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Thursday, 28 July 2016

Breedlove leaks: NATO *did* foment war in Ukraine

We - the blogospere that is, ordinary informed people from across Europe - already knew in 2014 that the official NATO / EU line on Ukraine was a crock of shit. Yet again, subsequent leaks have proved us right. Der Spiegel publishes damning evidence that septic general Breedlove not only channelled illegal arms shipments to the rebels but used NATO resources and authority to foment a deadly war costing the lives, homes and security of Ukraine's people. My post from 1st April 2014 recounts how we saw through Catherine Ashton and NATO / EU bullshit right from the start:-
There is something unusual happening over Ukraine. Never have I seen European governments, NATO, the US and UN, with all the big national and international media, so rapidly and so concertedly attempt to establish the narrative on Ukraine. And never have I seen an alternative narrative take hold of the public imagination so firmly and so widely. 

Der Spiegel, too, is astonished - but imagines that the phenomenon is confined to Germany 

Those expressing understanding for Russia's move are clearly dominating the Internet forums and talk shows. One former German chancellor, Helmut Schmidt, even declared that the situation in Ukraine is dangerous "because the West has gotten so terribly worked up about it." The question of whether Putin's actions were legitimate didn't even seem to interest him. "I find it entirely understandable," he said. Another former chancellor, Gerhard Schröder, admitted that he himself hadn't always respected international law.
A rainbow alliance of the young, elder German Statesmen, the right, the left, greens and independents are all repeating the same message - establishing a narrative that is if not diametrically opposite to that of their government, substantially tangential to it. 

As we have pointed out, the phenomenon is not confined to Germany. Across Europe a popular majority are saying the same - to the puzzlement and confusion of their political classes. 'Is Germany a nation of Russian Apologists?' asks Der Spiegel, and elsewhere the political class have taken to insulting those with the temerity to reject the official narrative. 

As I asked in an earlier post, are Europe's people becoming wiser than their governments?


James Higham said...

My Russian friends were sending evidence, e.g. The Maidan and Trades Union massacre, I posted, but no reaction of course. This post now is vindication.

Poisonedchalice said...

"Are Europe's people becoming wiser than their governments?"

Becoming? They always have been! It is just that they have been denied a say until now. Social media can be a force for good.

Anonymous said...

"Are Europe's people becoming wiser than their governments?"

I think its simply that most governments are so diametrically opposed to their own peoples best interests. e.g Mad Mutti Merkel's immigration policy.

Anonymous said...

Raedwald said:

'As I asked in an earlier post, are Europe's people becoming wiser than their governments?'

Indubitably, my dear Raedwald.

Ukraine: Buckle of US Encirclement of Russia


Barnacle Bill said...

To your final question Radders; no we are not becoming wiser we already were.

It just that our politically elevated piggies were shouting their narrative so loudly they drown us out as well as deafen themselves. Even now they are stamping their feet and putting their fingers in their ears to stop themselves hearing our calls of common sense.

The only question is - can we be strong enough together to act as the handbrake upon their madness?

Oldrightie said...

Camoron was big on this ghastly enterprise. Ashton out of her depth. Putin a grandmaster taking the NATO and EU chess Queen in the form of Crimea.I foresee a time when mass migration will be from Western Europe to Russia.

mikebravo said...

Clinton and Nuland!

What a fuc#ing nightmare!

RAC said...

The Phillip Karber mentioned appears to be a proper agitator, I was curios as to his bio but after an hour of searching couldn't find a thing,(apart from that once he was an advisor to Mrs. Thatcher) odd for someone with so much pull. The university he is associated with would seem to be a nest of similar shit stirrers.

Bill Sticker said...

From the news filtering out of the Eastern Ukraine via Youtube and other media, it was plain that NATO and the EU were agitating against the Donetsk pro-Russian separatists. This is just proof of that suspicion.

Never heard of Karber before, even as an 'advisor' to the Thatcher Government, but I suspect he's one of many.

The issue all along has been the EU, specifically the Germans, want the Ukraines gas resources without having to pay what's owed.