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Monday, 13 June 2016

Islamist slaughters 50 because of imported primitive ignorance

Gay men such as Peter Tatchell seem to be under the same delusion with primitive Islamism as they suffer under in regard to the EU. The Islam that believes that homosexuality is evil, women are inferior, Sharia trumps civilised law 'may not be perfect' they admit but we're better off encouraging reform from within. Yeah right. The EU just freezes out and excludes any attempts at reform - primitive Islam issues a fatwa against it and authorises brutal murder. Perhaps it will not be until Mr Tatchell's head is being sawn off with a blunt breadknife that he sees it. 

Fifty people have just been shot to death by an Islamist because they were in a gay venue and his perverted and bigoted beliefs told him that being gay was a justification for murder.  

There is absolutely no room in our Western civilisations for an Islamism that does not recognise non-violence, the supremacy of the British State, law and Parliament, the acceptability of homosexuality, the equality of women and a freedom and tolerence unknown in any and all of the Islamist-governed shitholes around the world.


DeeDee99 said...

I notice that both Obama and Cameron failed to state that this atrocity "had nothing to do with Islam."

We've allowed these Islamist-fascists to live in our societies but continue with the prejudiced, barbaric practices of their homelands.

Where The Establishment and the left-wing internationalists thought they were importing "diversity" they were actually importing bigotry and intolerance and ordering the native population to be tolerant of it.

mikebravo said...

Poor little Owen Jones has a huff and storms of a tv show because the hosts don't want to agree with his agenda.

Best quote from Breitbart.

This is what happens when gays defend Mùslims. His little lefty head couldn't compute the events in Orlando and he blew a fuse.

This comment on Twitter summed it up perfectly:

I'm sorry for Owen Jones. I would also feel guilty if I'd spent my life covering for the ideology that just killed 50 LGBT people.

Poisonedchalice said...

So that's it then. Trumps wins the White House and (when England get disqualified from the Euros) Brexit is assured on the 23rd.

The left-liberal ideology is being torn apart by it's own beliefs which conflict massively with each other.

Coney Island

Anonymous said...

In Tatchell's defence, he seems and late though it be, to have arrived at the logical conclusion - diversity is all well and good but that, Islam is THE existential threat to, not only the LBGT community (whatever that be) but to us all, living as we do in the WEST. Whether Tatchell can now do the decent and rise up and take the next logical step and start arguing for human rights to be properly restored to white Britain, is another matter but don't hold your breath.

Over in Orlando, this was a bestial act of slaughter, it was a cold and very callous act, pre meditated and it was wrought, violence done in the name of a doctrine which preaches only, hate.

A mass influx from countries who know not, nothing of the western tradition, in fact their way of life is totally inimical to the western tradition.

We were forewarned but the establishment hid their arses and hides in the sand.

Aye, Enoch Powell who himself understood all about Islam, who had lived on the Sub continent, recognized it, was horror stricken and pointed it out and was then mercilessly pilloried by the political class for pointing out a basic truth. Indeed, Churchill also knew it, that, Islamism is totally incompatible with the Christian, the western tradition. At no point can, the twain - what was once the Christian west and whatever sect you care to name - Shia or Sunni... ever meet in peaceful harmony, because: Islam is a baleful and misanthropic creed it conquers by force of arms, not through, charity, peace and hope.

But ask this:

Mass immigration, who encouraged it?

And the bubble; still castigate, harangue and try to infantilize the real truth and those who argue against Islam - as waycists and Xenophobes - if you will. More, not least the spiel, that, publind bollocks of those fuqwit, pious Cultural Marxist Tosserati - their pink world view compromised when two foundational precepts of the Frankfurt School clash, the war between upholding and promulgating gay rights and celebrating diversity - Islam style.

Who succours it:

By turning a blind eye, changing laws, paying obeisance to the Gulf funders and madmen, and which via UK authorities bestows, gives the cult of death all the leeway it requires - and where clearly, the forces of law are told to, leave it be?
Who, allows it to flourish in the bosom of Western Christendom?

We know it, Brendan O'Neill called it and to a man and woman of them - the UK establishment under the aegis of the societal engineers working out of Brussels - it is they who flung open the gates on to hell, forced marched us all, shuffling down on the road to perdition, we have been made to travel.

Finally, forlornly, the bleedin' heart liberals, quoting and alluding to the Geneva Convention, Dublin accord - its 'principles' ('principles'.....dear God!) and then - comparing the post WWII ructions, homelessness and mass movement of people - honestly, what has been seeded, we ain't seen nothing yet.

English Pensioner said...

Expect "It's nothing to do with religion, it just happened to be a homophobe who was a Muslim". Most of the other mass murders in the US will be cited to prove the point.

Martin said...

In view of the Orlando massacre this recent news story from Luton desrves to be reconsidered.

The police commissioner said that the application had caused “widespread offence and very deep concern,” and warned that if permission was granted “a number of potential policing issues may arise” due to the sauna’s proximity to a “very significant Luton mosque”.

Barnacle Bill said...

Before we all jump in at the deep end over this latest incident, let's see if in fact we are being set-up/manipulated by others with a hidden agenda.

Years ago I would have classed anyone who said that to me as a classic tinhatter.

Now unfortunately with many of the revelations about past "false flag" operations, especially where the good old US of A is involved, I'm more inclined to be very sceptical of first impressions.

Dean Ditchbank said...

Arm the Gays.

LBGT sounds like a fine old regiment. Perhaps it should troop its colours through Luton.

And shouldn't every mosque become a sauna? Sounds like a sensible agenda to me

mikebravo said...

"LBGT sounds like a fine old regiment"

I think it's one of the Guards regiments!

Anonymous said...

We had a massively cohered society not that long ago - certainly was still there when I joined the army in '81. The elites had other ideas, wanted a 'vibrant' society (actually the blues just wanted cheap and plentiful labour, and the reds wanted a new and very grateful voter base). All this bollocks about being 'enriched' is them telling us we're deficient: that's right, they are actually insulting us and our culture. They do it all the time and the worse thing is they enjoy telling us we're nothing special. So they racialized us and told us our homeland belongs to the world now. And we never voted for any of it; were never consulted, after losing so much blood and treasure defending it. That's the political class for you: total cunts.

What of Islam? For England the problem will never go away, we're bedevilled by a take, take, take ideology that never rests. Every week you'll hear or read of somewhere where they either want more or are getting more - and look out if they don't. They will continue to outbreed us and their numbers already exceed the total population of Wales.


Cascadian said...

The gunman was US-born, and yet he became radicalized-how could that have happened? Answer-Islam.

The cure for this scourge is obvious-close the mosques and madrassahs. Then purge the radicals from our shores.

ISIS walks amongst us. Meanwhile the camoron, obambi and the EU elite strengthen their security details, build higher fences and buy fleets of secure vehicles. They demand an armed guard, while ignoring domestic security.

As always, govern yourself accordingly, the government will only protect it's elite.

It seems that the gays have a quandary, is discrimination (with cause) acceptable, or is being thrown from high buildings or being shot indiscriminately acceptable for social cohesion?

Hint for the camoron and obambi-it's the radical Islam stupid.

James Higham said...

In one.

Anonymous said...

Huh, the, the realization was finally hitting home....with Hellary and Hussein O'barmy and the........ liberal media whores - there's fucking no chance.

I fear greatly that, and AGAIN.

Already the liberal meejah goes into overdrive. With a counter narrative, is being weaved - 'mad' gun laws, 'disaffected youf' - implying that....#surely it wasn't this poor lads fault?
"Lone wolf attacks" it is deflection strategy and not really a thought is spared for the victims of this atrocity such is the desperate demand to protect that which should not be harboured.
That the real culprit was, a radicalised man who clearly didn't give a fig about mamas apple pie and the American dream, he callously made a gay nightclub his premeditated target. Examples abound, just as they throw people off the tops of buildings in Raqqa for perceived 'sins', so too did this cracked, unhappy kid deem himself to be judge and executioner and Islam gave him a divine right - doncha know.
Now then, imho if it can bend a kids mind so askew, so far from that pestilential cult meteing out death the Levant - that is some very dangerous creed.

The liberal meme, "nothing to see here, now move along!"

And heads of the political liberal claque - are quickly buried back in the sand. Pretty soon, our heads will be in the sand too, in a pool of blood and severed from the neck, though, at least some of us will go down - fighting.

Anonymous said...

Oh dear:

Orlando Shooting HOAX Desperate Crisis Actor Fake Crying EXPOSED


Cascadian said...

This is an important subject, I hope that Raedwald will not mind too much if I divert his readers to another site.

you may disagree with the robust comments there, but please absorb one fact......
"the radio call to the cops from dispatch has been published. The cops were told to take cover and not storm the building immediately despite knowing there was a man with a gun inside the building actively shooting people -- and they did exactly that, waiting hours (it was at least two hours) while people who had been shot were bleeding out on the floor.

READ THIS CAREFULLY FOLKS: The cops, with overwhelming force that they demand the right to possess and use at their whim while at the same time they refuse to allow you to have and possess defensive firepower on your person in the very same situation and place, cowered outside in fear and let the patrons who had been shot and were being shot die.

You must accept and internalize the fact that the cops will not save you; they will, however, dutifully inventory your dead body 12 hours later. Their first and foremost concern is going home safe at the end of their shift, to "protect and serve" is just a slogan on the side of their car.

You have seen similar cowardice in the Metropolitan Police, other examples no doubt exist. You are on your own, the police will NOT protect you. Govern yourselves accordingly.

Weekend Yachtsman said...

And once again the airwaves are filled with pictures of candles, teddy-bears, and sad parades of people calling for, well, anything except action really.

The Islamists must be dumbfounded: can the West really be as soft and spineless as it appears to be? Is it really going to be this easy for them?

Billy Marlene said...

Now emerging that killer was sexually repressed. Oh, dear, does that mean he was not homophobic?

Will Owen Jones do a reverse flounce?

Anonymous said...

The Islamists must be dumbfounded: can the West really be as soft and spineless as it appears to be? Is it really going to be this easy for them?

Watch Trump's speech from last night. He will win the election in a landslide.

Mr Ecks said...

As pointed out by commenters on Tim Worstall's blog: That this Omar visited the Gay club does not mean he was gay.

If you are going to shoot someplace up you will be much more effective if you recce the place first and know doors/ fire escapes etc, etc.

A "gay gone bad" is just the kind of shite the Cultural Marxist scum will seize on to try and counter the RoP's part in this caper.