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Thursday, 9 June 2016

Hatred of the Left for the working class - Pt II

I was going to pen another piece about the vicious hatred of the middle-class EUphiliac Left for the working class, but found that Kate Hoey MP has already done it, and rather well
It allowed them to take Left-wing politics that used to be about getting higher wages for the less well off, and turn it into a game about middle-class identity.
Central to that is the new middle-class religion of so-called non-racism.
It became “racist” for the working classes to ask why white European cheap labour was allowed to come and drive wages down. It takes a real middle-class invasion of Labour politics to put that trick across.
What do the middle classes really care about the plight of black families living in poverty in our inner cities? These are the low paid or unemployed whose job chances are threatened by EU immigration.
And what do they care about the plight of the migrants once they get here? What do they say about them after they have settled in and want higher wages?
“British workers (and this must include settled immigrants and sons of immigrants) won’t do the jobs… so we have to get immigrants to do it.”
By which they mean new immigrants, cheap immigrants. And the bit they leave out is… for the low wages offered. They won’t do the jobs for the low wages offered. This is the crux of the EU intentions on labour.
Just as the Victorians tried to make trade unionism immoral, so the present middle classes brand any worker who complains of non-union or cheap labour.
It was immoral to protect your wages in Victorian times, it is immoral now. Morality often coincides with middle class economic interests.
The EU supports the low-wage economy, and tries to create it where it didn’t already exist, for example in Sweden where it prosecuted the unions, and sequestrated their funds (as the Tories did to the miners) when they tried to get union rates for migrant workers.
Where should the Left stand in all this? It’s pretty clear where it would stand if it were working class.
I recommend reading the whole thing.


Barnacle Bill said...

So very true, having read all of Ms Hoey's piece.

B-Lair and his middle class cronies, none of whom had the dirt of real labour beneath their finger nails, hijacked the Labour Party for their own petty bourgeoisie ends.

The real sad story is those true Labour Party members who sold their souls to B-Lair just for the chance/taste of power. Even Dennis Skinner & Frank Fields stand guilty as charged on this.

These are probably the bigger traitors in this whole sad affair.

Mark In Mayenne said...

She's rather good, isn't she?

Mark In Mayenne said...

She's rather good, isn't she?

Poisonedchalice said...

A homogenised continent of 500,000,000 people; none of whom have a single say in anything - no voice; no power. If we don't break up this club that denounces us all as "useless eaters"; then the description in my first sentence is how it will become for us all. The only way to break up a club like this is to leave it and starve it of the money it needs. For the sake of your children and grandchildren - VOTE LEAVE! You will only get this one chance.

Coney Island

Gordon the Fence Post Tortoise said...

On the basis of that - I'd pay to see a "debate" between Kate and Ms Toynbee. It rather looks as if the fur / feathers would fly :-) - which would be damned fine entertainment.

Anonymous said...

But if you are a university professor, BBC presenter, doctor, politician, CEO or lawyer you are 'worth it' and expect to have job security and real wage, (I splutter over the word 'earnings'!), rises.

Apparently there are people in Africa and Pakistan who would pay to get into Europe. As they are all engineers, lawyers and doctors shouldn't they be given a chance to compete for these 'worth it' jobs at, say, £10 per hour?

Bill Sticker said...

Always had a lot of time for Kate, even if she is a Labour party member. She doesn't toe the party line and fights hard for her constituents. Which is, oddly enough, what an MP is for.

Anonymous said...

The Labour Party failed to get the traction it needed against their declared enemy (capital) using the native white working class - most of whom happened to be small 'c' conservative due their history. So, if you can't get the change you want, change the people. That same thinking applies to labour when people won't work certain jobs because they can't compete with immigrants who will sleep six to a room and work 80 hours a week and send the money home. Capital is churning populations (Globalization) in a desperate attempt to find the lowest labour costs, which has become a gigantic ponzi scheme, which will collapse if they fail to put robots into the workplace on time.

One of the reasons why some parts of England are beginning to resemble South Asia is the greed that went before; that our homeland is a giant business park to the moneyed elite proves the utilty value they place on us. The Labour Party, indeed socialism, has no purpose when it supports population replacement - because that's what capital wants, and is getting. The left are being played like a fiddle and the nation killing will continue.


Ravenscar. said...

"The left are being played like a fiddle and the nation killing will continue."


Again, astute, although a darkly painted and stark analysis but nevertheless, you are so right.

DeeDee99 said...

The Labour Party's been taken over by champagne socialists who are just as privileged as the "Tory toffs" and who firmly believe in the principle of hereditary privilege ... via the allocation of a safe seat based on daddy's Labour Party contacts.

They shriek with horror when they come into contact with real working class people; sneer at their concerns and smear them if they don't conform to their Islington-based opinions.

Kate Hoey is one of the few Labour MPs who has any connection with the real world of the working class; Frank Field is another.

Why ordinary working people vote Labour is beyond me. They really should understand that Labour despises them.

Weekend Yachtsman said...

Interesting article.

I've sent it to a few of my lefty Remainiac friends - we'll see whether their heads explode...