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Saturday, 11 June 2016

Simple social skills for the liberal elites

It was when, as a lad, I arrived home after a day out exploring with the dog, both bone-tired, exhausted and panting, that I learnt my dad's first maxim. Gently holding my hand from the breadbox he pointed at the dogs empty waterbowl "Always see to your men and animals first" he said quietly. That, and his second - "Never point a gun at anyone unless you intend to kill them" - have stayed with me for life. And if you only learn two maxims, those two aren't so bad. 

An old soldier of few words he was of a generation that had seen the alternatives to the way we did things and didn't like them. The Italian army, for instance, had three scales of rations for officers, NCOs and enlisted men. He mentioned it contemptuously. But he was no 'snowflake' - he knew fellow Brits of all classes, backgrounds and callings sober and drunk, in battle and at rest, scared and beserk, filthy and freezing and slick in parade order and was under no illusion that romanticised and varnished his fellow soldiers. But from Normandy to Korea, Palestine to Cyprus there was no-one in the world he would rather have standing in the line with him than fellow British men. 

I just know he would have been disgusted and revolted by the hauteur, disdain and ridicule heaped today on ordinary British people by a new metropolitan left-liberal elite. Laughing at someone's spelling, ridiculing their opinion or disparaging their taste from a position of wealth, power and privilege was something he and his generation had fought a war to eradicate - their prize a social victory at home. Yes, he was a Labour voter until Barbara Castle as Defence Minister criticised his battalion's use of force in Cyprus for political brownie points. After that we were Conservative and took the Daily Express. 

There is no comparison, but in my own way I've had a taste of it. Thirty years in construction and about a third of it spent on site have also allowed me the privilege of close contact with all manner of men from many nations. Sites are one of the few environments in which you never have to make your own tea, but if you do make a mug yourself, and one for the labourer who sweeps and housekeeps, and find the time to have a fag and a chat, then those little things pay dividends. You just need to remember the real truth that everyone is interesting, everyone is worthwhile and everyone is worth listening to. As I watch new young construction professionals on site disdaining the manual and craft as anonymous nobodies to be ignored as they bury their heads in their 3G devices I think that teaching those lessons to the new snowflake generation may be the most useful thing we can ever do.


DeeDee99 said...

Our arrogant Overlords have all the attitudes and foresight of the Ancien Regime in France, just before it was swept away.

I hope they get what they have coming on 23 June.

Apparently said...

Partially agree Raedwald...

This doesn't necessarily work in reverse though...

I know that Amber Rudd is "my better", but I can't stand her!

Same goes for 'Piggy' Cameron.

Anonymous said...

Whither democracy, how would we know? It's not gone because, in the UK we've never had one, but it is way past time is it not, to wrest back power - Kratos to the Demos!

Another reason why our endlessly arrogant elite, its MPs pooh pooh Switzerland and Norway efforts, because; big decisions are put to the people and often through national plebiscite, and just for a moment, consider that.

The sacrifice of our lads in WWI and WWII, blood spilled - yes we won but did we actually win aught? I deem, that, since the Sixties our politicians have been working for the other side but also acknowledge before the Romans came there's always been serfdom and landowners, powerful chieftains. It is, as if history stands still, nothing much has changed in these islands. The Saxons' Witan and Danes with one oar one vote - all round, was much fairer. Alas, the scourge of the other Norsemen put us back a 1000 years and we still are knuckling our foreheads to our inferiors and their money men.

It makes me nervous to assume that, each generation thinks it knows best and far more than their fathers did, though it is reckoned that, the snowflakes are the generation which is, in most things inclusive of education are, regressing. A brave new world of total fuqwits, that was made, deliberately so and it goes......we, should never have allowed that.

So it goes and on, on and on......

The fluffy world, a world forged by the 'progressives' that, ad nauseum the UK media like to portray, a Britain where diversity is celebrated, where everyone is more equal than you and like it or, not, you feckin well will lump it.

But it isn't a fluffy world - is it?

Common sense and civility is frowned upon and good manners are disdained, we always had an aristocracy which hated the serfs, and if anything, the new public sector aristocracy and its champagne Socialists hate fellow Britannia even more so, think Pollyanna Toynbee and her fellow Grauniadistas.
Multiculturalism, meant you could (were coerced) love alien cultures more than your own and Christianity was put down, euthanized - like they'll be doing to us and very soon.

Our political elite, they fucked an education system that was the envy of the western world, shafted a Grammar school system which boosted, allowed kids from very poor backgrounds to raise themselves up and beat their public school rivals hands down up at Oxbridge - they had to take that ladder away, they did it, Tory and Lav both.

Now a breed apart, from across the pond, those Hillary and Bill types, educated in Ivy league Cultural Marxism, all Frankfurt School alumni knit with their fellow Statists from London and Paris to Berlin and Brussels. The UN is their deconstruction vehicle and agenda 21 globalism for dummies provides the wrecking ball, corporate bankers are the facilitators - step forwards Goldman Sachs. All the while and at the back of them, some very duplicitous lizards, George Soros for one, Gates, the Sierra Club, Bilderbergers, Club of Rome and the list is long and all are part, as contractors, building; Brave new world/1984 Fluffy world, call it what you will - OWG version.

Someone, some nation needs to smash this nexus, someone needs to put a bomb under the EU/UN/corporate world order - metaphorically speaking.

Britain, literally needs to start the kick back, people, Britons need to get out of 'Fluffy world' and blow it to smithereens.

Vote out, Vote for a new way.

leila said...

Glad tidings! Frank Ferguson, a thoroughly decent UKIP man wins a seat on Essex County council Thursday, by 400 votes from Lab and 1156 from the Cons!

Barnacle Bill said...

When I had command I always put the welfare of my crew before my own interests. I would sometimes recieve bonuses, pilotage money from charterers etc ... I always made sure my crew had a share in this, never direct cash but I would pay their bond bill for the month. Or we would have a ship's day out when I would pay for everything - within reason!

In return I had a crew who I knew if I called for that extra effort would do it willingly. One crew stayed with me for six years.

Now I look at our sneering, contemptuous political elite wondering if they are actually members of the same human race as myself.

I studied George Orwell/Eric Blair many years ago. I remember being told Animal Farm was a denouncement of Soviet Russia. Yet I now believe we are seeing it come true in our own fair land. If the Piggies in the Remain group win it will be the slamming of the farmyard gate behind us as we are forced to take up the yoke of enhanced European serfdom.

Anonymous said...

As a student doing a summer job I was very impressed when the head of the division would 'walk the floor'. He would arrive without any retinue and speak to the first person that he met who was usually one of the lowest graded staff. Without exception he knew something personally relevant to that person, such as how a family member was doing. And so it would continue across the floor. How did he manage it? who knows but the staff would have followed him through fire.

There is the saying about being nice to people on the way up because you might meet them on the way down too!

I have a nephew who wants to lead the world yet has great contempt for people lacking his (claimed) intellect. I keep telling him that even Prime Ministers need people to stack shelves if they are to eat.

Anonymous said...

My father said, if you're going to be a boss, never expect your staff to do things that either you can't or, won't do and don't be too proud to make the tea. Start at the bottom, work your way up and never, never confide your inner thoughts and feelings - about anyone, mind your own business.

Elby the Beserk said...

10/10. I too learnt these lessons from my mum and dad. Treat everybody the same.

Anonymous said...

Wow, you really aught to, if you haven't already - read this!!

Tremendous, superlative polemic from Brendan O'Neill.

rapscallion said...

Have you got a link for that Brendan O'Neil piece

plantman said...

DeeDee99 in the first comment in this thread has it right. Whilst not a learned historian more and more over the last 12/18 months I have the thought that we are so similar to pre-revolutionary France. The "Red-Princes" nepotism, the disdain and contempt for the vast majority not part of their privileged aristocracy (now masquerading as an intellectual and cultural "meritocracy") the great wealth - not now inherited from earlier generations but from self appointed and establishment created manipulations. So many factors I could bore for pages - so I won't.

I hope we can overthrow this Ancien Regime without the bloodshed (and needing to create a Napolean) to do it.

rapscallion said...

Disregard my last - just spotted the read this!! bit

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said that "the aristocracy always hated the serfs". I think this is quite wrong, both historically and today. Overwhelmingly the 'aristocracy' and the working class have got on very well together, each understanding and respecting the other. It is the so-called middle class that, by its distainful and arrogant (snooty) behaviour, gets up the noses of the aristocracy and workers alike. I am aware that taking about 'class' in this way is currently out-of-favour, but help to make my pint.

Anonymous said...

Solid piece Raedwald.


Sackerson said...

Lovely. From the heart.

anon 2 said...

Agree with Anon. @14:08 -- in earlier ages Brits, understood the need to respect each role in society: everyone did his/her bit to keep the cart on the wheels; everyone was needed. E.G, when HIV and HV needed English archers to win wars against frogs, they actually started to reinstate English, whereby they could communicate with the men. Come the Industrial Revolution, though, some of the middling sorts had worked both ends for a while, with varying degrees of success. I guess that's what Marx and Engels exploited when they came along, though they put it all down to a euro concept of "class" ... snotty superiority being what they understood best. Thing is though, that since 1066 'class' had been rooted in race! The people with the land and power were Norman-French; those they had dispossessed were the native Celts, and even some with germanic genetic 'overlay.' And so it continued. That is, until the middling euro types got up to their present-day game of destroying the indigenes and replacing them with anything that comes this way... BREXIT