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Wednesday, 1 June 2016

Brexit wins economic argument surprise

An authoritative piece in the Indie of all places explains why (a) a consensus of economists has proven disastrously wrong on recent events and (b) why they're all so far off the mark about Brexit, which won't bring Armageddon after all. 

We knew this of course - as Establishment body after Establishment body pronounced doom and despair, from the IMF to the IFS, but the clincher was a chain letter to the newspapers from a group of 'eminent economists' - that sealed it. They had to be wrong, just as they were about the Euro in 1999 and as they were about the world economy in 2008. 

Still, it's nice to know they're all spouting bollox. And the Egregious Mme Lagarde of the IMF, who, as Wetherspoons is pointing out to its customers, is personally facing a lengthy jail sentence for a €400m fraud, is also trashed in the Indie piece. 

Frankly, I'm astonished they printed it - but perhaps a few media outlets are now starting to hedge their bets, just in case we win ...


Michael said...

I'm just concerned about the scare tactics changing to the bore tactics, changing to the lethargy tactics, all of which are promoted and counter-promoted at every turn.

Perceived wisdom says that older voters - mainly Brexiteers, will more likely vote than BBC huggers on the day but if I was paying all these pollsters and advisers all that money from the public purse, I think I'd need to demand much more than a tumultuous screeching match to go out to all and sundry.

Confusion is now the norm I think.

DeeDee99 said...

Common sense says the doom-laden reports of the economists working in the International Quangocracy are a load of bollox. It's nice to have it confirmed - but I notice not a word about it on the BBC News, or Channel 4's 7o'clock Propaganda Broadcast.

Barnacle Bill said...

From a personal point of view the Leave campaign have been playing against a fixed/stacked deck of cards. Where one would have hoped for impartiality there has been blatant bias. Instead of Project Hope we have had Project Fear rammed down our throats. The arrogance of both our political elites and the MSM has been sickening.

Yet there is hope; that strip of water that has always protected us in times of a threat to this nation may prove to be our salvation once again. I speak of the Dover Straits, a few more immigrant filled RIB incidents could see the wheels coming off the Remain campaign's wagon.

Personally, I think it would have been far better if the referendum had been combined with a general election.

Anonymous said...

Whatever the outcome of the referendum, hopefully OUT wins but even if CaMORON manages to gerrymander and FIX the vote (oh yes they CAN and will) - does anyone, really, honestly think that, George and Dave's arses, its CON rump.........can limp on?

As soon as November, a General Election will be unavoidable.

And if leave wins - we'll fucking well demand a new GE.

bloke in france said...

By definition economists know nothing about the future. If they did, they'd be stinking rich and it would cost a fortune to hire them for an opinion.

If Stiglitz (or Krugman, or any other "nobel" winner) had put his money where his mouth is he'd be sleeping under Brooklyn bridge.