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Saturday, 4 June 2016

Fortitude, Hope and Courage! We can Win!

It took the 'Sky' appearances of David Cameron and Michael Gove to highlight the essential differences between the 'Leave' and 'Remain' sides; 'Remain' is the camp of wealth, privilege, self-interest, power and the global establishment, whilst 'Leave' is the courageous moral champion of abstracts such as nation, identity, democracy, freedom and control. 

'Remain' has millions given by JP Morgan and Goldman Sachs because the obscene profits of these bottom-feeding coprophages depend on the financial privilege the EU gives them. Likewise the repulsive University Vice-Chancellors - bloated and obese, their mouths stuffed with EU gold - want no return to rewards based on merit and reason. The self-rewarding Euro political establishment want no return to democratic accountability, the global corporates on the ERT want no diminution of their unlawful 'grey' power exercised through the unelected officials of the Commission and even the Cornish Pasty Association is greedy for financial advantage rather than Cornish interests as it fears losing its product's EU 'protected geographic designation'. You can see how the repulsive tentacles of the EU writhe and worm their way through British public life by bribery, fraud, crookedness and peculation. 
There can now be no clearer distinction between the 'Leave' side fighting for Britain's good, for moral courage and for standing shoulder to shoulder with our neighbour in smashing and casting-off the shackles of Federast slavery and the 'Remain' side whose snake-tongued emollient words so generously funded by crooked bankers and avaricious corporatists seek to deceive and befuddle the British people. 

There's everything to play for - don't slack, have fortitude and hope and with another mighty push we can win it!


DeeDee99 said...

Gove was pretty impressive.

He talked to the soul of the British people .... about the things our forefathers' fought for: democracy, the right to choose those who govern us and to sack them if they fail to deliver.

All Cameron was peddling was fear, lack of national confidence and cowardice.

Compare and contrast.

Barnacle Bill said...

I shall be withdrawing my support of the Cornish Pasty Association dreckly.

Anonymous said...

As God is my witness, your words, a mirror on my feelings, heartfelt and in my thoughts and visceral gut instinct, such a way with it too, a wordsmith you are Radders old stick.

On Mr. Michael Gove, he would not have been my first choice, for a debater, an intellect and champion of OUT, a man capable of dancing and thinking on his feet there is, none other than (imho) Daniel Hannan, who is superlative, simply unsurpassed.
I cannot comprehend the reasons why, he (Hannan) isn't he alloted more of and a greater a platform for his erudition and to advertise his oratory skills?

Having said that, I was very pleasantly surprised by Mr. Gove and his appeal to reason, plain common or garden good sense, his eyes and demeanour was demonstrable, in its sincerely delivered honesty, did Mr Gove's rationale - soared, way above Dave's foetid sour mush and with its head rot rhetoric.

The chatterati, last night and this morning are doing Michael Gove down. Evidently, most clearly Mr Gove hit the nail squarely on the head - the Champagne socialistas; those EU brown nosing tosserati, the Hampstead Mafia, the Islington wankerati and Orxfordshire Barbour and green wellie brigade, those fuckwit corporate blob, the meejah and luvvie cognoscenti sense it - 'we the people' bloody well know it - Michael Gove said it - OUT.

OUT, OUT and again we must fucking well get OUT of the Brussels Empire - the road our of corporate slavery - the highway to Sovereignty, freedom and prosperity is marked "LEAVE"!

Anonymous said...

If anybody wants to give the Leave campaign an extra financial push, Labour Leave is crowdfunding for a newspaper ad campaign, looks like being very cost-effective in terms of influence per pound compared with donating to the major campaigns.

Thud said...

I wouldn't give labour a fucking bean regardless of cause.

Anonymous said...

Sometimes the hardest thing and the right thing are the same.

Vote Leave


Gordon the Fence Post Tortoise said...


More drunken Junker on Guido.

mikebravo said...

Labour Leave. What a bunch of wankers!

"The EU is a Tory plot"
"The EU is a capitalists wet dream"

They just can's stop themselves from talking bollocks.

Anonymous said...

Well aren't they more or less right about the "Tory plot"? Most of the moves towards EU integration have been under Tory governments, and Mr Cameron seems keen. Big business approves too. Richard Branson has Virgin Islands citizenship "for health reasons" but insists that the EU is right for the rest of us.

The nice thing about single-issue politics is that you can take good wherever you can find it.

RandomAnonymousCrank said...

Time is short and the lying legions are manifold, PLEASE copy this link and distribute it as widely as possible in the hopes that it will reach those who only soak up the msm................

Thank you, your children and grand children may yet know what it is like to live in a democracy.

Cascadian said...

Frankly I think the referendum has resolved to a single factor-does UK continue to accept unrestricted immigration (and the tremendous expense that entails)? A secondary issue is the camoron's character.

Many, instinctively understand the remain economic argument is nonsense, they have shown no facility to predict accurately, so it can be safely ignored. The camoron is widely despised.

I do believe they remain faction are getting desperate, aiming personal attacks such as 'We don't want Farage's Britain'-I think they will find a very large percentage of undecided voters unwilling to sort through the economic argument might actually very much like that kind of Britain.

G. Tingey said...

The important point is one of principle.
Law as set out in the Great Charter & more importantly in 1688/89
Which the Euro-Commission hate, because they cannot control it.
That is waht matter & why I will be voting "OUT" (Even though I think at least some of the "remain" doom-prognoses for us are possibly true, but that doesn't matter.)

Bob Doney said...

Poll of polls is now 50/50.

Cascadian said...

Greg, I see the Tourettes is not yet under control, or perhaps you cannot handle a competing argument.
If it is a question of law as you assert, then why is there not a case before the courts, being adjudicated by judges dressed like they were alive in 1688 and may even be old enough to remember the original charter being drafted?
Like it or not, more recent politicians have entangled you with various treaties to the EU. Internal EU regulations have removed most authority for yUK to enable it's own regulations. Arguing that the great British public should be studying ancient charters instead of watching corrie and east-enders is a sure way to lose a vote. A simplistic message is required.
They probably understand that yUK has been in terminal decline for seventy years (maybe more) and that membership of the EU during that time seems to have assisted and accelerated the decline.