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Monday, 20 June 2016

The most important week of our lives

Yesterday I was deeply depressed by two unexpected knockbacks - the murder of Jo Cox, and UKIP's poster. It was a real Churchillian 'black dog' down. So, I did the only thing that works in these circumstances - stayed off the sauce, drunk gallons of mineral water and sweated it all out in positive and productive labour, with an aspirin last thing and a good night's sleep. 

Now today I'm growing angry at the exploitative and immoral use being made of this young woman's death by the Establishment - a grubby exploitation that will befoul the Commons today with deceit and emotional blackmail. But there's nothing we can do except note that the ordinary working people so despised by the Establishment are not so stupid not to see what's going on. My hope is they'll do their hedgehog trick - keep schtum, lie to the pollsters and vote 'Leave' in the privacy of the polling booth. 

As for Nigel and that poster, I'm concerned. Concerned, as Mike Smithson suggests, that Thursday may become a national vote on Nigel and not on the EU. And the poster I think was a mistake. The message was we don't like foreigners, not that we put our nation and all its people before others. 

Well, we must KBO. And if Friday doesn't bring the result this nation needs, we'll still KBO; if the corrupt cabal of unelected crooks in the Berlaymont think they have a monopoly in repeating referendums until they get the right result, they underestimate British tenacity. 

God bless and speed all, and perhaps (given the nights before Crecy, Agincourt, Waterloo and D-day) a prayer for moderate rain on Wednesday night; the 1664 BOCP has "Send us, we beseech thee, in this our necessity, such moderate rain and showers, that we may receive the fruits of the earth to our comfort and to thine honour". Amen. 


Span Ows said...

I have never seen/read as much cross political spectrum support for Leave. Today - as for the last month - the Leave comments outnumber support for Remain by between 5-1 and 10-1, obviously this doesn't mean the vote will go that way but beforehand these Have-Your-Says were very evenly split.

Same with local taxi drivers sand hairdressers, of the few I have spoken to NONE have encountered had a SINGLE Remain person from those they asked: obviously this is barely dozens of people and even they may lie but it is a great feeling of momentum. I am telling everyone to vote vote vote and not be complacent at all. As you say, it needs to be a VERY convincing win to avoid the dithering and 2nd referendum etc.

God is in the [early moderate] rain. Bring it on to a bright sunny crisp 23rd.

Anonymous said...

If 'remain' win it will be a vote to continue the one party system of 'government' that we have had for the past thirty years.

It will be a vote for there to be only one valid opinion that must be protected by 'safe spaces', 'no platforming' and 'twitter storms'.

surely the establishment can't repress our inborn wish for freedom forever? won't 'youth' at some point in the future rebel against this fascist orthodoxy?

Cuffleyburgers said...

I couldn't agree more Radders.

I too sought comfort this weekend in physical activity and work out in the garden, but I certainly didn' stay off the sauce nor I am sure would the great man have done either. I take my inspiration from him.

Currently reading the history of the Malakand Field Force, and his comments on Afghans and Islam would seem as fresh and apposite now as they did then - except you can be sure he would be no-platformed by the trendier folk...

Thud said...

A fine prayer.Most I meet here on The Wirral are for staying but perhaps they are the most verbal I meet as I have stuck to not having any kind of interaction on this subject,I'll leave it in Gods hands cos I've no idea how its going to go nor what will happen after.

Robert said...

Dave_G said...

Much as I hope and pray for a leave result I'm confident in the fact that, regardless of our referendum, the EU is finished for more than just the Brexit reason.

A financial collapse seems inevitable although this is being drawn out like piano wire to prolong the agony and increase the damage it will ultimately lead to.

Greece is now a side issue (as bad as it is) with Italy coming up on the inside rail to overtake the Greek problems and demote them to mere 'trivialities' in the financial scheme of things. Douche Bank is teetering on collapse. Spain is close on the heels of Italy etc etc.

Then there is also the cross-Europe disillusionment of the projekt and demands for independent referendums will be high on the political agenda - it only take ONE to start the dominoes to topple.

Immigration is still a contentious issue and the media black-out of immigration counter demonstrations as well as the anti-Government unrest across France.

Now, with NATO forces lining up on Russia's borders and even Russian planes being intercepted over Syria for 'bombing the wrong side' we face the prospect of a war on European soil (again) which will escalate into a global conflict in no time flat.

Global economies are on the verge of ruination too and at the risk of being accused of breaking out out the tin foil hat (or lead underpants) all the claims of UN Agenda 21 and New World Order controlling events seem ever more likely to be true - and their 'final solution' was a reduction in global population........

So, confidence of a collapse of the EU is high but concerns over that being made a side issue is even higher.

Anonymous said...

Harry says,

No one was upset when the Guardian used a very similar picture and words. This is no time for shuddering.

Anonymous said...

One rather expects such people as Polly Toynbee to use the death of that young woman for political advantage, but for the Prime Minister - a British Prime Minster - to exploit her sad death to advance his Remain cause is especially repugnant. Cameron has shown himself to be morally corrupt, and this alone should disqualify him continuing to occupy that great office of state. Conservative MPs should shun him, and boot him out of office immediately.

Mr Ecks said...

What is all the crazy crap about the poster?

Does everybody out think that bringing in an army of 18-30 yobs with a bad attitude so they can terrorising women (as in Sweden/Germany) is a good thing?

anon 2 said...

Thank you, Raedwald -- good post.

Cox was no Diana. Anyway, the whole maudling business is nauseating, and it insults the British people by assuming that emotions entirely control us. So much for our much-prized Yorkshire "phlegm," then.

Much appreciate your final paragraph: I shall join in your prayer over these last few days.

Anonymous said...

Good post R.

Dave_G, wouldn't argue with a word of that.

" Anonymous Anonymous said...

One rather expects such people as Polly Toynbee to use the death of that young woman for political advantage, but for the Prime Minister - a British Prime Minster - to exploit her sad death to advance his Remain cause is especially repugnant. Cameron has shown himself to be morally corrupt, and this alone should disqualify him continuing to occupy that great office of state. Conservative MPs should shun him, and boot him out of office immediately. "

Well said.

Dave, COMMON PURPOSE DAVE and his appalling twisted, political narrative hijacking the public circus surrounding the untimely death of a little known MP, one Jo Cox. By God, has Camoron steered the UK PM-ship onto the rocks of shame as the UK 'senior politicians' maintain standards the equal of the Socialist 'scorched earth' Cultural Marxist politics/public standards - demanded, inaugurated during the Bliar/Broon terror - do they not?
Having said all of that, recent PMs since all the way back to that lying toad Wilson and that fucktard Heath, that traitorous deviant - of the comparators, standards - to say the least, the bar has never been raised that high, now has it?

Finally, I've said oft' times, one of the salient reasons they (UK political establishment and Tory patricians) could not abide Enoch Powell was, his frankness, he was driven to tell the truth - he saw no other way, he had to go - if only for his probity.

cascadian said...

Fear not Raedwald, the UKIP banner was entirely accurate and the depiction of hundreds of gimmegrants well chosen, that is the only reason it has attracted so much ire from the remain crowd.The old phrase-you attract the heaviest flak when you are over the target, applies. The remain faction has no plan for uncontrolled immigration and welfare enrollment.

Instinctively most people understand this, the yapping you hear is from the EU-entitled such as the Kinnockios and other liebour scum who ignore their constituents in welfare ghettoes.

As an added bonus the Cox death has unleashed the camoron after he went into the witness-protection scheme, he is too dumb to understand that his appearance will once again recruit thousands to the opposing cause.

I have no way to judge the sentiment of the populace in the face of the Dianafication of Cox, and no faith in political polls so the outcome is unclear to me, frankly I don't even think the result is important. The damage is done, not only in the yUK but in Spain, Italy, Greece, Hungary even Germany, a bank failure or two or a false move causing war in Ukraine and the whole charade will be exposed-again! There is no future for the EU, the currency is a scam, nearly a whole generation is unemployed, there is no worthwhile military, the borders are porous and the demand for free-stuff by an infinite population endless.

Nevertheless, I hope the exit team is successful against all the poll-rigging and other jiggery-pokery the con-liebour axis have erected, and hope that yUK can be once more restored to UK.

Anonymous said...

@ cascadian, I was beginning to lose hope but reading that put me back on track :)

DeeDee99 said...

I am disgusted by the political exploitation of that young woman's murder. Guido has now produced evidence that Will Straw, organising the Remain campaign, instructed his campaigners to exploit it and that awful chip of the block Stephen Kinnock duly obliged. Sickening and disgraceful - yet they claim the moral high ground.

I've supported Farage loyally over the years: he's been mis-represented and subjected to more hatchet-jobs than anyone else in politics. But that poster WAS a mistake and it shouldn't have been produced in a tight referendum. I'm afraid he has simply proved what the Leave campaign were saying all along - he is a divisive character who will drive many voters away from LEAVE.

I delivered my final 1000 leaflets over the past 3 days; the street stall I was due to help with on Saturday was cancelled due to suspension of the campaign. Whatever the result, I can look myself in the mirror and know I did my level best to secure this country's independence.

I'm hoping and praying that enough British people understand what's a stake and have enough guts to ignore the bullying and threats and vote LEAVE. But I'm no longer confident.

Poisonedchalice said...

There's no plan from Remain. Well actually there are two possible scenarios; none of them good.

1) The EU and the hangers on have no coherent plan - and that is terrible.

2) There is a plan and they don't want to share it with us. And that is even worse.

Italian banks are about to go pop in a big way that will make Greece look like a childs firecracker, and no one is talking about it. If we vote to remain, then we (not the government) are on the hook for bailouts - BIG bailouts. No mention of that then eh?

Coney Island

RandomAnonymousCrank said...

America having destabilised the middle east is fighting a proxy war there with Russia. America is using a compliant EU to threaten and encircle Russia under the guise of non existent Russian threats. If Russia , who is not the aggressor here, is pushed too far it will retaliate. If we leave the EU probably others will follow. A broken EU will thwart American plans. If the random act of violence by one person affects the outcome of Thursdays vote it will be a re-run of Sarajevo, with the inevitable eventual outcome.

Prawnster said...

Not sure if above link will work. Nevertheless try to access Frank Furedi's critical historical analysis of Europe.

This EU is a fantasy utopia built on quicksand. Who cares what the £ does on Friday. Most of both campaigns have trivialised the big issue - democracy and sovereignty.

I think Leave will snatch it. I think the polls do not reflect accurately voting intentions.

Cull the Badgers said...

The poster didn't bother me, it didn't prompt me to get all moral and indignant.

Anonymous said...

I'm getting more and more tin foil hatted as I get older, but the similarity of the Jo Cox case with that of Anna Lindh worry me:

That days before two separate Eu referendums a right wing nutter should murder a left wing politicians and case a Pro -EU swing is too much of a coincidence.

Span Ows said...

The UKIP banner was a photograph. Nobody can claim it was false.

Anonymous said...

The poster was taken from a real time photograph - what is it about the extreme left - that, they cannot summon sufficient fortitude to face what is the reality?

And another thing, that fucking charity memorial fund set up on Cox's name - one third of which goes to funding that bunch of fucking lunatics - 'Hope not Hate'.

Decorum and sweet reason? - in Britain have flown out of the window, what one might call modern UK society can't tell which way is up and thus, has lost its collective marbles.

Bob Doney said...

I don't believe the win/lose result on Thursday actually matters very much. The immigrants will continue to pour in for a few years even if Leave win. The financial bubbles will pop even if Remain win. I find it highly unlikely that a narrow win for Leave would actually result in the UK leaving the EU, for all the obvious reasons, including the fact that it is contrary to the wishes of the overwhelming majority of MPs of our sovereign Parliament.
But the important result on Thursday has already been decided: we, the people, are split down the middle as to our long term view of the UK's role in the world, and approximately half are diametrically opposed to the view of our elected representatives. To pursue the Churchillian theme, Thursday is not the end, or even the beginning of the end, but it may be the end of the beginning. As our host says, KBO.

RandomAnonymouscrank said...

Bob Doney is right, who ever wins things are going to get worse. If leave wins it will be a convenient scapegoat for Cameron but if remain win he's going to have to delve into his encyclopaedia of lies and phoney statistics (again).

Anonymous said...

If the great British public have awakened to the very actualite, if?

That they are so thoroughly despised by the in toto the UK TPTB and where, the British are being replaced by some peoples who are mercilessly exploited by and through a creed which is antithetical to every precept of the Christian way. These itinerant rustics, who have journeyed here, from areas and regions which resemble in lifestyle and culture - something not far removed from and little changed since the Dark Ages and all that its barbarity entailed.

If they [TPTB] hate us that much (and they do) and the majority of the UK public have come to make that realization, then irrespective of the EU ref' outcome, it's still, a square, a move forwards.
As we are also quite aware, that, indubitably the EU will implode of its own accord and thanks to its own special vulnerability when politicians play with money and fire and mix it with megalomania...
Thus, whatever we do or, don't do its Britain where we need to metaphorically facilitate the 'night of the long knives' - Pt II.

Cascadian said...

The economy is so robust with yUK in the EU that RBS just announced another 900 job cuts,

that is 2700 dismissed since March.

No wonder Georgie is preparing to shutdown the stock exchange, Remain will have been holding back as much bad news as possible until after the referendum. Be prepared for a very rough ride no matter which way the vote goes.

The camoron pleads that you not vote against him, just because he is a know-nothing, liar, fantasist.

Brendan Cox is revealed as one of Gordon Brown's "experts" and an alleged female staff abuser.

You cannot make this stuff up, it is arrogant mismanagement, PR waffle and lies from top to bottom of the Remain crew.