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Sunday, 22 May 2016

Why Cameron can lie so blatantly

The lies are coming thick and fast from the Number 10 / Whitehall Lie Factory - and becoming more and more outrageous. The Remainian campaign is descending to something beyond parody - no lie is too absurd, too incredible or too risible for Team Cameron to use. 

And the reason why is simple. If the Remainians win, no one will ever prove they were lying or not; they're throwing everything into winning, blind to the reality that if they lose, and none of the lies are proved true, they will have destroyed not only their own political careers but what ever residual consideration remains for political probity in the UK. In other words, they see no political future for themselves at all if out of the EU.

And that should sear itself into the minds of the electors; Team Cameron is only playing for its own selfish benefit, not for Britain's future.


Poisonedchalice said...

As I have said previously, if Cameron had been even handed and stated his leadership support no matter which way the vote goes, then he would have won the remain vote hands down. But he hasn't and he won't.

Coney Island

Anonymous said...

A searingly astute, acutely observed point.

Dave's, flip flopping, left, left, left and never right: has always been remarkable.
Paltry, his intellect is clearly lacking and God knows how he conned his buddies up at Oxford to grant him some sort of academic award - bribed probably and it shows just how and these days, they dole 'em out to any old chump.

Dave has no control, he does not, he cannot, would not be allowed to have his own thoughts, let alone actually make policy, he is, an empty vessel - another PR gob, slick PR but a bungalow nevertheless.

Unequivocally, a barefaced liar that he just loves to proved it, Camoron averred that, he would campaign to leave, if his demands on renegotiation were not met, the EU gave him jack shit, so he passes it on and by the bucketful.
Without doubt, for Osborne, most of the 'grafters' of Westminster and the whole sorry lot of them - Mandelscum Fondlebums, Kinnochio, Druncker, German exports, Merkl and Hollande, Barry O'bummer. luvvies, academe, corporate vampires included - this is the big gamble, because if they lose - they've have bet the pot, their shirts and their houses on remain.

Fuck em, fuck em all and OUT and er.............

BTW R, you're letting the side down, ahem - linguistic, poetic licence indeed but - Blatantly.


Raedwald said...

Bugger. Blatent error now corrected. Tx

Barnacle Bill said...

If I were a visitor to these shores during the referendum campaign I would wonder if I had landed in some NW European banana republic that had just decided to stage a nationwide Gilbert & Sullivan light, comic opera.

Unfortunately I'm a native who alternates between hanging my head in shame at how our politicians are behaving and wondering if I've actually gone mad.

I fear with the result too close to call I should imagine the phone lines between No 10 and Harare are red hot as the Quisling seeks advice from the experts on electoral engineering.

Anonymous said...

Raedwald said:

'In other words, they see no political future for themselves at all if out of the EU.'

Correct, and were we to leave they'd have to do some real thinking again, about how to run a completely sovereign nation. Virtually all of our elected representatives have never even experienced a real stand alone type parliament. A lot of them of probably scared: after all the EU is large target to aim your excuses at when you're crap at your job and running for cover. Slags.

Vote Leave


Tony Clarke. said...

I'm sure you meant to say "when we leave" rather than "were we to leave"!

Anonymous said...

Tony Clarke said @ 16:37

'I'm sure you meant to say "when we leave" rather than "were we to leave"!'

It'll be a minor miracle if Leave wins. BBC bias is appalling and the Special Remain Unit set up by Dave before he'd finished his 'negotiations' is both operational and effective. I live in hope though.

Vote Leave


Span Ows said...

Not just Cameron lying: is tricking Queen Elizabeth II into lying a case of Treason? In the Queen's Speech Her Majesty said "My ministers will uphold the sovereignty of Parliament and the primacy of the House of Commons." This is so obviously untrue yet HRH said it reading presumably what Cameron gives her.

Cascadian said...

Figures lie and liars bluliebour, who have a worse economic record than gordoom Brown are scaring the weak that food prices will surely rise. As if these morons have any financial credibility.

However they surely know that lies work well, lying shifted a great portion of votes from the weak-minded potential UKIP voters at the last election.

The exit lobby are so ineffective that the referendum seems to be taking shape as a popularity vote on camoron, that may be Brexit's only chance to win.

All-in-all a thorough airing of the political classes ineptitude and probity.

Dave_G said...

The economic and social state of European countries makes Brexit something of a non-issue in my opinion. In or out, the EU is heading for break-up,

All we have to determine is whether it's social unrest (dramatic political changes in parliaments) or economic collapse that is the final push.

Deutsch Bank are living in fear of US interest rate rises, Greece and, more worryingly for the IMF, Italy, are both basket cases waiting in the sidelines.

Turkey is a festering sore and the Austria political situation is but the start of big changes across Europe.

I think Brexit, set against the wider issues, is only the prelude.

Budgie said...

Unfortunately in campaigning I have met too many people who, without a background of political interest, have no idea what's going on, and are befuddled by the Remain tactic of, it appears, deliberately confusing issues and ideas, interspersed with lying.

False and twisted though the message is, the Remainers are reaching the politically naive (the majority of the don't knows) but the Leavers are not. VoteLeave's campaign is dire, and weeks behind schedule. UKIP and Farage with their expert knowledge of the EU in general and immigration in particular have been sidelined by VoteLeave.

Ed P said...

I'm disgusted with the lies - some of my friends watch BBC "news" and trot out the most incredible bullshit as a result - when I point out the lies they struggle to believe the BBC is biased! As these are intelligent professional people, I despair - if they can swallow the BBullshit there's little hope for a good result.

Anonymous said...

The tories reneged, wot again?!

Dave's putrid tongue and the pus of Cultural Marxist filth he spews. The tories said more bbc and thus, to fucking off Britain - no surprise there then.

Now that, those Communist cunts in the beeb are redeemed! Beeb, has a new charter to pollute the airwaves with another 11 years of poisonous Cultural Marxist filth, well and truly fucked are we.

Funnily enough, now that, the beeb (see above) - EUphiliacs to a woman of them...... can't do enough to bolster and clarion the green TOSSER CA-Moron's and Georgey's pork pie factory which churns out whoppers: straight out of the big lie book publisched through Berlin and which only the necromancers of the Brussels Mafia could conjure up.

Lastly, Dave and George calling out the Brexit camp by smears, naming Brexit camp - as liars!

You couldn't make it up.


DeeDee99 said...

He's destroying the Conservative Party. There's no way the party will meekly reunite and he and Osborne will be allowed to continue leading it.

I think he's decided to fracture the party, whilst Labour is so weak, and they'll join with the liberal side of the LibDems.

I'm out canvassing for Vote Leave in my area of Surrey now. Of those in when I call, the breakdown is roughly 70% leave; 20% remain; 10% don't know. The published polls don't seem to be representing this area of leafy Surrey.

Anonymous said...

"I'm out canvassing for Vote Leave in my area of Surrey now. Of those in when I call, the breakdown is roughly 70% leave; 20% remain; 10% don't know. The published polls don't seem to be representing this area of leafy Surrey."

I can tell you DeeDee99, the feeling oop t'North is very anti EU, travelling across the North of England I don't hear many (actually no one as yet) who'll vehemently state "I'm a remainiac", most people are pretty much backing the out and Brexit.

Polls lie, HMG-Brussels-Internationalist elite-GeorgeSoros, have need of bolstering the perception that, this (referendum vote) is going to be a close run thing - to get the "in" vote out to vote - if you'll excuse the unfortunate phrasing.
Now, the thing that troubles me - is, the bookies en bloc seem to want to keep us all as serfs in the corporate wet dream ie, the Brussels slave Empire.
Obviously, bookmakers do get things wrong (Leicester City) but they seem to have convinced themselves, that, there will be a majority "in" ie remain vote.
Of course, the days of the independent bookmaker have long gone, only the big boys play the dupes/marks now, and governments can skew the odds - but literally?!

I beg, are the bookmakers doing the bidding of HMG? Alarmingly, it seems to me, the answer is in the: affirmative.

As George tells us, again, weaving the ever so subtle subtext - the UK public..'the little people' are mentally incapable of making such important decisions - and that, there will be a 'wailing and a gnashing of teeth' and hell fire will rain down upon earth - if we vote leave.

Brown trouser department has been the order.

One can only conclude that - like in Austria - that UKHMGBrussels, at the death: they're gonna find some 'missing' postal votes.

Gordon the Fence Post Tortoise said...

Take a look...

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