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Wednesday, 8 June 2016

Something very nasty is fouling our democracy

Dr Dawkins as we know is a fool - and not one that hides his idiocy under a bushel. His latest fatuous pronouncement is that ordinary people are too stupid to vote in a referendum; he wants to restrict the vote to middle class professionals with a knowledge of economics. I thought he was alone in this lunatic anti-democracy but no; up pops David Mitchell, the husband of Victoria Coren and supposedly a comedian of sorts. He came out supporting Dawkins. Not funny; very scary.

The left have a long history of despising and wanting to disenfranchise the British working class; from GB Shaw and his serious and earnest desire for a 'humane' poison gas to kill the poor, to Virginia Wolff who wanted to euthanize a group of mentally disabled persons. Indeed, in Scandinavian Poly Toynbee La-la land, the government were compulsorily sterilising people regarded as stupid right up to the 1990s, to stop them 'breeding'. The left and eugenics go together like cheese and pickle - and it's always the working class that are the target of their violence and spite.  

What has become very apparent in this campaign is that the 'Remain' camp's hatred of the working class has shown itself in all its bigoted, vile, filthy nastiness. Here are a selection of Tweets posted in response to an interview by R4's 'Today' with an ordinary family from Hull. On balance, the family favoured the 'Leave' case. The tweeters responding as below would all, no doubt, support the foolish Dawkins and seek to remove the vote from our fellow citizens from Hull.

Their arrogance is intolerable. We must make it clear we will not stand for it. 


Anonymous said...

I admit it, I can be a superior arrogant one eyed bigot - on my better days. Thus having said it, I'd fit right in with the left wing holier than thou tosserati - of which Dave and his extended family are founder members.

Left wing - make your own minds up about me.................

The difference though is,

I believe in open democracy, open and accountable small government where every paper clip - and down to the last penny of expenditure has to be properly registered and thus can be actually accounted for,

I believe that, the budget should be set by the people through an annual plebiscite - at local and national levels.

I believe in, a free and accountable Parliament, the legislature should be, to be separated from the executive.

I want my country to escape from the perversion that is the Brussels slave Empire.

I want free market competition, laissez faire economics to rule what is sold and bought in the shops of my country - I do not want to be dominated by a corporate blob - who because they are pulling the strings of some alien autocratic rule makers (EU commission/ECHR/ECJ) can change the rules and regulations at the drop of a hat to suit - they tell me what to buy - and that's not right.

I hate people telling me what to do, I hate the idea of open door mass immigration but I do not hate my fellow Europeans - I've always loved to travel to Europe and count myself lucky that I knew Espania, Slovenia, Österreich, Svensk, Norsk, Dansk, Italia, Deutschland et cetera before they were homogenized by the PC adherents - its filth pedlars in, Berlin/Paris/Brussels/Oslo.

I love Australia, NZ, Canada lots more than I do Pakistan, I want my fellow white cousins to visit here and with welcome arms. I do not require any more mass immigration from all points east of Suez more particularly countries wedded, fixated on Wahhabist Islam.
I don't want my capital city to be run by Gulf sovereign funds via the backdoor and, PakiBanglaInd councillors, Arab playboys running round the west end in their 'racing cars' pissed up and shagging local wildlife be they on two legs or four, it's time to tell them where to fucking get off.

I want my freedom to behave in respectful manner and if I step out of line - I should be hammered for it BUT where the law of the land does not discriminate against anyone - equanimity, equable, objective - impartial.
I hate the fact that, I have been made and through the auspices of the ECHR a second class citizen in the land of my fathers going back more than twenty five generations (and counting).

I am an Anglo Saxon - true, also with Celtic blood and fiercely proud of both lines.

Am I a Socialist?

Mrs Proudie of Barchester said...

I stand with you on every count...

Brightside Bob said...

Dr Sally-A. Huxtable: "...idiotic box(sic) pops..."
Er, yes dear. Ooops!
Ps: Are you a REAL doctor?

Sean O'Hare said...

@Brightside Bob

A real doctor is a postgraduate degree known as a doctorate, (e.g a PhD). Few medical practitioners are in fact doctors in this sense. Scary isn't it?

Anonymous said...

I once voted Labour, quite a few times actually from the age of 18. Wasn't a socialist though - wouldn't know what that was till much later, and when I did find out (Fabians, Internationalism, etc) the penny dropped and I felt betrayed. Grandad voted Labour, he was also a fundraiser: collected coppers in a bucket outside Plainmoor (Torquay United) in the 1920's. Dad was Labour. None of mine are Labour: I told them socialists (progressives) will make us a minority in our own land before the end of this century. My youngest thought it immoral and when I told her the same will happen in Holland, Denmark, Sweden and Norway she said "why?".

I couldn't give her an exact answer because I don't know myself, so I told her "no homelands for white people?". Of course miscegenation will finish the job eventually but I didn't mention it as she has two little English daughters, who'll be a minority by the time they're my age. A nation in transition - majority to minority - is staring oblivion in the face even as an ethnic group. The point of no return is not that far away and both Tory and Labour want us to 'celebrate' our demise.


Mark said...

"Bye bye EU, fun while it lasted"

For that parasite it probably was which is all the incentive any right minded Briton needs.

Anonymous said...

I wonder how many people benefit financially from being in the EU. At a guess probably about 100,0000 only, but boy do they make a noise!

Cascadian said...

"Their arrogance is intolerable. We must make it clear we will not stand for it."......Why? they are entitled to show their ignorance, let them display their diseased thought processes, it is their right. I do not want the glasgow plod (as one example) policing peoples thoughts.

Thank you for reporting this though, I have never had any inclination to use twitter.Every example supports that view.

Ravenscar. said...

Twitter is, the medium which, allows ignorant people to ceaselessly affirm their vacuous nihilism. A cultural vapidity which is, dressed up as 'caring' - ie progressive 'thinking'. Hence, where negatively correlated - as cogent analysis disappears, cerebral perspective diminishes in turn, produces the greater rabid cacophony.

'Empty vessels make the most noise', an apt aphorism.

Arthur Foxake said...

I guess not many of the people providing vox pops are economists but it doesn't take a genius to understand the Euro zone is bankrupt and the EU commissioners desperately need to keep us in to bankroll them.

Dawkins is a typical leftie intellectual like the ones described in John Carey's book The Intellectuals and The Masses: Pride and Prejudice Among the Literary Intelligentsia 1880-1939

It's rather like the second half of Orwell's 'The Road To Wigan Pier' in which he exposes the intellectual snobbery of the left wing elitists (Fabian society) who hijacked the Labour Party in the 1930s. In that Orwell reveals that the elite feared an educated and informed working class. He was right, look how the lefties who control the education system have dumbed down the curriculum.

Gordon the Fence Post Tortoise said...

The thin skinned progressives and eco-twerps on Twitter are just so precious....

I do not indulge in name calling or ad-homs(much) - but simply pointing out evidence that their assertions could do with re-evaluating in light of whats actually going on / happened gets a gratifying number of blocks :-)

Earfingering la-la-la I'm not listening! is a big part of the progressive mindset.

Equally, Twitter is chock full of quite staggering ignorance and prejudice from simply vile people who presume - like Orwell's targets - that they are somehow superior by dint of their ideology and social standin.

Mr Ecks said...

The majority of socialist scum today is middle-class cultural Marxist shite--or upper class as with Camoron.

The irony is that the North , Wales, Scotland etc keep ZaNu afloat because white working class idiots still vote labour "cos my Dad did"

DeeDee99 said...

And the sad fact is that many of the working class, who the champagne socialists and luvvies in Labour so despise, will vote for the party.

Weekend Yachtsman said...

The EU was designed from the start to eliminate democracy, so it's no surprise to find that it's cheer-leaders think the same way.

Anonymous said...


Mr Ecks said...

The majority of socialist scum today is middle-class cultural Marxist shite--or upper class as with Camoron.

The irony is that the North , Wales, Scotland etc keep ZaNu afloat because white working class idiots still vote labour "cos my Dad did"

8 June 2016 at 22:44
Blogger DeeDee99 said...

And the sad fact is that many of the working class, who the champagne socialists and luvvies in Labour so despise, will vote for the party. [/quote]

It beggars belief, to use a very DM tired cliche but and try as I might, even if you factor in the 'ethnic vote' - they still returned a scum party MP in Rotherham - c'est incroyable!! - as our frog neighbours say.

Stupid is, as stupid does.................but why do you feed the hand that beats you up every and all day - indeed, is it a serfdom/Stockholm syndrome/lazy fucktard thing?

Anonymous said...

All Remainians are either on the EU payroll (bought off,traitor) or haven't bothered to find out what the EU has in store for us (apathetic). So all Remainians should be put down or locked up and do the rest of us a favour.

Anonymous said...

All comments disabled on Guido, Breitbart, EUrefendum - is it pure, the usual malfunctional amateurish Libfucktard dysfunctional shite at disgust or, is it a practice run for the days just afore the 23 plebiscite? Wisteria Gardens, EU central and George Soros's man in the White House - can't be doing with nay sayers!! - they don't want opinions of the masses to be heard - this is the new order - after all.