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Monday, 25 July 2016

Bayern gets its first self-detonating Jihadist

Brits must feel a sort of world weary sympathy with Bavarians today, as their first self-detonating Jihadist went off outside a bar. These miserable, joyless, Godless feckers of dreary Islamists will always try to target places where normal people enjoy themselves, laugh, love and share. Foreigners chopping eachother up on the streets with machetes are events with which we are also well-used, but new to Bavarians. But Bavaria has yet to experience a member of the German armed forces being slaughtered in public by machete - I'm sure it will come.

Whilst we are devoting time to friends, family and the joy of life, these heathen miserablists are crouched in their underpants before computer screens learning how to make bombs and kill people. 

Bavarians have also yet to expose their first gangs of sex-abusing Moslems raping and exploiting vulnerable German kiddies, but once they have got hold of one end of the chain and start hauling, they will find hundreds and hundreds of 'em. There's no end in sight in the UK yet of the queue of prosecutions of groups of vile Islamic sex fiends - every month sees another dozen banged up for a collective century. 

I do hope that whatever deluded fools in government imagined it was a good idea to allow these people to practice freely their own cultural values rather than having to integrate and being obliged to adopt ours are out at dinner in a smart restaurant when the next self-detonating Islamist strikes.


DeeDee99 said...

What I really don't understand is that if German demographics meant that a new, younger (and preferably educated) workforce needed to be imported, why Germany - and every other EU country except the UK and Ireland - blocked immigration from the Eastern Accession countries and then Romania and Bulgaria for 7 years.

They could have had an influx of a million or more hardworking and generally law-abiding Christian Poles instead of a million potential jihadists.

Recent terrorist atrocities show that its usually the 2nd and 3rd generation which become extremists. The real problems in Germany will kick off in a few decades time, when the children of today's immigrants reach young adulthood.

Merkel will be hated for what she did to Germany and imposed on the rest of Europe.

Cuffleyburgers said...

DEE dee makes a good point which had occurred to me a while back - in an EU in which half of southern Europe is out of a job thanks largely to the Euro which is increasingly a German scam, the most logical solution to Germany's labour shortage would be to invite spaniards, italians and greeks to fill the void. THat is one way in which an optimal curreny is supposed to operate.

Cull the Badgers said...

The police and other 'authorities' backed up by the broadcast media are now telling us that these people and events are 'not connected', as we know the idea is to influence the weak and the unthinking and the gullible into imagining the problem is not serious and no-one should worry. They also make excuses, mental illness and similar deceits.

Not friends - possibly true. Not in contact with each other - possibly true.

But from the middle east - yes. Same religion - yes. Same hatreds - yes. Same objectives - yes. Same motivations - yes.

There is no place in Western society for these people. Each day Merkel and other leaders who believe the same have more blood on their hands. She should be removed from her position and these people must be expelled.

Anonymous said...

If I was a young man recently graduated from the University of Crawley or Billericay, I might be minded to consider your words to be tantamount to "racist bigotry", verging on the side far-right Nazism.

If I was a reporter from the BBC, the first thing that might come to mind might be the thought that some poor fellow had left the gas on and inadvertently caused a gas explosion.

But your comment that the people that might be enjoying in their bourgeois way something enjoyed by "normal" people would definitely mark you out as a wrongun.

When this poor fellow from war torn Syria decided that enough was enough and it was time to make his mark, we should all take a moment of silence to remember that he and his comrades are just trying to be heard in a sea of racist, bigoted, far-right intolerance...

Anders Brexit is 43.


Barnacle Bill said...

I fully agree with Cull the Badgers that there definately seems to be a conspiracy between the MSM and those in power to deny or obfuscate any link/common factor with all these incidents.

Yet is glaring obvious that there is one - they are all followers of the RoP/Muslims. No ifs, no buts .. just primative, knuckle dragging Muslims with a thin veneer of civilization applied as a covering topcoat.

For anyone who attempts to even point this out or, the problems caused by the stubborn refusal of these Muslims to intergrate into the communities they have infiltrated. The authorities will come down upon these truth sayers like a ton of bricks. Using the very convenient label of "Hate Crime".

So telling the truth now becomes a crime both in this country and across the Channel.

I just hope as more and more of the sheeple are caught up in this dragnet it will be the straws that break the camel's back. When they find themselves facing the full fury of the Hate-Crime-Finders. With the threat of imprisonment or, stinging fines for that innocuos remark made in the pub or over social media. They may throw off the blindfolds/blinkers imposed from above to realize the full horror of the Muslim invasion of our fair lands.

Poisonedchalice said...

I have said this elsewhere - at what stage do the nations revolt and slaughter their rulers in retaliation for state-imposed genocide?

On top of that, Finland is having a rethink about its own immigrants, which brings Finland to loggerheads with the EU. Good!

Anonymous said...

To answer your question - "Why did Germany try to fill its demographic gap with Muslims as opposed to Spaniards etc"

Look up the "Coudenhove-Kalergi plan"

Now the first thing you'll find is that most of the links come form questionable sources. However it is here that you'll start to get a feel for whats going on. Why are Google manipulating the results...?

And before the tin foil hat accusation come along, please read what C-K actually said, and note that Merkel was awarded the C-K prize by the EU in 2010.

Dioclese said...

Merkel's election chances for next year are not looking too good are they - so it's not all bad news...

Rossa said...

Dioclese, either she's done her job and it's time for the next puppet to take her place or she's getting ready to lead Germany to war with Russia....take your pick:

CornCrake said...

Anonymous @ 09:08hrs

Well thank you very much for bringing Richard von Coudenhove-Kalergi to my attention.

A couple hours later after reading up upon Herr Kalergi, doing some cross checking, I am now certainly a better informed person. It's certainly tin-hat territory but there are a few nuggets hidden amongst the dross.

One sees the EU in a completely different light now - Not a very favourable one either!

As for Frau Merkel she's got too much of the Stassi about her to go to war with Russia. More likely she is Putin's fifth columnist in the EU.

Dick the Prick said...

@DeeDee - I live in Huddersfield and for reasons which i'm not totally sure of - industry, I suppose - we've had a significant Polish diaspora from the late 40's and 50's. They have done so much for this town and engaged fully in all the civic stuff that we're all indebted to them.

In saying that though, at the same time we had a significant number of Pakistani and Bangladeshi immigrants and they too were respectable but something happened with second and third generation where now, there's an element that are totally unmanageable.

I know the refrain of the liberal is that it's NTDWI and for these 2nd & 3rd generation scumbags, I genuinely don't think it is but they're using it as a smokescreen to mask their hatred of women teachers who failed them, told them what to do and their lazy arses just couldn't be bothered so instead sold drugs, committed credit card and other fraud and did a bit of raping on the side. Then, when caught - is it because I is muzzie? Hmm....

TrT said...

Sorry I tuned out after it was the fault of the Western aristocracy...

Anonymous said...

People need to be reminded that the ruling class - that tiny bit of society that makes uncontrolled mass immigration possible - don't give a damn what constitutes a nation. Once you understand that then you can also understand why the future of a nation holds no interest for them. One step further and you're into ethnocide as you realise these tiny few we vote in really don't give a fuck: we are literally scheduled for demolition and will become a minority in our own land before the end of this century. Nobody voted for it and there's your answer if you want to know why.

nation n. a large aggregate of people united by common decent, culture and language, inhabiting a particular state or territory.


The Netherlands: in a couple of years people of Dutch origin will become a minority in their own land. They'll be the first though certainly not the last in Europe this century. It has never happened before and the people responsible are politicians not warlords

You can talk about nice Poles and not so nice North Africans all you like but politicians want endless people churning: to de-diversify the human race, and get rid of whites. It's good for business. An added bonus is advertising costs will be markedly reduced in the future as everywhere will be the same.

Europe will be diverse


anon 2 said...

Well I think the Aussies know how to handle it best!! Must be something to do with form following function, but I just can't stop listening to this ...