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Wednesday, 13 July 2016

Mediocre Euro-academics want to leave UK? Cool.

I was 40 when I took my second degree, and by then the rot had already set into the English universities. Only one member of the research & teaching staff had an adequate command of English and he was an American. The VC and senior admin staff were concerned solely with cramming their own mouths with as much public gold as they could hold, and in pursuing every crooked, academically dishonest scam and scheme to this end. The  staff - at best academically mediocre - were under enormous pressure to publish. Anything. The consequence was academic journals full of unreadable rubbish; prolix, poorly literate, loaded with jargon and cliches. Worthless dross in the main that did not advance scholarship one iota. The point, of course, was the publishing credit - for both the academic and the institution. 

And so our universities became magnets for third-rate European academics who rightly were unable to find employment in their own countries. The only qualification it seemed was their ability to churn out 20,000 words of meaningless drivel like clockwork every quarter.

This spew of garbage encouraged a new wave of academic publishing - The Journal of Otiose Sinology, 4 issues a year, subscription $1,400 - journals bought only with tax-money by university libraries and that exist solely to put into print the worthless drivel from these fourth-rate minds. 

The cap of course is that these dreary failures call themselves 'intellectuals' in spite of the fact that we don't have intellectuals in England. We have scholars. Intellectuals are for nations such as Hungary, or cities such as Paris, where they tolerate young men with no change of underpants, little money and with poor social skills. 

And now, offended by Brexit, some want to leave, to go back to Europe. That's fine. As 'intellectuals' they will appreciate that their departure will marginally increase the average level of scholarship in both England and Europe. It's a win-win.


Poisonedchalice said...

They can be as offended as they like. In fact they can piss off. Third rate college lecturers like the ones you describe, turn out people like this:

Born in Chippenham, Wiltshire, XXX attended Adams' Grammar School and later North London Polytechnic, though he did not complete his degree. Before entering politics he worked as a representative for various trade unions. His political career began when he was elected to Haringey Council in 1974; later he became secretary of the Islington Constituency Labour Party (CLP). He continued in both roles until he entered the House of Commons as an MP.

Go on, guess who?

People with minds like an unmade bed are churned out of these crap colleges in their thousands and they go on to pollute our country with their useless unproductive thinking and likely as not, they never actually have a "proper" job before entering politics.

Coney Island

Anonymous said...

When I did my second degree in mid-career one of our lecturers was a south-Asian with a PhD. At first he seemed very impressive, he could spout standards, committees and institutions at the drop of a hat.

He was either the smartest man that I had ever met or the greatest shifter of fertiliser. As time went on a inclined towards the later. He knew about all the formalities that academically defined the subject but absolutely nothing about any of the elements.

It took me back to my first degree where we had a woman from the English department turn up to teach us about 'Presentation of Information'. This involved going through 'Bibliographies of Bibliographies' and creating card indexes so that finally we would end up with great list of publications relevant to our 'research', not one of which we had read let alone understood.

Gordon the Fence Post Tortoise said...

Spot on

I'd add that they're pulling up the drawbridge at every opportunity.

The twattery on show is breathtaking

Anonymous said...

I had the misfortune to have a lecturer who passed out thick folders filled with his speciality. He then proceeded to read us the whole of the material verbatim. No questions, no discussion, no thinking, just days of my life wasted.

Umbongo said...

Even so, they've now got a prime minister they can do business with. OK, May's not Corbyn but she'll do. Another soaking wet social justice "Conservative" whose claim to fame (and this week's buy-off of the BBC/Guardian) will be the predicted meaningless equality of numbers of men and women in her cabinet.

Coming to the subject of this post, cod-academia won't be touched and the rest of the quangocracy is safe. The spectacle of Antony Seldon, the "third way" guru beloved by Blair (that connection has somehow disappeared from our fearless press) having opinion pieces in both the Times and Telegraph this morning is proof, if you needed it, that we (and by "we" I mean the non-members of the political class) have been royally screwed.

Anonymous said...

I left school at 15 and by the time I was twenty had manufactured roughly 30,000 parts for various different aircraft. One part I used to make was for Concorde, an actuator, which started the landing gear cycle. They were £1,200 a pop back in '79 and I would usually make a batch of 20 twice a year.

For obvious reasons I never flew in Concorde and the first aircraft I ever flew in I jumped out of: a Lockheed C-130. I'm no scholar but I do know how a first world country works and that's a damn site more than most 'intellectuals' do.

Nowadays I help people who are suffering from Leftism, a most tragic mental illness that mostly afflicts the under 40's and sadly can last well into the 60's and beyond.

I voted Leave for a saner world.


Cascadian said...

Well it's a small but promising start, most of the remain constituencies were university towns, displaying the group-think that exists in modern battery-fed "learning" factories, churning out useless graduates unfit for most employment.

If the trend could be encouraged, whole universities could be shuttered, and many of them would not be missed-U East Anglia home of phony climate data, U Brighton, 10 or so more in London alone. A cull of 50% of existing universities would be a good start with massive savings to the "education" budget.

Brexit is producing some useful side effects.

hatfield girl said...

Some continental academics working in English universities are scholars - indeed both scholars and gentlemen.

As for

'...had an adequate command of English...' our children were not the only Europeans to be removed from English primary schools to their alternative country and culture to be taught grammar and rhetorical skills. Spelling can be conceded but not the wholesale communicative failure so often on show in the 'work' of undergraduates of quite well-regarded universities.