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Tuesday, 7 June 2016

Why do Fascist dictators always start with Armbands?

I have no doubt that someone in the EU has commissioned at vast public expense a top European clothing designer to produce the EU Army's uniform, much as Hugo Boss was commissioned to do the same for the SS. In the meanwhile, just what are all those Brussels bureaucrats in the Berlaymont who openly wear Hugo Boss suits trying to say? 

In the absence of a uniform, and sometimes with a uniform, they always start with armbands; the first picture are the fascist 'Jobbik' thugs from Hungary ...

Then are the EU's new border guards ...

(No, don't adjust your screen; the chap on the right really is wearing his epaulette over his manboob)

Finally, like LDV volunteers still with pitchforks and shotguns, are the EU armed forces;


hatfield girl said...

The best-dressed Fascist has a black shirt, knee britches, a finely-turned calf in woollen sock or polished boot to the knee, and tasselled cap. An armband would not cut it for a self-respecting Squadrista.

Arm bands are worn by the cheap, social democrat, soft end of fascistic authoritarianism, hence worn by functionaries of the EU.

mikebravo said...

Did Roderick Spode wear an armband?

The chap bottom right would look dapper with a little black moutash and a clenched fist!

Bill Quango MP said...

The Brown shirts got their uniforms cheap from ex-colonial African WW1 stock.

The EU social democrat, soft end of fascistic authoritarianism will probably be wearing Ex-EU beach inspector bright green overalls with a fluorescent yellow peaked cap.
And be armed with those long litter picking grips and a clear, recyclable bag.

Anonymous said...

Hungary's Jobbic Party use the Ingwaz rune: the ancient meaning of Ingwaz is that of the god Ing - in modern use the Ingwaz is concerned with new beginnings, new opportunities and new life. The most famous use of runic symbols in modern times is probably Himmler's Schutzstaffel. The unit insignia displayed two Sig runes, hence the SS. (The Nazis took this symbol, changing it's Anglo-Saxon name Sigel into Sig, thus changing it's meaning from Sun to Victory - German: Sieg, as in Seig Heil meaning Hail Apollyon The Destroyer).

Not a lot of people know that.


Balázs Dukát said...

Wearing an arm band doesn't mean you are a fascist.
Your whole argument is just jumping to the wrong conclusion from a visual similarity.

OK, with the Jobbik you might be onto something, but they are opponents of the EU, and by the way, you may just as well leave the EU alone.