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Wednesday, 29 June 2016

EU - Power without responsibility

I watched the EP debate yesterday for about an hour, including Nigel's two statements (the shorter un-televised one was business like and neutral) and it became clear just how keen most MEPs were to use a high profile and crucial debate to make self-serving newsbites for domestic consumption. The Scots and Northern Irish, of course, grandstanding for the cameras; Verhofstadt doing his usual sterling job of repellant sneering and gratuitous insulting that works so well for all opossed to the EU, some absurd little angry bald man with such a ridiculous and risible comb-forward that all I could do was watch it bob up and down in horror, his angry words lost to me. 

Of course Nigel was quire right; they're all in denial. And all furiously now creating their own version of reality; Nigel fooled the people with cunning lies, voters were stupid and badly informed. Pretty much what one gets in the Guardian. And then came the threats of vengeance and repurcussions against the UK, and these were interesting. 

Because of course it's not the MEPs, the Brussels circus or any of the tens of thousands of lobbyists, clerks, cooks, brewers and victuallers who make a living from them that will suffer from EUspite. When 4,000 breadwinners in Munich get laid off due to the tit-for-tat tariffs we impose on BMWs, it will be to their German national representatives they will complain, German taxpayers who will pick up the bill for their jobless benefits and German police and institutions that deal with any public disorder arising. It's classic power without responsibility - the prerogative of the harlot. 


Anonymous said...

I didn't realise one could get even more boring television than what I have seen previously Raedwald... Which really dedicated broadcasting company thought that the output of the toothless and mind numbing European Parliament was worth airing?

I did catch the two short pieces by Nigel and as ever he spoke with forked tongue, as do you sir. This is an exercise in no power without responsibility and the EC is an exercise of massive and dreadful power without responsibility, the very bowels of Sauron as some bloke from the 1930's might have said.

I just wish that we could transfer poor Nigel into his rightful place to ensure that these pointless CONservatives and irrelevant social democrats can witness a real leader in action.

God bless


Anonymous said...

I stuck it out for two hours. I thought that the speeches by
Jeanine Hennis-Plasschaert on behalf of the commission were reasonable but had no idea what Juncker was babbling about (in translation). Verhofstadt was just obnoxious, Le Pen was marvellous, as was the DUP lady. People like the Italian socialist should be more widely reported in the UK, his solution was more EU institutions and to make us vote for European parties. Perhaps the population could be forcibly mixed and matched throughout the EU, every street in every village and town reflecting the EU composition. no doubt Lennon's "Imagine" would play continuously on the radio!
I did wonder why Nigel didn't come back on being blamed for the bus advert but then no-one was listening, (do they ever?).

James Higham said...

It's slowly coming together though. Boris, with Leadsom Chancellor, with Patel in there somewhere, Gove chief negotiator. That would reassure enough to vote Boris and avoid giving Remain a look in at a GE.

Brian Cowling said...

Marine Le Penn [in translation] "put away those sulky faces, put away those angry looks ...".

Delicious. Classic.

Cuffleyburgers said...

On behalf of Harlots everywhere I resent your remarks comparing them with MEPs.

That is wholly inappropriate considering harlots provide a useful service people are prepared to pay for, unlike the posturing twats in the EUPARL.

An apology would be appreciated.

anon 2 said...

Oh dear me! It's all so Feminazi-ised. Idiot, ignorant, manipulative females thinking they know how to run the adult (if I may use the word accurately) world - never understanding that they made a mess of looking after children in the first place. Whether they're incompetent or aberrant 'muttis,' or au pairs, we need to replace them with men who grew up under the standards of traditional parenting and education.

G. Tingey said...

Arrogant bullying stupidty.
"L'adminstration" is more important than actually getting on & making a living.
However, the French Finance Minister has broken ranks & said "I'm sure we can work something out"