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Monday, 18 July 2016

Erdogan's Turkey is not a friend; Putin's Russia is an ally.

Well, I hate to say I said so, but the overwhelming support of the mass of Turkish people for becoming an Islamic Republic confirms what I've long been saying - that instead of being a NATO ally, Turkey ought to be considered a potentially hostile neighbour. Not yet openly an enemy, but certainly a country with which Europe and NATO should no longer be sharing intelligence and co-operative military planning. 

The reason the dinosaurs are still so keen to keep Turkey on board as a NATO member is to counter Russia. Well, they really need to realise that Russia is not our enemy, and ought to be our ally against the Islamic Sultanates, Caliphates and Republics to our South and East. Putin has made the offer, which has been contemptuously rejected by the fools of the EU and NATO's deluded warmongers. Who now keep prodding and poking the bear, fearful of its teeth and claws but unable to resist baiting her. 

Russia has now turned to Asia for friends. A hugely wasted opportunity, a horrendous global error by the morons, cretins and mental dwarfs who drive Europe's foreign policy. If the US does go to war with China in the Pacific in the foreseeable future, it's not our fight. We should support Australia and New Zealand with whatever they decide to do, but let them lead. Our interest is in maintaining peace in Europe - and we need Russia on board as a neutral in any China - US conflict. 

In the past ten years, the blogosphere has outperformed governments at every turn on foreign policy matters. We have been right about the outcomes of every mistaken adventure, every poorly advised intervention, every lunatic policy misdirection. And we're right about this. 

Turkey is just the start. Let's begin by starting to make the right decisions.


Poisonedchalice said...

My hope is that Britain can now shape foreign policy with Russia outside of the EU. Lets see! We certainly do not need Islamic shit-hole countries as "allies".

Coney Island

rapscallion said...

Britain's "relationship" with Russia has never been cosy, having been major players in the "game". The Crimean War, through the Revolution, and British troops supporting the white Russians and into the Cold War has shown that we've long been on opposite sides. They exception being WWII, and that's only because we deemed Hitler to be a greater threat than Stalin. Nevertheless it would not hurt Britain to at least make some moves with a view to improving our relationship with Russia despite the best efforts of our EU "friends" to shove a spanner in the works. It may well come down to a war of civilisations - and I certainly wouldn't mind having Russia hordes on our side.

Dioclese said...

I can't help thinking that our relationship with Russia and our ability to act as a bridge between Russia and the USA might be greatly improved by not being in the EU.

For example, who gave the EU Foreign Minister the authority to speak on the UK's behalf? And why does the EU have a foreign minister? They're not a country or a sovereign state...

James Higham said...

Pure insanity if they are admitted to the crumbling EU.

Dr Evil said...

Your article is sound. Erdogen was elected on an Islamist ticket. This time the people are not supporting a secular uprising. The Turkey of Ataturk is no more. It will fall in to Islamist despotism. The Islamic world is our enemy. It was always thus.

Anonymous said...

Raedwald said:

'Turkey is just the start. Let's begin by starting to make the right decisions.'


The New Middle East: Exit America Enter Russia


Budgie said...

Syria vote 2013: Let's bomb Assad's Syria said Cameron at the instigation of the FCO. Syria vote 2015: Let's bomb Assad's enemies' Syria said Cameron at the instigation of the FCO. BBC: what's the difference?

BBC and FCO to 22nd June 2016: Leaving the EU is unthinkable (so we won't think about it). BBC and FCO 24th June: The leave vote is a disaster. We will have to accept free movement as the price of Single Market access. BBC: Encore be damned, let's 'ave the same vote again.

Is there a common theme here?

TrT said...

The enemy of my enemy is still my enemy.

Russia is our enemy.
But so too are France and Germany, and were they not such basket cases, Italy and Spain.

We shouldnt be supporting Russia, but we shouldnt be supporting France and Germany against Russia either.
We should be supporting the lot of them against Turkey.

Anonymous said...

The bellicose USA is very dangerous and until the genuine Americans regain control of their country away from the globalists they need to be shunned. Putin and Russia IMHO are truly interested in damping down the havoc that America has created and now, free from the EU we should back them wholeheartedly.

APL said...

Raedwald: "Well, they really need to realise that Russia is not our enemy, "

Absolutely, and well said.

That the simpletons that govern us can't see that is extraordinary but doesn't surprise me.

Poisonedchalice said...

Oh, and another thing...

H/T Guido Fawkes
When the Prime Minister visited Turkey he gave a speech where he said: “This is something I feel very strongly, very passionately about… I want us to pave the road from Ankara to Brussels…”. He even drew a parallel between Turkey and Britain, initially prevented by France’s veto from joining the common market in 1973: “We know what it’s like to be shut out of the club. But we also know that these things can change.”

Cameron - feckin Camoron! How the feck can he be so short sighted? I mean we pay these feckers to have foresight and insight and all they turn up with is personal opinion!? And that turns out to be vastly wrong!

Coney Island

Mike Cunningham said...

Six hundred & fifty British soldiers head into Poland & Estonia as part of NATO response to Putin’s warlike gestures.

Sorry, folks, but that wasn’t a warlike gesture, that was Putin in hysterics at watching the four battalions of NATO forces match up against the hundreds of tanks and literally thousands of Russian soldiers who are practising their version of ‘war games’ up against the borders.

Punching above our weight? They’ve forgotten the shame of of having to parley with the battle-ready irregulars who forced the Brits out of Basra, they’ve forgotten the literal war-crime of sending British soldiers out in unarmoured ‘Snatch’ Landrovers against huge roadside bombs; they’ve already forgotten the shame of sneaking out of Camp Bastion under the pretext of an ‘orderly withdrawal’.

There is nothing wrong with the soldiers up at the sharp end; its the regiments of desk warriors who send them out half-equipped who need to be culled; and I use that term very selectively!

Anonymous said...

The following is part of an interesting and informative article to be found in full at this link

"One of the things that Suvorov mentions is that prior to an operation or a large-scale military action, the Soviet command would purge itself of its highest-ranking generals and officers, and emplace those seconds-in-command to each of the “vacated” positions, or those immediately succeeding deemed worthy. The reasoning for this was to limit complete understanding of the entire situation only to what the Kremlin wanted known, and even for the final plan of attack/defense to be released only upon the eve of the actual operation."

Cuffleyburgers said...

Hi Radders

Looks like your post has been overtaken by events - Erdogan is meeting Putin and has arrested the pilots of the shotdown plane from last year...

Time to kick Turkey out of NATO (which is a HUGE decision) and start reinforcing in the Balkans to ensure that no more weaponised migrants are allowed through.

Ugly, ugly situation, and one that while bad could have been contained by more skillful diplomacy, in the last few years, as you rightly say.

Another feather in the cap of the EU-seless bastards in Brussles.

But now immediate responses are required, this is a situation that is quite clearly out of control and moving so quickly that every hour that passes is critical, but if we are lucky they might manage summit meeting later this month or some such, by which time the thing will have changed again

Poisonedchalice said...

Raedwald - related to your previous post; have you read this very scary article on France?

Coney Island

Gordon the Fence Post Tortoise said...

in the meantime apparently Sultan Erdogan's courtiers have instructed all university deans to resign - possibly triggering the Turkish lira (???) to plummet...

One wonders... if its progressing this rapidly - how far down can Turkey go?

Anonymous said...

As Erdogan destroys Turkey's economy, stand by for a massive exodus of Turks into Europe, I'd say, six - eight months.

Unfortunately, they must not be allowed in.

TrT said...

"Looks like your post has been overtaken by events - Erdogan is meeting Putin and has arrested the pilots of the shotdown plane from last year.."

Erdogan is destroying Turkey and separating it from NATO. both good things for Putin, why wouldn't he help?
Think Hitler luring large amounts of the Red Army in to Poland and the baltic states before slaughtering them...

Gordon the Fence Post Tortoise said...

Did the Russians tip off Erdogan?

The Plot thickens... - quite a few reasons they might eh?