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Wednesday, 25 May 2016

We should have hanged Hirohito in 1945

We should have hanged Hirohito in 1945, and shedloads more Jap war criminals, too, and strung-up the Shinto priests who brainwashed the Japanese people. The cold war, of course, got in the way of justice, and we let Japan off when they promised to cut-down on bayoneting babies and hosting head-chopping competitions using Chinese prisoners. The Chinese have never forgotten the atrocities, the appalling cruelties, the inhuman violence and the mindless primitive savagery of the barbarian native Japs and neither should we - I recommend both the BBC series 'Horror in the East' parts of which are available on YouTube,and the book of the same name.

You won't know anything about the Rape of Nanking if you're Japanese. The Japs have heavily censored both school textbooks and official histories to whitewash their war-guilt. To those of us in Europe used to not only memorials to the victims of Nazism around us but to an active and vigorous educational programme to ensure such things cannot re-occur such official cover-ups are shameful and dangerous. Japan's weasel-worded non-apologies could have been written by Elton John's libel lawyers. 

And now as that mendacious fool Cameron leaves for Japan for his last G7 meeting before having to quit UK politics in failure and disgrace, Jap PM and Shinto-addict Shinzo Abe wants to drag the UK into the Jap war-crime whitewash by bringing G7 leaders along to a nationalistic Shinto war-shrine. Cameron of course is simply too ignorant of history to realise the significance. His advisers are not. And if I see the dough-faced moron grinning inanely on TV reports at the shrine, I think I will vomit.


DeeDee99 said...

I've given up expecting any British Prime Minister to behave honourably and with decency.

And since Blair, they've been nothing but lying, duplicitous, incompetent and a national disgrace.

Anonymous said...

I've seen the PoW camp on Tokushima where Germans were interned in ww1, and been shown the letters from the inmates saying how much they enjoyed the experience.

Bizarre behaviour in WW2 seems to me to be inexcusable. Like Radders, I would have set about the savages and Hirohito - but then I'd have taken a harder like with Krauts too.

What got me a while ago was how the press got all uppity about two Japs beheaded by IS. How short the collective memory of those little fuckers and our apologists is.

Barnacle Bill said...

My father was out in the Pacific island hopping with the Yanks. He would never talk about his experiences but had a life long hatred of the Japanese and anything made by them.

Which he kept up right to the end refusing to switch the TV on in his room at the hospice because it was Japanese. In fact when he was still mobile he would hang a towel over it.

As for Quisling Cameroon; I have very low expectations that he will behave in an honourable way.

Anonymous said...

Japan, has long played the victim cards of; Nagasaki and Hiroshima, I have always thought that and deservedly, they had that coming.

Long ago, I was fortunate to have met a man of true British mettle, though true to say, there were many back then and one of the most mentally strong blokes, I'll never meet his like again, someone who, captured as a POW in Singapore and was made a slave labourer on the death railway, he didn't have much time for, all things Japanese.

Some things, lest we let them slip from memory; like the appalling atrocities committed in China by the blood crazed troops of the 'rising sun', the RN lads drowned in those ships lost 'Prince of Wales' and the 'Repulse', all British and allied forces captured, the 14th - a forgotten army who battled untold horrors both jungle and Jap: for all the EU surrender monkeys, its liberal tosserati in this country need to be educated in, we must not forget.

And be forever damned David Cameron - you yellow boot tonguing mewling pussy, and spineless fuckwit, you shame the nation, again.

plantman said...

Can't we organise a national Piss on Cameron day?

mikebravo said...


David Cameron toilet paper if available on the internet.

Not as soft as some of the more luxurious brands but as an Englishman I am able to put up with some inconveniences. I have used mine and currently finishing off a Gordon Brown before re-stocking.

Anonymous said...

If you're looking for answers you can start with US geopolitical interests, 1945 to present. The increase in US naval and airforce bases post-war was dramatic and included Japan - which just happens to share a border with Russia. If you factor in US interests it becomes apparent that turning a blind eye is nothing new: Nazi 'revenge weapons' rocket scientists were instrumental in putting a man on the moon before the Russians. As always follow the money and you'll find corporate greed (Vietnam > Iraq) stinking up the place. It's a dangerous world when Saudi head-choppers are best friends with the West, with its currupting two dimensional flat earth ideology called globalization.

As time goes by the victory we allow ourselves to take from that war gets less, because we are less worthy. Less worthy because we let politicians dictate the conditions for our existence; moulding the world with their fantastical ideas. They are not our father or mother and when we obey them we agree with what they're doing.


Dioclese said...

Hiroshima was a waste of a bomb. They should have dropped it on the Imperial Palace in Tokyo

Span Ows said...

And don't forget Unit 731 (the most notorious of various)

RandomAnonymousCrank said...

Agree with your article, and ............

"I'm not accusing them of corrupt practice or of distorting evidence. The fact is, one can find economic evidence that supports just about whatever hypothesis one can dream of. Sun-spots and the price of oranges? Done. Tie-width and hysteresis-driven efficiencies in the financial markets? Done. All IFS have done is take the Remainian assumptions from loads of other studies and apply them to a hypothetical scenario "

Does this sort of tactic remind you of anything? The first thing that popped up in my mind was the sort of scaremongering and manipulation that the global warming crowd uses to push their agenda.

RandomAnonymousCrank said...

Sorry the above comment was meant to go with the Brexit article.

G. Tingey said...

My uncle escaped Singapore as the Nips closed in - captured on Sumatra late March or early April '42
Never noted down officially as a POW, the little shits - but he survived "the railway" - later, I met him twice (He'd emigrated to AUS in '22 )
SO entirely correct about atrocities & hanging a lot more.
But I disagree about Hirohito ...
At the last, he prevented more atomic-bombings & the appalling cost in Allied lives a land-invasion of Japan would have cost.
NOT an easy one to contemplate, even at this distance in time ....