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Wednesday, 27 July 2016

Time to prohibit Wahhabism in Europe

The curse of Islamism in Europe has a common origin - the Wahhabist / Salafist / Deobandi Islamic sects, which propagandise their faith as a death cult. Sure, there are problems to be oversome in integrating both Shia and other Sunni Moslem people into our liberal Western social democracies, but we can handle those if the death-cultists were not propelling us into a war with all Islam. 

There comes a point at which the money the defence industry makes from Saudi Arabia and other Gulf Wahabbist despots is outweighed by the security and police costs of controlling the terror they sponsor. That time has come. We need a shock, and that must be a ban on all Wahabbist Moslems entering the UK; citizens of Wahhabist states such as KSA must sign binding declarations that they will not support, meet, fund or encourage Wahabbist institutions in the UK; all Wahabbist Imams not UK citizens must be deported immediately, and all Moslem Imams must be registered or face jail, with an absolute ban on registering Wahhabist preachers. 

A 'terror tax' must be imposed on Wahhabist mosques, so punitive that they are forced to close and sell their plots. Wahhabist publications, radio, websites and communication must be banned. All Wahhabist schools - the legal as well as the illegal - must be closed immediately and teaching Wahabbism made an offence with a heavy jail sentence. 

For the West to survive, we must draw a line in the sand. The Islamist cults that are destroying our societies must be purged from our lands - and the message sent to all other more peaceful Moslems in Europe to integrate or leave.


Poisonedchalice said...

Can't argue with that. If something isn't done soon, then the people will take it upon themselves to act; and the people generally wouldn't know a wahhabist from a zeppelin, so the backlash will be indiscriminate. But if our leaders don't act, then they too become a part of the problem and will face the murderous consequences. Madam Guillotine has awoken.

Anonymous said...

"citizens of Wahhabist states such as KSA must sign binding declarations that they will not support, meet, fund or encourage Wahabbist institutions in the UK"

One word, 'Taqiyya'.

Raedwald said...

Anon 7.11 - Yes, of course they will lie, but it gives us grounds for immediate deportation if we catch one when we raid the brothel (metaphorically speaking)

anon 2 said...

Well said, Raedwald. "Something must be done" - and this is a move towards getting a plan into action.

Form follows function, and it fits well with that Aussie song I can't get out of my mind, though I don't really think it'll be overtly popular!

Cuffleyburgers said...

I think you're on the right lines.

The main thing is that the cancerous saudi money tree needs to be uprooted, sanctions imposed, their banks cut off from international transfers, a visa routine imposed, assets impounded of those involved.

Furthermore we need to be less squeamish about deporting criminals. If you are here, behave. If you don't behave you will go back to whatever shithole you emerged from and if they serially bugger you with a broken bottle - well you should have thought of that before touching up young girls down the local pool.

But the main thing is the saudis. Basta, stop. We have put up with their evil for too long.

DeeDee99 said...

Sounds like a good plan - which is why the Establishment will never do it. We mustn't "demonise" Muslims, doncha know.

Anonymous said...

Our apologist politically elevated piggies and MSM will never act. Even when it is one of their own, or their daughters/wives, that have suffered at the hands of the Wahhabists.

They would rather sacrifice their own believers than admit we might be right and act.

It looks very much like when the time comes to stand up to the onslaught we will be fighting on two fronts. Against the Islamic hordes, I'm grouping them all together here. As unless we see/hear condemnation from other followers of the RoP they are against us and should be treated accordingly.

Whilst the other front will be the culling of the viperous Quislings in our midst.

Dave_G said...

Wahhabists may be the ones that pull the pin from the metaphorical gas cannister but the rest of them are the guards standing idly by.

War trials didn't really see any differentiation between the two, did they?

Dan said...

Saudi Arabia is an oil state; its wealth comes from oil. Generally speaking the country takes the piss-easy route to this: employ foreign experts to design and retrieve oil, using foreign labour for the grunt work and foreign shipping to get it to market, whilst the people at the top of that society pocket the profits and use them to maintain control.

The kicker comes when the international oil price falls below what it costs for oil to be extracted from Saudi Arabian wells. This has already come to pass; the international oil price now sits at or just below the Saudi break-even price.

As the Saudi royal family seem to have historically been a bunch of ultra-religious dullards with no fellow feeling for the citizens they purport to rule, very little oil money has gone to developing local industry and post-oil jobs. The Saudi population has increased dramatically, but it has ALL been off oil.

The Saudis are now in a bit of a bind: they cannot project power like they used to do, because they cannot afford it. Running round playing "Let's all crap on a Wahhabi" may actually not be necessary at all, beyond deporting annoying foreign nationals, because the Saudi money-tap will probably be turned off.

Anonymous said...

We should impose a tax on all Muslims - a reverse Dhimmi tax - to pay for all the security and compensation for damage and loss. So say an extra £50 on an airline ticket, £1000 a year on income tax, £250 on rates for premises, with an automatic uplift every time there's an atrocity.

James Higham said...

Absolutely. And deporting all radical 15-40 year old Muslim males who are known to have engaged in jihadi prone activity. They can then reapply on a one-by-one basis.

RAC said...

That suggested in the article would be the absolute minimum that is required. Another thing that needs to be done now rather than later is to stop the nonsense of putting people on watch lists when the authorities know that it is virtually impossible to keep an eye on them 24/7/365. High security, minimum amenity detention camps guarded by the military need to be established, with total disregard to the liberal snowflakes who will cry against such measures. Those detained will stay there indefinitely, never to be released in the UK but free to leave if they can find any country that is willing to take them, never to return.

Anonymous said...

I hate to disappoint you all but it ain't going to happen - by that I mean pushback, of any kind.

First of all our so-called leaders are cowards and traitors. They've always known what the problems might be but the lure of cheap, non-union labour was just too great. Twenty years after they started inporting them the demands started. It's the same behaviour with every host and if you they don't get what they want then look out.

Three mosques in England in 1961.

Well over a thousand mosques in England in 2015.

Between 2001 and 2011 the Muslim population grew by 75 per cent.

At that rate Muslims will become the largest single group in England by 2050 and they'll almost outnumber the native English. That is the future as it stands. It won't matter if they're Sunni or Shia it'll be Muslims, and they'll be calling the shots.

Look around the world where Muslims are the majority? That'll be the England your grandchildren will be experiencing. The politicians will do nothing to stop it. War is inevitable.


Anonymous said...

Let me ask you all a question:

There's no doubt that this is happening as a result of a deliberate plan. But whose plan? And for the love of God why? What do they hope to achieve?

mikebravo said...

Anon 16:31.

Why? Some think the Coudenhove Kalergi plan.

Personally I don't think that politicians are clever enough.

I think it is a consequence of their collective belief system and their stupidity. Except for Blair who wanted to rub our noses in it.

They all want a fluffy "why don't we all get along - one world together" utopia. They are also products of the anti-nationalism, end of the 20th century outlook and globalist, corporatism where only big profits count.

This is the unintended outcome of their "multicultural/diversity" religion. Now it is too late, as to act would be to admit that they were wrong. Politicians will never do that if they can obfuscate and blame someone else.

They are now at the position where they have to try to pacify the ever increasingly angry native populations as they know that another Bosnia is only a slip up away.

Anonymous said...


When the English start killing, there will be no quarter given, I see something like Cambodia during and in the aftermath of Pol Pot.

Cascadian said...

You do realise that Ms May-be is in charge don't you? She had her chance to reduce undesirable immigrant flow and to deport undesirables, what happened-zilch! What will happen in the future under her "leadership"?-zilch!

A "religion" explicitly based on lying, making non-believers subservient or allowing medieval killings of others has no place in society. It has to be removed. There is one solution close all mosques and madrassahs, but who will do it? Not the current shower of apologists.

Dean Ditchbank said...

Raedwald, you are a wise old bird, and your comment-writers too, some of them

Getting started is the problem. Shall we start by picketing some mosques on Friday afternoons? Women-only pickets maybe, holding photos of those recently murdered by Muslims? Then a procession to nearest police station to burn our council tax cards and demand the head of the police commissioner? Collective financial sanctions against mosques seems a reasonable thing to demand - the Mosque Tax, that doubles after each new outrage. Is it worth starting a petition to parliament to debate this?

Mosque Tax Now

RAC said...

Few if any of the above remedies would be allowed under the rule of the EU, nor under our present govmt., either but now at least we have, or soon will have our sovereignty back and the freedom to elect a govmt., who will do our bidding. We've made a start on the long road back to civilisation and sanity.

Gareth Davies said...

The airlines should be asking for compo.
I've quit flying when holidaying since we're all treated like muzzie terrorists. I used to fume in the airports - just give me a koran, I'll prove I'm not a muzzie. After I've gone about my business can I now go about my business? Shouldn't need more than dozen or so pages.

Now I'm using ferries and I've got accustomed to the slower pace and I like having my own car at my destination, I'm not going back to cattle class in an air torpedo. I just book longer hols to include travel time.