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Friday, 8 July 2016

Dallas reminds us that we must reclaim the police from the State

The canyon growing between police and public in both the USA and the UK is a one way ratchet. And so far, today, that's about as far as the similarity goes.

On Radio 4 recently I listened with pained surprise to the matter of fact accounts by black American mothers of teenage sons. As the boys were going out to see their mates, 'hang out' or court girls, the mothers treated each goodbye as if it were the last. The chilling warning given by the mothers to their children - that if they were stopped by the police not to answer back, to keep their hands on the wheel and don't move a muscle - spoke of the very real fear of quick-to-shoot cops. And if we find that hard to credit on this side of the pond (despite Duggan and de Menezes) cameraphones are bringing incontrovertible video evidence to every news screen around the globe. 

American cops are not the nation's high achievers. Many have never mastered cursive script handwriting, and the sight of a cop slowly writing out a ticket in painful BLOCK CAPS, with their tongue clamped between their teeth in concentration, doesn't inspire confidence that they should be in charge of a lethal weapon. And today in reaction, I guess (unless it turns out to be some very clever Islamist terrorist act) to recent live-filmed killings by such cops, I am now hearing recordings of the semi-auto rifle fire that at this time has killed four cops and wounded six others in Dallas.

What will happen now is predictable. Cops will don even more body armour before venturing out; excessive H&S will keep them from saving 'civilian' lives, they will be no less trigger-happy than they are now but the psychological effect of some black kid being shot to death by a masked Robocop will be far more alienating than the shooter being a plump little cop in a too-tight uniform with bitten nails and dandruf who can't do joined-up writing.   

My deepest sympathies to the families of both the dead Dallas officers and of the random black cop-shot dead. And a reminder that we must wrest control of our own police back from the State and the Home Secretary and affirm their Peelean constitution if we are not to go the same way.


Anonymous said...

Institutions like "the state", "the university", "the party", "the hospital" and so on seem to think that there is a bigger picture than a human life.

In theory and often in practise, such institutions are indeed immortal, so it is in citizen's interest to ensure that they are kept on their toes, we should always legislate against the interests of such institutions, in favour of the affected citizen. This almost never happens, institutions are instead made stronger.

Citizen triggered binding local direct democracy, by its nature does this, as well as reflecting the impact on both the institutions and the citizens of novelty.

We have been led to believe (by these institutions), that permanence is a "good thing"...

It isn't.


Anonymous said...

The inevitability of last nights murder of policemen in Dallas leaves me saddened and a little suspicious of the establishments motives with respect to their responses to Black Lives Matter. Of course black lives matter, as does brown, yellow, red, pink with green polka dots and, yes, even white lives but the media and politicians have deliberately fanned the flames if not actually throwing petrol on them.

I would not be surprised to find more attacks on the police and an increase in shoot first incidents by the police as a result of last nights atrocity.

Mr Ecks said...

Everything you describe has already happened Radders and is getting worse.

And cop thuggery happens to just as many if not more whites than blacks. Because there are more whites than blacks. BLM is a leftist hate group who use the real tragedies of blacks shot by the cops--some of whom are crims and some of whom are not--as a basis for cultural Marxist agitation. I don't give a rat's arse for BLM. But it IS true that American coppers need an across-the -board kicking.

Starting by a new policy of dog-shooting coppers having both their hands taken off by chain saw.

Anonymous said...

There are no educational requirements for joining the British Police. Nor do you need to be British.

Basic guidelines for applicants

As you might imagine, applicant guidelines are fairly comprehensive, but here are a few highlights:

there are no minimum or maximum height requirements
there is no formal educational requirement, but you will have to pass written tests
you must be either a British Citizen, a citizen of the EU or other states in the EEA, or a Commonwealth citizen or foreign national with indefinite leave to remain in the UK
although you may still be eligible to join the police service if you have minor convictions/cautions, there are certain offences and conditions that will make you ineligible. If you are at all unsure, contact your chosen force for more information
you must physically and mentally be able to undertake police duties

Poisonedchalice said...

America worries me.

Coney Island

Anonymous said...

I can't speak for American nor its police forces, US police forces - they are city based and under the Mayor and elected Commissioners, where the FBI, NSA are the national crime agencies.

I'd say, other than a propensity to act beyond the law, in terms of law enforcement officers, a comparison with Britain and America is not made. In all but name we have a 'national' police force and run from the Homo Office, dedicated to PC and under the auspices of a cadre of Cultural Marxist loonies - we name MPs and directed, as instructed by Brussels - actually Berlin.

Long ago, way back in the Seventies our police service started the slow process of the "retreat from the streets" - this is not so in the US, where, they still firmly believe in "being a visible presence" and rightly so imho.
What they have in America is zero tolerance, what has evolved and developed in Britain is heads in the sand tolerance of; drug peddling, drug couriers, addicts and the ensuing crime wave it entails as junkies seek their nightly fix - our lot turn a blind eye to it, ALL OF IT. As Hitchens is so often keen to point out: there is NO war on drugs, nip in to any posh London nightspot, see the slebs shooting up at table.
IN the UK all low level crime is virtually ignored, crime statistics are a blizzard of lies and non crimes used to bolster the figures ie coppers patrolling the net for hate crime and paedos and all the while turning a blind eye to the street where it's actually happening.

Most if not all of the new gendarmerie we sometimes call a police service the girls in blue, paramilitaries are highly suspicious of what might be termed white British males.
We are 'blessed' with an education system that churns out for want of a better descriptor 'Corbyn's little helpers'. Bog standards; brainwashed, unfilled heads, ie no maffs, no English and thus are no hopers. Children brought up through a system that instills PC dogmas which in every facet are anti British propaganda and as religiously, where once we taught morals and Christian precepts and national pride in our nation its traditions, history and culture, all of that is gone.

A kid leaves skool these days bewildered and with no vestige of a national identity. They are totally insecure, not given even a half decent education, if they don't go into 'further ejukayshun' released into society; are empty vessels waiting for a ship to board.
Steeped as these kids are in, PC doctrine, the gendarmerie is a perfect place to get some dosh and deal with the crims - who are the law abiding majority ie, 'White Britain', fine 'em, bully 'em, keep 'em guessing. Where, a government beholden to Political Correctness precludes 'victimization' of minorities who are cocooned and protected by discriminatory laws strictly adhered to by our girls in blue and don't forget if a gang of Asian men are grooming your daughter, beat your son up in the street - the police don't want to know, because it doesn't fit their social profile, where obviously the white man is the oppressor.

I'd feel safer in America.

Barnacle Bill said...

@ Coney Is.

I agree with your sentiment CI; I used to view the "Preppers" with a certain amount of incredibility, with their SHTF or WROL etc ...

Now I'm wondering with the way things have suddenly escalated across the Pond if our Brexit result hasn't caused the TPTB over there to panic. Especially with the possibility that the American proles might do a "Brexit" and vote Trump into the White House?

With May being placed into Number 10 we are indeed living in interesting times!

Mr Ecks said...

With luck May won't get anywhere near No10.

You can kiss Brexit good-bye if she does.

Anonymous said...

A last comment, as you did Radders - you voted with your feet, you and me alike no longer feel safe in Britain. When it all kicks off, the UK forces of law and order will be seen flying off into the distance - probably Police service Scotland - Uist Hebrides station.

We'll need an army, trouble is, Dave and going back to Margaret - disabled it.

mikef said...

Back in the 1970s when you did need some educational qualifications to join the police, a friend of a friend wanted to join them. "How many O levels have you got?" he was asked. "Well, actually, I've got a first class degree from Oxford". "Yeah, but how many O levels?".

Thud said...

You really think police officers murder Black people, it isn't bad training and circumstances? nice to see you line up with the likes of Beyoncé.

Bucko The Moose said...

Maybe because the American President does something as stupid as going on the television and saying to the public that the police are racist, that's why black mothers worry about their children so much. Or maybe it's because they know their own kind are responsible for most of the violence in certain areas.

Whatever the reason, three times as many white people are shot by cops but those incidents are never followed up with a #WhiteLivesMatter nationwide protest and riots.

America has an appauling historical record for racism but these days, black people seem to be able to hang their hat on historical problems as blame for their own failings in modern times.

Dave_G said...

Call me suspicious but the videos of the event leave me thinking 'false flag'....

First it can;t have been in response to the recent (2 days ago?) cop shootings - the organisation behind it was too efficient.

Secondly, the sniper(s) seem to move in a very professional manner, visibly reminiscent of SWAT team.

Thirdly, despite the various gun events across America, the gun-owning public are STILL reluctant to allow any further restrictive checks on ownership.

If the American Government wanted to step up the demands - and indeed results - of gun control then precisely how far would they be prepared to take events to get their way?

Anonymous said...

Dave_G is insinuating that these continuing incidents, whether they be police on black man, black or white man on police, school child on other school children... And all possible variations, is in fact related to the state attempting to disarm and thence control the ordinary man on the street... And I think that he is spot on.

As I wrote above, the institutions believe that they have a right to permanence. This is very dangerous, and in my view the occasional shooting is a price worth paying.

Further to my earlier contention, the most highly armed nation on earth, is the Swiss nation where people are trusted to have weapons and transitory political power...

The richest people on the earth.


Raedwald said...

Thud -

No. I think black people are killed carelessly, not calculatedly. Not one of those police officers set out on their shift to shoot a black, yet a combination of poor judgement, poor training and it must be said poor deterrent action against unjustified killings are responsible.

Unjustified killings are also unlawful killings.

Anonymous said...

John W Whitehead article from the Rutherford institute

As I point out in my book Battlefield America: The War on the American People, when you’re trained to kill anything that poses the slightest threat (imagined or real), when you’ve been instructed to view yourself as a soldier and those you’re supposed to serve as enemy combatants on a battlefield, when you can kill and there are no legal consequences for your actions, and when you are deemed immune from lawsuits holding you accountable for the use of excessive force, then it won’t matter what gets in your way. Whether it’s a family pet, a child with a toy gun, or an old man with a cane—you’re going to shoot to kill.

anon 2 said...

To analyze these problems between law-makers, law 'enforcers,' and their contracts with families/social strata, we might consider a) setting b) cause and effect. Coincidentally, I'm working on how two books address the development of such problems: in the Southern US, Harper Lee's "To Kill a Mockingbird" (TKAM); in the UK (and consequently to the US), Dickens' "Great Expectations" (GE). Both books are easier to read when approached thematically.

Set in post-depression 1930s, when the divides were less wealth-based, TKAM treats the above strata in terms of Atticus Finch and his Genteel/Traditionally Educated family (cf. Cicero & "de Legibus"), who descended from early privileged colonists; an 'in-between' layer, probably an evolving Middle Class; a significant "White Trash" layer - wilfully illiterate and uneducated, and derived from 'criminal' deportees who started as indentured, or even slave-labour; and Africans - also imported as slave labour. The police presently under scrutiny come from all levels.

Of course one notes the oft-hypocritical Christian factor, and we should remember that French, Spanish, Dutch, Germans, etc. also contributed to US "Diversity" at all levels (ha ha). (Cont'd ....)

anon 2 said...

(... cont'd)

Bearing in mind our own development post-Agrarian and -Industrial Revolutions, we may see that GE suggests how our British strata struggled on, but also imprisoned and deported said 'criminals' ('White Trash') on Hulks, or prison ships.

Presently, then, we are dealing with resulting mentalities. Clearly, the NWO is uninterested, unwilling and incapable of negotiating either situation; it is simply an impostion. And we Brits need to do a whole lot better than Theresa May/May not.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous anon 2 said...

8 July 2016 at 19:53

8 July 2016 at 19:56

WTF are you on about?

anon 2 said...

Both TKAM and DE tell of education: they show how children develop under the influence of family culture, formal education, and through interaction with wider social classes. Both novels recognise that children who learn by gentle, literate experience will themselves engender more positive societies.

Present evidence in both the US and the UK suggests that formal/government schools have hi-jacked other educational influences, and that they engender wilfully illiterate and ignorant societies. Their production of vulgar 'prole' classes (of various colours and genders) serves a purpose in maintaining the position of the NWO and its useful idiots. These powers do so by playing divide and conquer: they turn races and so-called 'classes' against each other.

So the amoral psychopath Bliar was superficially right: Education is the answer. What he could not fathom is the need to propagate learnng by restoring traditional standards.

Until we bring back those standards, Bezmenov's Demoralisation and Destabilisation continue to march -- We approach the Crisis of civil war, and the need for military intervention.

James Higham said...

As they're welded to the State, that's a tall order.

plantman said...

Don't Trust May
That's not an opinion - it's a warning