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Tuesday, 7 June 2016

Somewhat on the basis of monkeys, typewriters and Shakespeare ...

Since the start of the campaign I've been twittering like an obsessive - more twits in the past month than since 2008 - and have used an easily edited and modified graphic to make key points and counter points day by day. Most are a little amateurish and so-so but they generally work a lot better than bare twits. Today's, though, is getting a lot of people exited and is being re-twitted like Billy-oh. I clearly got something right here; probably more on the basis of monkeys and typewriters than anything else.


Demetrius said...

I like it.

the moon is a balloon said...

BTW my student son - and his two mates who go to the same univ - have received double voting cards. One for home and one for away. I wonder how many thousand of those have been harvested for fiddling.

plantman said...

Double voting cards

Standard practice as I recall. So why I've no doubt that the BSE remainiacs and especially the corrupt shameless and totally without integrity Cameron and his ilk are pulling allsorts of nasty stunts I don't think this is one.
The latest nasty btw (courtesy of Guido F) is a refusal by the Treasury to confirm how much we are sending into the Union home regions (I don't think "nations" applies any more)in child support payments for the offspring of EU citizens resident in the UK.
Apparently it is now too time consuming and expensive to provide this despite the fact that it has been readily forthcoming from a standard report in previous years The most recently figure quoted was £30,000,000 - it will almost certainly much more now and therefore a greater potential embarrassment to Cameron. If I were a cynic I might say that is why it is now "Too expensive" to provide, especially in the next week or two!

So my own little contribution has been to e-mail my MP and 7 MEPs via "Write to them" (quick and easy) saying I understand that the annual value of this payment is now £100,000,000 but could they confirm. If they do - fine if they dispute it then they should provide what they regard as the correct one to counter.

Try it dear readers - it might help the cause.

Anonymous said...

That reminds me, anyone see Reg on TV last night?

Vote Leave and help bring Blair to trial.


anon 2 said...

Great one, Raedwald. Luvvit -- and I hope lots will USE is.

mikebravo said...

Nice one Raedwald.

A rogues gallery of lying and conniving shits!

Lets hope it converts a few more to the cause.

Anonymous said...

Love the poster, great stuff. Traitors the lot of them.

Rossa said...

John Ward at The Slog picked up this piece on the BBC website which says that MPs are discussion a vote on the result of the referendum if we vote Leave and will overturn it, keeping us in.

Dioclese said...

Nice poster. Don;t expect we'll be seeing many of them on the hoardings any time soon tho'