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Monday, 6 June 2016

Fear gives way to Smear as Remainiacs get dirtier

There was something extraordinary about watching John Major being more animated in one brief TV appearance than he had been in the whole of his premiership. Major was incandescent with anger that the British public appeared prepared to disobey their masters and betters; he had told the nation that the EU was good for it, and now they were daring to disagree!

The 'Remain' side's playing of this tedious old relic marks a point in the campaign at which we will see things about to get a lot dirtier. They have busted a gut with Project Fear only to have it fall flat as the British public are either annoyed at the obvious lies or amused at the jejune mendacity. Now they are about to go from Fear to Smear in earnest; Major's 'dead sheep' savaging of Boris (which the blond one shrugged off with a laugh - he's been dissed by pros; this toothless gumming by a passing geriatric was hardly felt) marks the start of Phase II.

So expect the Whips' little black books of blackmail secrets to be used in an escalation of personal attacks against 'Leave' and 'Out' campaigners, and expect there to be retaliation. And when the two sides are left like mental patients covered from head to toe in eachother's shit, the smart money says the public will vote 'change' because this is precisely the behaviour from which we want to escape. So Leave gains, again. 

But it's going to be rough.


Anonymous said...

Today, CaMORON will ally himself with the devil and Zanuliebore, in order that his precious wife's will be done - Keep Britain in the EU.
That shape changing Lizard, a lying chameleon, that depressing little man - Dave the green tosser has jumped into bed with his political bedfellows and he's been in bed with them a long, long time, Cambridge was a think too far, but Oxford is No2 and also a hotbed of Marxist pedagoguery, where Dave learnt at the feet of the masters of dressing up critical theory to be force fed to the little people.... the masses - Lenin would be so fucking proud.

Meanwhile, wheeled out, the ashen man, who has been, a has been all his life.

That old Brussels marionette John Major danced, mechanically for his dinner, and came across just like the deranged old giffer he really is, he's - as we say in Yorkshire totally 'puddled'.

al beeb were lurving it and that was educational for me.

No matter what is, the provenance and whosoever is delivering the blows, be they total bollocks and lets face it Major's attacks smacked of total desperation - our purportedly 'objective' senior national broadcaster - splashed Major's mental incontinence all over their Sunday Noos24 propaganda effluence.
Fucking hell, living high on the hog in their gilded cages, those north London taxpayer spongers, a champagne wankerati, in the poverty of any sort of intellect and wholly reliant, pious screaming virtue signallers and SJWs, a constant subtext of peddling the creed of death, addicted as they are to; the nostrums of PC, cultural Marxism and all of its insane doctrine. Those sashaying male and female tarts, the Broadcasting whores, al beeb they demonstrate admirably their Frankfurt School dependency and trumpet loud its EU burnished credentials. Yes, daily: do they shit their Burkas - mufti at the thought of BREXIT, a big boot applied up their collective shit boxes would do no end of good - for the lot of them.

If only to spite Major and his Tory grandees, and not least al beeb, lets get out of the Brussels disaster zone.

OUT, it makes sense, it is the right course, we want our freedoms, sovereignty - our legislature and our country BACK!

Michael said...

We've come to a sorry state when someone as insignificant as Major needs to be listened to by the Stayers.

Most people ignored him when he took on the premiership by default, and after several more grey years, pea futures have blossomed since his dead hand on just about everything he touched was gently pulled away by his nurse.

Barnacle Bill said...

Having Tony BLair & Gay Gordon demanding we vote for an enhanced dose of serfdom by staying in the EU is bad enough. Now we have a failed ex PM, who to be honest I'd forgotten about. Whose only real claim to fame is currying Edwina's eggs wheeled out for Project Smear is certainly scrapping the bottom of the barrel.

I was at an impromptu BBQ yesterday where I was pleasantly surprised at the number of twenty years olds who are going to vote out. The most common theme with them all is they want to get "their" country back.

anon 2 said...

That's right - Raedwald, and anonymous above.

The Famanasties are feeding their ancient pagan idol as she processes all the words that have ever been spoken - and she's as ruthless, arbitrary, and mindless as ever. But remember, they really cannot conceive of filthy mentalities unlike their own. Take heart, then: we can hold to our consciousness and love of Truth, above and beyond them ...

Robert said...

No mention in the Major interview of Major's part in pushing us into the ERM from which we were ejected at great expense to the country in wealth and jobs.

Where was all the support from the fraternal members of the European construct that we see now coming to the assistance of Cameron in his moment of need?

Cameron has given them an agreement that the UK will not interfere in political and economic union for the Eurozone for a few opt outs from the next treaty which they may or may not include in the final draft. Cameron's parting gift is Associate Membership of the EU outside the 'big tent', a formalisation of our position after Sir John's misjudgement on ERM all those years ago. In his dotage he still does not understand what the EU is all about. To Cameron we are all loonies, fruit cakes and closet racists. To Major we are fucking bastards.

anon 2 said...

Sorry - I need to correct the posting above.

2nd sentence, 2nd paragraph should read:
"But remember, their filthy mentalities really cannot conceive of minds unlike their own."


DeeDee99 said...

Major was flung out of No.10 by a landslide vote against his version of the Conservative Party. It was the worse electoral defeat in living memory.

Why on earth do they think this failure is going to sway anyone's vote with his pathetic attack on BoJo?

They've truly lost the plot.

mikebravo said...

Call me Dave is toast.

I'm not sure he will even last the next 2 weeks. Useless twat is slipping up on his own snake oil.

How he could share a platform with that Hasrperson, harridan I have no idea. As for being backed by effing Major. The kiss of death, comparable to the Blair creature.

Anonymous said...

The polls this morning are encouraging. Guido is reporting 3/4 point leads for Brexit.

Go Courage!

hatfield girl said...

mikebravo said...

' Call me Dave is toast.'

The formal means to exit the EU (Article 50 application) is initiated by the UK Executive. There is a very large majority indeed (some hundreds) of MPs support for membership of the EU. It is hard to imagine that a victory in an advisory referendum - the UK has no constitutional provision for a binding referendum as some other states have - will be effective in causing even an Article 50 application(not least when states with binding referendum provision routinely ignore it).

Cameron has complete control of Parliament until the next general election in 2020. Every time his Conservative majority is threatened it will be replaced by the large pro-Europe, cross-party majority. This is so not just on matters concerning Europe but on anything that might threaten Cameron remaining in power and that power he has accrued over decisions on EU membership passing into the hands of the Conservative leadership electorate instead.

Gosh Cameron is a clever politician; he has done what Blair failed to grasp fast enough: that he can command any House on any issue if his loss threatens Executive control over membership or not of the European Union.

Cuffleyburgers said...

Radders - it's already begun yesterday in the Mail with Nazi smears

Dr Evil said...

Cameron shared a platform with Harridan Harperson and that Bennett woman and some nonentity called Farron. Cameron answered all the questions. They were talking complete bollocks about remaining in the EU. They fail to have noticed it's a busted flush and broken in Southern Europe especially amongst the youth. They didn't stay for small talk. After the theatrics they went separate ways. They fooled no-one. It's all rubbish. The only way forward is to leave the sinking EU.

Anonymous said...

DeeDee: good point.

hatfield girl: good point, though I don't like your post much, deeply vexing that it is - losing the ballot, would he DAVE..... dare it - carry on regardless? Indeed, does he have that sort of front and then - what would the rump of the Tory Brexiteers do, where Rees Mogg has promised (as is his wont) civility and compliance?

It's a very bizarre prospect.

With, Westminster juddering, force marched by a adherent of EU and megalomaniac posh boy Tory, melded to, a lav party beholden to the EU but led by that dodgy SWP/Union Communist loony Corbyn - one who has hated the EU most of his breathing days! FFS.

Melded, gelled together, in alliance maybe, they'd sink Westminster forever and maybe it's about fucking time. A political illusion UNDONE - that the British public could see through it, Lav V CONs (spot the difference?) - Westminster where they serve only themselves. A veil falls from the UK publics eyes and where they perceive clearly that, MPs were seen for what they actually are - EU, Internationalist pawns, peculators, deviants, embezzlers and Socialist mainly and Societal engineers.

Anonymous said...

The endgame is the regionalization of the globe, the EU being region 1 - for no other reason than it will be the first. Nothing makes sense unless you realise where they are taking us. The elites still maintain it is an economic area (single market) so why are they talking about a 'common European identity'? The answer is they don't want nations. Giving our sovereignty away is one thing but if you hand over your identity they'll soon tell you who you are: take a look at your passport, it's just the beginning.

Some things you can't put a price on.

Vote Leave and help prevent a global monoculture


Anonymous said...

A remain flyer landed on my doormat today. Six cunts for Remain: Branson - his voice alone would make me turn to Leave. Then five lesser known cunts: Karen Brady - nonentity (but tasty), Cathy Warwick (Who? And seriously ugly), Martin Lewis (nobody), Bramall (dementia case), Rasmussen (Norwegian nobody).

Are they serious cunts?

Anonymous said...

Cathy Warwick - one of the cunts that recently advocated abortion be available right up to the point of birth.

So a NWO eugenicist then.. Lovely mates you got there Cameron....

Anonymous said...

A man is known by the company he keeps. Call me cast iron Dave, is a very careless man.

James Higham said...

Let's just bring it on and get it over with.

Val said...

I would say Article 50 is a EU trap. It is a process invented by the EU for their benefit. We should ignore it and just go for the illegality of the EU set up. Stop payment and walk away. They threaten us but really there is nothing the evil EU can do.

anon 2 said...

Interesting, Val -- and very appealing for those of us who want to face off against them. However, I'm not sure that we could succeed without physical war and euro (as opposed/in addition to 'migrant') invasion.

So I guess we might choose at least to awaken the public to the existence of WWIII, and the reality that we've nearly lost it: whether or not we knew we were fighting it.