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Monday, 16 May 2016

Turkey deal unravelling?

With the June target date for the lifting of visa restrictions for Turkish passport holders looming, a deal looks as far away as it was months ago - unless the EU backs down over its demand that Turkey adopts basic Human Rights standards in its dealings with internal dissent. So far this is looking unlikely, and Turkey remains more fearful of being shackled in its fight against the PKK than of not gaining visa-free access to the EU. 

And of course Erdogan is an irresponsible leader, and would actually remove police and coastguard restrictions from the West coast, allowing the mass movement of migrants into Greece to resume. But with both Merkel and the 'open borders' crowd now the subject of democratic disapprobation, Macedonia will get all the help she needs from Europe to keep her border tightly locked - making Greece into a huge, festering, migrant camp at just the time when the country is at greatest risk of defaulting on the financial rescue package. 

And neither the Pope or the German parliament are helping by giving high-profile recognition to Turkey's treatment of the Armenians in 1915; just as Japan still refuses to admit the horrors inflicted on the Chinese, the Turks continue to deny the mass slaughter of the Christian Armenians during the Great War. Erdogan also remains sensitive to the exposure of his family's arms-for-oil deal with ISIS / Daesh by Russian intelligence.

Turkey is now at a crossroads. Its sensible, secular, middle-class population have been crowded out by the stubble jawed semi-literates called to the Salafist-funded mosques. Turkey must choose whether she wants to be a civilised Western democracy or degenerate fully into a primitive and savage Islamic state with no redeeming virtues. This year will tell which way she's heading.


Anonymous said...

"Turkey must choose whether she wants to be a civilised Western democracy or degenerate fully into a primitive and savage Islamic state .."

It'll go the same way as the Lebanon. It's the people and their religion. There is no such thing as 'magic dirt'.

And that's why Europe is doomed unless it does something about the Mussleman invasion.

Rush-is-Right said...

I think Turkey already made that choice. Its descent into barbarism began with the election of the despot Erdogan. I see no way back for it.

Gordon the Fence Post Tortoise said...

Interestingly Erdogan has domestically instituted 1800+ legal actions since 2014 citing "Insulting the President" and even looks to suppress dissent in other counties like going after German comedians... (look out Pat Condell)

With religious zealots - reasonableness does NOT work.

And Brussels keeps shoving him (our) money - WTF is that about?

Anonymous said...

"And Brussels keeps shoving him (our) money - WTF is that about?"

Desperation to put the genie back in the bottle that Merkel smashed. ie a strategy that aint gonna work.

They're desperate to control immigration, as another couple of years of this will see Merkel (and probably the EU) smashed to bits.

Couldn't happen to a nicer bunch of cunts.

rapscallion said...

Well that's an easy one Radders. What Kemal Ataturk set in motion 90 odd years ago is finished. Erdogan and his Salafists have seen to that. Their tribal differences with the Armenians and the Kurds have a higher priority than membership of the EU. You can play everybody else against each other for only so long.

Anonymous said...


In the EU?


Barnacle Bill said...

Turkey, Sultan Erdogan and that state's descent into Islamic madness are only a reflection of how things will look in London twenty years from hence now the RoP has gained the keys to the door.

Poisonedchalice said...

Sorry Bill, what's RoP?

Coney Island

Anonymous said...

Religion of Peace - sarcastic name for the Religion of Pieces ie Islam..

Anonymous said...

Erdogan has Merkel over a barrel and he knows it. Stupid, stupid woman, she should be frog marched out of power for putting the EU in this position. I can see her backing down and letting Turkey have visa-free travel. (How is replacing hundreds of thousands of poor Muslim migrants with hundreds of thousands of poor Turkish Muslims, a solution?)

Anonymous said...

The Germans love their final solutions, never in my darkest nightmare - I just didn't ever think that, I would be a victim of it - the EU the final solution for: the west and all of Christendom.

Fuck off Merkel, fuck off Berlin, fuck off to that mad Wahhabist Ottoman sultan - Erdogan. Fuck off Camoron for backing it and the EU for I'm beginning to hate you more than I do Bliar.

Steve is right, maybe the time for democracy and words is past.

CornCrake said...

Sultanah Merkel is certainly pushing hard to open the flood gates to all those Musselemen waiting on Turkey's border. It's as if she's on some big guilt trip but wants to drag the rest of Western civilization down with her.

Meanwhile Quisling Cameroon wants to let all those "unaccompanied" kiddy fifth columists into our once fair land. So that as soon as their feet touch our lands their families will be coming out of the woodwork to claim their "Get into the UK free" cards.

Fecking muslim Trojan horse.

Anonymous said...

Trojan horse maybe once, then - fuquit Blair to please his masters; opened the bloody gates and caMORON took these same gates off their hinges.

These Mooslims who would rip the shirt off your back, if he thought that, he could get away with it - and they do.

Cascadian said...

No mystery here-Turkey wins, camoron and Merkel lose; you, the taxpayer continue to pay. Greece defaults (again), ECB crisis, IMF steps in (again); you, the taxpayer pay. Gimmegrants "surprisingly" continue to arrive in record numbers, camoron is startled, what could be attracting them? you, the taxpayers pay.
The one constant in all this is that you keep paying and paying (with what?-why more debt).You the taxpayers pay.
To answer Raedwald's question, Turkey continues it's Islamic ways, and because it sees Europe is becoming Islamic, demands more jizyah. Melanie Phillips was not wrong, and nor is Putin.
The fabled land of windmills, euro currency and unlimited free social services is about to meet reality.

Gordon the Fence Post Tortoise said...

Recep Tayyip Erdo─čan

The Sultan of Squeak ?

G. Tingey said...

Maybe not
The goatfucker Erdogan has annoyed a lot of people. In Turkey
But - he currently holds the levers of power.
The struggle is going to be "interesting"