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Sunday, 12 June 2016

I never thought we'd come this far

Eleven days from the ballot and Mike Smithson has the two sides neck and neck. The establishment has already fired off all the big rockets - the biased propaganda at tax expense, the bribed and coerced support, the dire warnings of war, famine and disease, the state broadcaster straining at the shackles to do more for 'Remain', and yet they're stuck at a bare 50%. I'll bet most of those leaflets are in the recycling already, and others sitting on hall shelves or coffee tables will never be read. I really can't think of what's left in the fireworks box for the next ten days.

Remain have been hot on social media but I've seen little sign of them on the streets - the pics are all of small groups of 'Leave' campaigners with smiling faces. On TV, their sneering and bullying have repelled the public. 

I really would recommend this short piece by Brendan O'Neill - and many thanks Anon who posted it in the comments. This campaign really has exposed the fault line between the establishment and for a better term the people. On the one side the rich and powerful, the corporatists, the political class, all those sucking at the public tit and their dags, the media, the bloated and sclerotic university vice chancellors as corpulent and wealthy as pre-Reformation Abbots, luvvies enjoying tax money siphoned from Brussels. On the other side, us. 

The challenge to overturn the status quo is formidable, but the prize now clear; we will not just be throwing over the yoke of the EU, but delivering a devastating blow to every bien-pensant prodnose, every arrogant minister, every crooked peer, every lying journalist, every bloated academic. Do we have the courage? Yes, I think we do.


DeeDee99 said...

As I wrote in my comment to your blog yesterday, they're like the Ancien Regime in France - they think they can continue sneering and bullying the peasants and they are safely immune from any reaction.

Standing on a Surrey street stall yesterday, most people who indicated one way or the other were voting to leave.

I'm beginning to think we can do it as well. The Establishment is going to get the kicking it so richly deserves.

Apparently said...

That Brendan O'Neill piece really clarified the nature of this contest Raedwald...

If we lose, we are done for, short of war.

plantman said...

God! "TrustmeDave" is so transparent. Panic has set in so you can see the cogs whirling in his head:
Oldies are more likely to vote

More Oldies will vote leave

What can we scare the Oldies with?

Kerching!!! If we leave we'll have to pay less generous pensions - the triple lock will go. And the NHS will suffer so look out Oldies.

Trouble is Dave we don't believe you anymore about anything. If you told us 2 plus 2 added up to 4 we would want it checked by an independent qualified accountant first before we accepted it.

Just Sod Off!

Apparently said...

Am I alone in not really understanding why the establishment, so ably described by Brendan O'Neill, is fighting so viciously, so dirtily, so vaingloriously to ensure that us rebellious British remain trapped in this corporatist nightmare?

I was discussing this the other night with friends, one of whom is a banker, he pointed out that within his bank virtually everyone wants us to leave... The most senior management typically being the only folk to deviate from this line.

At that point it occurred to me, that it wasn't Britain that they wanted... It was London. London is one of the four truly international cities in the world, there are none in Europe, Berlin and Paris are provincial capitals. London is the centre of business, it is the centre of the Euro, it is a tax haven for massive corporate businesses including the banks and whilst it is convenient for an international corporation to domicile itself in Dublin or Luxembourg for tax purposes, it really conducts all of its real business in London.

We folk are being sent to hell by our 'betters' for this, they couldn't give a flying f*** for ordinary folk...

They deserve the biggest kicking on June 23rd, and then we deserve Swiss style direct democracy...

Vote out on 23rd June and then vote UKIP until we get real government for local people. We want to be as well off as the Swiss, and we only do this by controlling the robber baron class.

We are coming Piggy... do you hear?

joe winner said...

Where can I find Brendan O'Neill's piece? Thanks in advance

Sackerson said...

It won't stop at the Referendum, whichever way it goes. The country is seriously divided, but the steelier half is on the Leave side. The question is more what the EU will do if Remain wins, this time.

Raedwald said...

Joe - link in text; i've changed colour to make ir easier to see

lilith said...

It's hopeful isn't it Radders! Btw I tweeted your fab Daniel can't feed or clothe himself poster and I go a ton of retweets and I don't even have any followers!

Raedwald said...

lilith - I owe you a pint! just found it - from 2014 - and going to give it another twit

TrT said...

Remain made a brutal miscalculation when they went with "England is a poxy third rate nation that cant hope to stand alone"

Its not a question of right or or wrong.
Its a question of votes.

No one is going to vote for the side that says "we're shit and we're lucky EUrope will consent to rule us".

FrankS said...

Excellent stuff, plus the Brendan O'Neill piece - where does it originate? It looks like a Disqus reply, but I can't find it with Google. Anyone know?

Anonymous said...

Truly, yes, I lifted the link from a disqus reply and no, sorry, I cannot trace the provenance of the original piece (Sorry again) - I am though most indebted, very grateful, for Brendan for penning it, contrary Irish sod that he is - I luv it and his crafted, acidic, penetrating observations.

Good on yer Brendan. Thanks for acknowledgement R.

Anonymous said...

It's like the fall of the Berlin wall

Poisonedchalice said...

I just wish I could find a televised, piece which I think was done by Sarah Palin (US). Maybe someone else on here knows? It went something like this (and you will certainly love the sentiment). SP was in a head to head interview with some slick-suited sneering US politician; the same leftist-liberalist elitist type we get over here, when she shut him down completely.

She looked straight at the camera and pointed to it and said:

"He's not laughing at me; he's laughing at you! Yes you! You who run our factories; you who grow our food and you who fight our wars".

Game, set and match. The sneering politician sneered no more.

Coney Island

Anonymous said...

The quisling-in-chief looked a broken man on Marr this morning. Pressed on the 'how can you stop EU immigration' question he just garbled on about non-EU immigration - he should have 'free movement of people' tattooed across his forehead.

We could win this yet.

Vote Leave


Weekend Yachtsman said...

Everybody who's feeling good about the Brendan O'Neill piece needs to read this too:

Winning the referendum is the start of the struggle, not the end of it.

Remember how many referenda the EU has already nullified ("you'll keep on voting until you get it right") and how many elected governments it has already overthrown and replaced with Goldman Sachs technocrats (two, and counting).

They are a remorseless foe, and they won't give up easily.

Don't count your chickens, whatever the outcome on the 23rd.

Anonymous said...

Synon may be right WY but we have something that the Irish didn't have...