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Saturday, 30 July 2016

Europe must resist Islam, affirm Christian roots - Charles Moore

One needs the skills of a Kremlinologist these days to work out the changing political messages. Politicans are like oil tankers in terms of manoeverability and you won't ever see dramatic change of course, but instead rafts of little signals are floated out as pathfinders. So the French PM tells KSA that France is on the verge of banning its mosque-funding - in effect an admission that we all know that it's Wahabbist / Salafist subversion that is leading the Sunni terror war. 

And today Charles Moore. Mr Moore has always been the unofficial voice of the Conservative leadership, defender of Cameron's greatest foreign policy inanities and defender of the establishment status-quo. Yet today's piece in the Telegraph is both revolutionary and outspoken; Islamism must be fought, and non-violent Islam resisted in changing our societies. To be frank, it's as radical as anything I've seen from an establishment spokesperson. 

Are we getting signals that real change is on the way, or are these just emollient words to keep the proles quiet?


Anonymous said...

Hmm... Lots of talk but zero calls to action

Where is the

Ban on Foreign Imams
Ban on Saudi Money
Limits on Muslim immigration
zero acknowledgement or accommodation of Sharia

etc etc

Its just more platitudinous shite.

Jeff Wood said...

If there were no Muslims in Britain, there would be no problem.

They have to go; bribed if possible, at bayonet-point if necessary.

Anonymous said...

Raedwald said:

'Are we getting signals that real change is on the way, or are these just emollient words to keep the proles quiet?'

Yeah. It's too late anyway, the demographics will give them the power they need and they know it. Imams tell them to keep building the ummah every Friday and that's what they do. The cities and the larger towns of the West Midlands will go one by one as Allah's little helpers replicate themselves, over and over again. War is inevitable.

In other news:

The IMF and the Crises in Greece, Ireland, and Portugal


Anonymous said...

Words are cheap, Moore has reached some conclusions and grasped his searing prognosis about 20 years too late, long ago we needed action and deeds, as Steve has noted, already, it is far too late.

Calcutta come to England? the hole excavating down to a Stygian basement.

An acquaintance of many years standing and close family friend has confided in me about her relative and a dear nephew, I know him but only from afar.

It's a tale about, of a our capital city, a priest who has had to give up wearing his Roman Collar - he's a vastly sage and travelled man and part of an order, scholarly monkish but not a monk, where because of the shortage of suitable pastors, the RC hierarchy in their inspired wisdom assigned him to an enormous inner London parish.
A diocese, where nightly there are 100+ human flotsam roll up for feeding, 'rough sleepers' in the grounds. Micha, a mate whose vexed most profoundly at that, worried that her nephew's life is in mortal danger [to which I might add, too bloody right] and isn't that a quite incredible conclusion, the thought to have about 'our' capital city - ENGLAND, what the fuck have we done or should I say allowed to be fashioned and irrefutably - the political elite not only in Brussels but also London 'baked this cake'.
Furthermore. with his health ailing, late to the roll, a parish priest but not trained for the role and administering to the flock, the very least of his great burden is anyway slowly killing him.
It's not the place for anyone to find oneself in if you're not up to it, let alone a man struggling, a personal crisis of conscience with his faith and belief. Desolate, unable to find solace and comfort in any sort of reason, where London returns to some sort of Dickensian dystopia, and in it [London] the riches of Croesus rub against street beggars and life is just some commodity. Humanity, charity, hope and love is vanished and set against perpetual chaos and endless innate evil that men do. Just where did, the youthful verve, altruism granted clarity of vision and the promise of eternal spring, ebb to, where indeed. Welcome to the Black hole of hope and the black death: Islam is here.

And though, I DO realize that, I speak to the converted on here.

Just get yourself down to Ilford, it's a case of spot the white man.

And I've travelled to Asia and in particular on the sub continent. Have you ever felt it? that frisson of cold panic, a spidery finger scoring and caresses your spine. Yes, the 'feel' of such violent social anarchy and of being 'barely tolerated' on the streets of Karachi can be experienced now, all over and most especially in London and by way of example, though certainly not exclusively in Ilford.

It's not as if we weren't forewarned.

Enoch Powell, having lived and worked in final days of the Raj, India, where he gained cogent insight and gleaned a vast knowledge and sense of what I brush upon above. A scholar of brilliant erudition, inevitably Powell reached the inexorable conclusion in realizing the truth of it - or what any lance jack probably could have told 'im, that, an Islamic east and west cannot and never will: reach any form of accommodation.

HOW MANY TIMES CAN IT BE SAID?..... thus the great lie, MULTICULTURALISM [READ APPPEASEMENT] AND COEXISTENCE! the UK establishment STILL adhere to that fantasy is, political, verbal horse manure and a Utopian pipe dream garnered out the madhouse.

This Multiculti transmogrification started with Jenkins but Thatcher and her bunch of Tory fuckwits were hardly the innocents - in actual fact her lot were quite as fucking bad as Major, Bliar, Broon and Camoron. We are lost and the devils of our political elite made it thus, do not forget it.

Cascadian said...

Because looking to politicians for solutions to problems has worked so well in the last 70 years of decline, does anybody believe Ms Maybe has any idea how the problem can be solved? Red liebour or blue liebour-same result.

Govern yourselves accordingly.

Ed P said...

It's been so so easy up until now, welcoming us into the hearts of their cities and showering us with all the benefits. We didn't need a Trojan Horse - these natives seem totally unaware of what is happening all around them. "Bangs and Whispers" - they forget their own history. Brexit was a surprise, as we thought the vote was fixed for certain.

People are finally waking up to the enormity of what's been perpetrated against their interests by complicit and corrupt politicians. 'Bout bloody time!

Thud said...

I am at present in deepest Mormon Utah, they loathe the bastards here and there is no give in anybody I speak to, with being armed to the teeth as well I must admit its a great place to be.

Barnacle Bill said...

Sadly I fear it is too late, they (Mussies) are already here, outbreeding us and shielded by our politically elevated piggies. Steps should have been taken when Enoch Powell first spoke out.

My only hope is that when the head chopping, throat slitting and seeing if gays can fly off tower blocks begins they will attack those Quislings and Piggies amongst us first.

Poor recompense for my children but a grain of satisfaction as they await their fate.

Poisonedchalice said...

It wouldn't be too hard to make life in Britain intolerable for muzzies. Killing them is too obvious, as is direct torture. But unfavourable press and a constant feeling of not being wanted; not getting that job; not getting that benefit; not being allowed to bring the rest of your family - all the things that make people feel that its time to leave and go elsewhere. These are the things we can do without breaking the law.

Cull the Badgers said...

I take a positive view. The fact that Charles Moore he has written so, the fact that the Telegraph has published is good news; our efforts, the efforts of the people in speaking up and urging change are now being recognised.

There are those who will continue to call us reactionaries, racists and the like, but the lid is now off. Admittedly the barbarians and their brutal religion and ways have helped as the Establishment can no longer brush things under the carpet, but nevertheless, it is progress. And there are now calls in France to ban the financing of Mosques from overseas.

We must press on. We must, as Poisonedchalice says, make these aliens feel unwelcome, unwanted, disliked and foreign. Do not talk to them, do not acknowledge them, show them in passive ways they are not wanted here. We cannot and must not appease. Those of us who do should be embarrassed, ostracised and made to feel ashamed.

mikebravo said...

It's all more of the same politician and media led bullshit.

How many years ago were the fists murmurings of discontent about never ending immigration? Has anything changed?

No lousy politician will ever stick their head above the parapet as the media will slaughter them.

There is only one way to deal with it now. Leave voluntarily with pay off or you will leave under duress.

Unfortunately we will have to wait for the USA's permission first. Next year maybe?

Anonymous said...

As if on cue:

Cardiff Imam: War is Coming, Muslims Can Take Women As Sex Slaves


Greg Tingey said...

Only one slight problem here.
Charles Moore is also a member of a murderous lying cult too - called the RC church, oops.
Otherwise, I would agree wholeheartedly.
Islamism is to be done without, using all & any necessary measures

Anonymous said...

Actually, I rather like the idea of the application of a bit of Sharia - for Muslims. In other words, any criminal is given the chance to recant being a Muslim (carrying its own death penalty) or settle for a Sharia punishment. Let's see the heads cut off, followed by miscellaneous hands, tongues etc ...

Mike Cunningham said...

Whilst by no means claiming to be a Muslim, and equally believing that I propose no Sedition, does one out of seven mean I am both a Seditionist, and an Islamist?