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Tuesday, 28 June 2016

Kentucky Windage

The total of racist incidents reported since the referendum result is supposed to be 85. Frankly, I imagine the figure is much higher, if you count the teeth-sucking, near-pavement spitting and sotto-voce insults. Nothing excuses such behaviour, but there is, I think, a reason for it. This was a momentous vote and the first time in decades that the mute, the voiceless, the inarticulate, strata of our nation that owns little except their national identity was heard. Their joy at being heard was intense. Much drink has been taken. Inhibitions have been lowered and the nation has been openly discussing immigration, nationality and racism (or non-racism) for the past few weeks in a way that would have been unimaginable even two or three years ago. So tight and repressive a lid has been forced on matters of race and nationality for the past twenty years that the whole thing has fermented. Brexit uncorked the pressure, and these truly unpleasant and inexcusable incidents happened. That's what people do when they first experience the rush of empowerment. 

So far, there have no fatalities, no rapes, very few physical contacts and it seems mostly to be verbal, or graffiti. Let's hope it stays that way. 

When the American army entered Germany in 1945 their behaviour could have been little different to that of the Russians in Berlin. Panicky military police consulted with the generals as incidents of theft and robbery, assault, breaking into homes to loot and armed threats multiplied. The Germans had put up a hard fight, the front-line units had taken heavy casualties and now they were letting-off steam.  The commanding general  unofficially gave them a couple of weeks of 'Kentucky Windage' - with the MPs diverting their gaze from all crimes except rape and murder. After that, the letter of the law was enforced.

Now I'm not suggesting there be any amnesty here for criminal acts, but neither am I going to excoriate the vocal racist insulters for incidents over the weekend. However, it must cease now. Leave and Remain, native and immigrant, pale and dark must get on with keeping Britain going - our real enemies are in Brussels, not on the bus. 


Thud said...

Luckily I live in an area that seems populated by decent people as I have no tolerance or 'windage' when it comes to someone insulting my wife and children.

Oldrightie said...

Whatever the truth or otherwise of these reports our "remain" EUSSR self interested MSM have and still do have, much to answer for. Their glee at any negative news, all laid at Brexit's door, is pathetic.

RAC said...

And a few false accusations thrown in to keep the pot boiling would not surprise me in the least.

Barnacle Bill said...

I fully agree with Oldrightie; our MSM have been a national disgrace in both their negative reporting on the Leave victory and also their "throwing-the-toys-out-of-the-pram" behaviour.

I could just about stomach reading the Guardian before June 23rd proving I held my nose and made sure I had taken my BP medication before clicking on their website. Now I refuse to even look at their headlines. I have never seen such a display of petulance as that of the Guardian commentators.

The estate I live on is about a 50/50 split between locals and Europeans (mostly Polish), we are still greeting one another. Everyone appears to be carrying on their lives as before June 24th. In fact if this British summer allows some of us are going to have a BBQ together this coming weekend.

Anonymous said...

Whilst these incidents are deplorable and undoubtably happening I do wonder
a)How many are genuine?
b)How many people with Vote Leave posters have had car and house windows smashed?

Ian R Thorpe said...

According to an item on TV news last night, many of these 'racist incidents have been verbal insults by well established people of Indian sub continent extraction against Poles and Romanians.

I know of no reason for animosity between these groups but it is a well known problem in most northern towns.

formertory said...

After voting "Leave" I continue to believe that European immigration is by and large, beneficial. The immigration we don't want or need is from other places whose names end in "stan", whose beliefs include throwing homosexuals off high buildings, or slicing parts of young girls' pudendas. Those who think we must accommodate their cultural beliefs, whilst they reject ours. Those who won't learn the language or attempt to integrate.

I'm in a part of the UK which has a large Polish population and I have nothing but positive thoughts as regards a well-educated, English-speaking, hard working, respectable and friendly section of the populace. These are nice people. There are no mullahs amongst them who want to make us into a medieval society.

Span Ows said...

@Ian R Thorpe: "...many of these 'racist incidents have been verbal insults by well established people of Indian sub continent extraction against Poles and Romanians.

I know of no reason for animosity between these groups but it is a well known problem in most northern towns."

Pecking order. Established immigrants from sub-continent worried about backlash on them because of very high new immigration. However, for some reason I doubt whether the Hindus are doing it.

Plus, just to add polemic, come the Holy War, the help of white, Christian Poles wouldn't go amiss.

Barnacle Bill said...

@ formertory

I fully endorse your comments; all the Polish people I have met/worked with have made a positive contribution to our society. Sadly the same cannot be said of those coming from the countries you identified.

What is even more infuriating is that the is an element of our own country folk who support them continuing their outdated beliefs/practices at the expense of our own values.

@ Span Ows

I know from conversations with neighbourhood Poles they too have their concerns about what is happening in England with our Muslim population. Especially those Poles who are putting down roots here.

DeeDee99 said...

There's no excuse for "picking on" ordinary, powerless immigrants to the UK.

There's every justification for "picking on" the arrogant Remainers in the media, politics and left-wing rent-a-mob who refuse to accept the result of a democratic Referendum: particularly since the PM attempted to rig the result in their favour and they still lost.

I sincerely hope the racist incidents stop - but I can't help thinking that the media are (and will continue) to actively seek out information about anything and everything that occurs and blow it up out of all proportion.

Weekend Yachtsman said...

"the help of white, Christian Poles wouldn't go amiss"

It certainly helped at the siege of Vienna.

I am sure we'll need them again at some point, and they us.

anon 2 said...

Nice one, Weekend Yachtsman! Well said - especially not forgetting the Poles who worked with the RAF in WWII.