Oddly Raedwald, this goes a little bit deeper... I know that earlier today I criticised North, but I agree with your assertion that he is a good researcher... And according to he and Christopher Booker who wrote a good book on this subject called "The Great Deception", Ribbentrop was merely regurgitating the Monnet Plan that was drawn up in 1923 when he worked as a secretary for a bloke called Arthur Salter at the League of Nations.

Salter, impressed by the organisation of the new Soviet Union, he thought that the rest of Europe should be organised in a similar manner, as an end to repeated European wars, but both believed that the people would not stand for such an imposition, and Monnet came up with the "stealth plan"...

Similarly to Ribbentrop, this plan was discussed in Britain in 1940 by Duff Cooper...

In other words, the bloody politicians, all of them, are up to their necks in it, always have been and probably always will be.

We have a rare chance, and the bastards will probably ignore a leave vote, because they know so much better than us.

Which is why we need Farage, he is not one of them.



DeeDee99 said...

Anyone who knows the basics about European history knows what BoJo was getting at and the truth of his statement.

And that includes the Federalists and Remainiacs - which is why they reacted so hysterically about it.

Can't have the serfs told the truth about their anti-democratic project.

G. Tingey said...

You are far too kind to the mass-murderer & military dictator Buonapatre.
And the Nazi "plan" was empty window-dressing - they didn't really mean it - they wanted complete control

All this goes back to Rome, of course, as Boris correctly said.
The mirage of the Roman Empire is a very dangerous one & horribly seductive - it certainly got to Dante, for instance ....

John said...

Rodney Atkinson older brother of Rowan researches it rather well on you tube with his speech on Fascist Europe.

Anonymous said...

Caught, filleted, smoked and done up - was Britain.

"Monnet then created the “qualified majority voting’ system and secured an agreement that although the Council of Ministers could take part in decision making, it could not instruct the High Authority; it was to be supreme and immune from interference from national government."


Those weasel words, echoing slavery and obeisance, its subversion of all democratic processes.

Throw in the Acquis and we've been done up like kippers.

Heath and the UK establishment Tories knew full well what it was all about. Let it be also said that, the crafty fuckers waited until Churchill was in the ground before they really started agitating to get Britain into the as was 'common market' and yes Wilson's lot - particularly Healey, Crosland, Jenkins et al moved heaven and earth to assist TED the Judas boy and filthy traitor.

Imagine then that under the radar, that all the time: Germany was running the theatre of dummies - in Brussels.

Germany won the peace, alongside their Nazi supporting major industry, who with their political shills, lawyers and Nomenklatura draw up the rules and corporate monopolies and cartels abound - perfect.

It's still just a customs union and it's still a straitjacket for Britain, we need to say fuck off to Germany, and its corporate Hydra for she is killing us, poisoning the minds of our children and through ethnic replacement - wiping us off the map.

We need to get out OUT!

Apparently said...

Mr. Tingey's comment about "complete control" reminds me of the perhaps apocryphal story about the King of Denmark.

Apparently Hitler wrote to him a few times, offering a deal, similar to the one that he allegedly offered Edward Windsor... "We could have a partnership..." blah blah...

The King of Denmark wrote back to Hitler that he was an old man, and that he didn't have the strength to rule Germany as well as Denmark.

Apparently said...

Oh and also from Greg Tingey... Agree about Rome... But the Holy Roman Empire centred in what is now Istanbul as opposed to the one that was centred in Rome.

The HRE was much more successful than the militaristic Roman version.

Anoneumouse said...

Europaische WirtschaftsGemeinschaft

Anoneumouse said...

oops forgot the link

anon 2 said...

Thanks for the clarification, Raedwald!

You're so right about the effects of errant approaches to history. In this light it's not only interesting that some yanks are comparing Trump and Napoleon -- because both ameliorate the superiority/inferiority complexes of the US and frogland (not forgetting, either, the role of Orwell's pig in the commie "Farm"). It's also noteworthy that Tusk is a Pole -- but one who is blind to the fact that the Allies merely served to enable his place in the power-abusing euSSR.

From another angle - it's valuable that you are presently placed to research the enemy from within its own place. One never forgets Hitler's original connections with Austria; however, I certainly never knew that Austrians admire(d) the 'Little Corsican.' Thank you: If we don't intend to be overcome ourselves, we need to achieve these insights, and turn them to our advantage!